This is a spoof by Spottedwing.

First Day

Splashheart: *gets out of the car*

Ebonyfur: Have a nice day! *drives away and then turns and hits a telephone pole*

Splashheart: *looks over shoulder in horror then innocently walks over to a group of she-cats*

Jaybird: Splashheart!

Oliveclaw: Splahheart!

Splashheart: Jaybird! Oliveclaw! How was your funtastic summer?

Oliveclaw: What's summer?

Jaybird: It's the proper word for green-leaf. And Splashheart, funtastic isn't a word. You guys need to get back to school

Oliveclaw: That's why we're here, Dumbbird.

Splashheart: Yeah, shut up, Dumbbell. Plus, we aren't guys, we are she-cats.

Jaybird: StarClan, forbid you.

Splashheart: Too bad Marshpelt, isn't here... She would enjoy this.

Jaybird: Too bad we don't have marshmallows...

Oliveclaw: Why are we talking about marshmallows?

Splashheart and Jaybird: I don't know...


Marshpelt: Hey, Larchfang?

Larchfang: Yeah?

Marshpelt: Do you have a crush on Splashheart?

Larchfang: No...

Marshpelt: Do you have a crush on Splashheart?

Larchfang: I said no!

Marshpelt: Do you have a crush on Splashheart?

Larchfang: Shut up! I told you no!

Marshpelt: *slams Larchfang hard against the side of the bus and that broke some of his teethand makes a throat cutting motion* Tell the truth, Larchfang... Or you get it..

Larchfang: Fine, fine, I like her a little. Now get out of my sight!

Marshpelt: No! *puts her mad insane creepy scary face on*

Larchfang: OK! OK! I like her a lot.................................


Oliveclaw: OMSC! There's a riddle on the bird!

Splashheart: Board, Oliveclaw, not bird.

Oliveclaw: Whatever!

The Riddle: What are the four days of the week that the letter 'T'?

Jaybird: FOOLISH! There are only TWO! CAN YOU HERE ME? TWO!!!

Ms. Timberleaf: Um... Use your head. DO YOU HEAR ME? USE YOUR HEAD!


Ms. Timberleaf: RIGHT BACK AT YOU!

Jaybird: *growls* Splashheart! Do you know?

Splashheart: No.

Jaybird: Are you lying?

Splashheart: *thinks* Yes.

Jaybird: *makes throat cutting motion*

Splashheart: I ain't afraid of you.

Jaybird: *viciously attacks Splashheart*

Ms. Timberleaf: JAYBIRD! What in the world! DETENTION!

Jaybird: *look of horror then makes an innocent face* But I I'm too sweet!

Nutshell: *cough*Ya right*cough*

Jaybird: WELL, THANK YOU for the backup.


Branchfang: Holá.

Splashheart: Shut up.

Branchfang: Bonjour.

Marshpelt: Shut up.

Branchfang: Hello.

Splashheart: Shut up!

Branchfang: Hallo.

Marshpelt: Shut up!

Larchfang: ALL of you shut up!!!

Branchfang: Okie Dokie!

Ms. Timberleaf: Now this is how to make charts. Now what do we do? Marshpelt?

Marshpelt: Who are you to boss us around?

Larchfang: Shut up!

Splashheart: Are you broken?

Branchfang: Marshpelt, you were asked a question!

Marshpelt: What was the question?

Ms. Timberleaf: You should have listened! Not fought. DETENTION for all of you!

Larchfang: Like I care?

Branchfang: Not the first time...

Marshpelt: Never cared... Never will...

Splashheart: *trying not bite the teacher* Yeah, I *insert sarcasm* hate detention.