Other less important cats.


I Just went to see a play a few weeks ago, I liked one play (coughcoughwickedcoughcough) but others, aren't my thing. The acting and stuff was good, but the plot wasn't my thing. I don't remember what it was called. But then I was thinking about Wicked a lot. And so now I am wondering...what would happen if all the cats went to wicked together and what would they think of it? Enjoy!

Chapter one

Firestar: Get into the warriors truck everyone! We're going to Broadway to see a play!

Cats: AWWWWWWW.......

Jayfeather: Can't we watch it on YouTube instead?

Firestar: And break the copyright laws? Not on your life!

Graystripe: What are me going to see?

Firestar: We are still thinking about that..... How about The Phantom of the Opera ( I hope I spelled that right) everyone?

Everyone Other Then Firestar and Lionblaze: Yes!

Lionblaze: No! That play gives me nightmares!

Jayfeather: You have never seen that play Lionblaze!

Lionblaze: You don't everything about me!

Graystripe: I know! I know! Let's go see Wicked instead!

Firestar: What's that?

Graystripe: The best play ever let's go! Let's go!

Firestar: Okay, Okay. Someone look up what time the next show is.

Ivypool: 2:00pm!

Firestar: The time now...?

Lionblaze: 11:00am

Firestar: Then let's get a move on everyone come on!

Everyone: *Enters a van with gold-words that spell out 'Firestar' on all sides'

Firestar: Here we are everyone!

Squirrelflight: This doesn't look like Broadway Dad...

Firestar: It is not Broadway you're right! Ravenpaw is coming!

  • Enter Ravenpaw*

Ravenpaw: So what are we gonna see?

Graystripe: We are going to see Wicked Yay!!!!!!


Hours Later

Lionblaze: Why are we driving so slowly?

Jayfeather: Firestar! The Stick and I are starting to get borad! (I hate the ship with Jay and the stick though)

Firestar: If we drive slowly we will get there right before the show! And then we can get 20$ tickets!

Hours and Hours later...

Firestar: Here we are! Let us get those tickets!

Ticket Sales-Man: Sorry, but you have to have to five years old to go see this play!

Mousefur: Looks like I am gonna go alone...

Ticket Sales-Man: And you can't be an animal.

Firestar: We have one hour left until it starts....we need a plan!

  • Enter warriors cats dressed as humans over five years old*

Tickets-slaes man: How many tickets?

Firestar: 20 please!

Tickets-slaes man: That will 400$ please.

  • Firestar hands over 400$*
  • Tickets-slaes man hands over tickets*
  • Warriors Cats enter*
  • Go to seats play starts*

Graystripe: This is the best play ever!

Jayfeather: Wait, she's green? How does everyone know that? How does she know that? We all might be green for all we know!

Lionblaze:  Most people aren't blind, remember?

Jayfeather: *Growls slightly*

Firestar: So, she's evil? And that Wizard dude is  good?

Graystripe: No, he's evil she's good.

Firestar: Ohhhhhh.....

The Stick:  So now she is running away?

Jayfeather: I think sooo........

Lionblaze: Say, I think I have heard something like this before. This reminds of Hollyle- *Mouth gets slapped by Jayfeather*

Firestar: This is great!

Graystripe: I know

Ravenpaw: AHHHHHHH

Mousefur: Shh...

Lionblaze: mrufh mrufh mrugh mrufh mrufh mrufh mrufh

Translates To: Jayfeather get your paw off my mouth

Jayfeather: *Takes paw off Lionblaze's mouth.

Lionblaze: So like I was saying, I knew I heard something this before, you see this reminds me of Hollyle-

Someone from play: *Screams*

Dovewing: Owww......

Ivypool: *Rolls Eyes* *Pulls out Harry Potter book instead*

Graystripe: *Takes Harry Potter book away from Ivypool* *Eats it*

Ivypool: Great, now I have to watch this and I can not read this book anmore! Hey Dovewing, guess who's going to Barnes and Noble soon?

Dovewing: Huh?

Ivypool: You can't here me can you?


People Watching The Play: Shhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Graystripe: Do you want your book back?

Ivypool: Gross! No!

Squirrelflight (Who turns out to like Harry Potter and only heard part of what they talking about): No one calls Harry Potter gross!

Leafpool: Squirrelflight! Not now!


Person Watching The Show: Please! Be quiet I am begging you!

Worker: Mr. Do you know these people?

Firestar: You bet I do! The orange cat with the white paw screaming her head off is my kid Squirrelflight in fact! And that other cat is my mate's I mean wife's half-sister's son mate's kid. So my Grand-half-niece-in-law I guess.

Worker: So your all family?

Firestar: Well, we're in ThunderClan you know.

Worker: What was that?

Firetstar: Ummmm....we are ThunderClan yes! That's our last name.

Worker: Sir, I woud like you and your family-things to leave.

Firestar: No! Not now!

Worker: Sir, the play is almost half-way over. You may stay, one more warning and I am going to ask you to leave.

Firestar: Why?

Worker: Since you are being very loud for one thing. And for another, I have noticed  you are all cats so...

Firestar: And you're not surprised?

Worker: This is New York CIty you know.

Firestar: I didn't know!

  • Exit Worker*

Graystripe: That was close!

  • The play comes to the half-way mark*

Ivypool: I am free!!!

Dovewing: *Reads Ivypool's mouth* Ivypool, you know there a whole other half right?

Ivypool: WHY?????????!!!!!!!!!!

Graystripe: Shhh...... You don't want to get kicked out do you?

Ivypool: I would like that very much!

Graystripe: Oh. Well, nevermind we only have 15 mins than we have to go back. Is everyone ready?

Everyone other then Dovewing and Ivypool: Yes!

Graystripe: Dovewing and Ivypool you two aren't ready?

Ivypool: I just want to go, but I guess now is as good a time as ever.

Firestar: *Takes over for Graystripe* And you Dovewing?

Dovewing: Can't here Firestar.

Firestar: Dovewing can you here me?

Ravenpaw: (In the voice of Dovewing) No!

Firestar: *Doesn't understand it* Why not?

Dovewing: looks off into space*

Ravenpaw: *Is about to talk Dovewing's voice* *Steps backwords* *Falls down the steps*

Graystripe: There he is....down there

Firestar: Whatever. We'll just leave them, and get back after the show.

Worker: Sir I thought there were 20 people in your party, now there are only 18 can you tell be why?

Firestar: Well, one of my best-friends from childhood fell down the steps, and my Grand-half-niece-in-law just owuldn't answer us.

Worker: If there anything I can do about that?

Firestar: Who knows? But we don't really want help. We will get them on the way out.

Worker: If you're sure...

Chapter 2

  • Play Starts*

Graystripe: This is amazing

Lionblaze: *Falls asleep*

Jayfeather: Get Up!

Lionblaze: *Wakes Up* Why?

Jayfeather: Since you should! So you can watch the play!

Lionblaze: Jay, I don't want to watch this

Jayfeather: You came, I didn't make you come.

Lionblaze: You aren't watching!

Jayfeather: I am blind it's not my fault!

Lionblaze: Okay, okay. you don't have to be so mean about it..

Jayfeather: *Has fire come from ears*

Lionblaze: Oops

Jayfeather: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone Else: SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Graystripe: *Watches*

  • Play Ends*

Graystripe: That was the best play I have ever seen!

Dovewing: *Ears Are Fixed Somehow*: Where were you all? You didn't tell the play had started!

Ivypool: You didn't miss anything importent

Ravenpaw: I am back alive and well!

FIrestar: Okay then.....We should go back to the truck

Graystripe: We might be here a while....Someone stole the car

Squirrelflight: Why would someone steal a car that has 'Firestar' on it in gold letters?

Jayfeather: Beats me.

Firestar: Since I am amazing and epic!