This is the first book to the Unbroken series.

Made by Patchfeather.


Rain poured down on a gray and white she-cat, her paws slipped in the mud but she kept moving, at a quick pace. The night sky was black, with gray clouds.

A tiny pale she-kit hang from her jaws, wailing from the cold rain, with the rain, was ice and snow, her back felt like it was on fire. At her hind paws was a tiny ginger tabby tom, his tail dragged it the slush and mud.

He fell, she spun around and picked him up, hard carrying both kits. The cut on her cheek flamed. At last she reached it, where she was trying to get to.

A Twoleg den stood in front of them, she sat the kits down on the step, both were scared and the tom went in front of his sister, trying to protect her. The she-cat left the kits, just a moment, she found a cardbord box, she dragged it over to them, she went back to the the shining can, and pulled out a cloth, she put the soft thing in the box.

She grabbed the kits one each, and sat them in the box. The tom looked at her, his green eyes scared and the she-kits eyes were a blue blur. "Do not leave this box." she warned them. They nodded fast. Pain sneered her heart. She closed the box and stepped back, and disappeared into the forest.

Chapter 1

I bounced out of the nursery and breathed in deeply. Today I'm becoming an apprentice, along with my brothers, Lizardkit and Starlingkit. My spiky fur is covered in pollen, from the nursery being in a flowery bush.

Rays of bright sunshine flew through the IceClan camp. By the apprentices den, Acornpaw and Yellowpaw, their soon to be denmates, are looking my way in grossed out looks. At the medicine den, Rockpaw was pulling out dead moss. He noticed me looking and gave me a mean glare not to come over, his mentor Sandpetal fallowed closely, and they left camp.

There are no elders in the camp, so me and my brothers always ate first, much to Yellowpaw and Acornpaw's dismay. The camp is in a small ditch with a fallen tree as the warriors den, a bramble thicket as the apprentices den, small trees speckled around, two small ponds, one by the apprentices den, the other by the nursery and warriors den, the medicine den is a strong bramble, the elders den is a flowerbed, with an over hanging bush, and the fresh-kill piles under two huge ferns, and the leaders den is a tree with another old fallen tree on it, so yeah, camps huge. The warriors here are Gorsepad, who is coming out of the nursery after seeing his pregnant mate, Copperfeather.

The other warriors are Firepelt, he's a older warrior, I'm shy speaking to him, he always sways the mollies, Flamemask, she's the deputy, Turtleshell and Willowstripe, they are sisters and aren't respected, Goldentiger, and Brownstar our leader, she's a young pretty she-cat, I want to be like her when I grow up, Well it doesn't matter. All that matters is being an apprentice.

"Thistlekit!" my mother, Silverstripe called me. "Look at your fur!" she yowled. She started washing me at lightning speed, I love my mother, she's so caring, the only thing I hate about becoming an apprentice is leaving her. "I wish dad was here." I meowed to her. Her eyes grew sorrowful. "He would be so proud of you, Lizardkit and Starlingkit." Silverstripe mewed in sorrowful pride.

I nodded. I never met my dad, but from what mom tells me, he was great, loyal and strong. She never got over his death, I know it's hard for her but most she-cats would just shrug it off and find three new mates at the same time. "You need help?" a kind voice asked. I turned my head.

Brownstar! I've never seen her this close! "Yes, thank you so much Brownstar!" Silverstripe mewed, clearly proud at the honer of having the leader help clean her kits. Brownstar lapped Lizardkit. He would fight mom off, but I think he has a crush on Brownstar.

After that's over, Brownstar leaped onto the fallen tree on her den. "All cats old enough to climb, join here for a clan meeting!" her yowl was commanding and all the cats came over to watch.

"Thistlekit, Lizardkit, and Starlingkit step forward. I stepped closer as she sprang down from the tree. "You have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior names, you will be known as Thistlepaw, Lizardpaw, and Starlingpaw. Lizardpaw's mentor will be Firepelt." Lizardpaw bounded up to the flame colored tom.

Thank StarClan, I thought I was going to get him! "Starlingpaw's will be Gorsepad," Starlingpaw's yellow fur fluffed out when he touched his nose to his mentors. "Thistlepaw's will be Willowstripe." Brownstar meowed. Willowstripe looked at me in disbelieve and padded over, she leaned to touch my nose, while I stood on my toes to reach.

"Stop!" I heard Silverstripe cry, the rest of the clan bursted in outrage, but not at Silverstripe, but at Willowstripe. "I will not have my kit apprenticed to that." my mother yowled. I can't believe it, she's so nice to everyone, why was she so mean right now? why the whole clan? what did Willowstripe ever do to deserve this?

Brownstar was keeping her cool though. "Willowstripe has proven loyal to IceClan many times, I trust her to teach young Thistlepaw." she sounded older then she was. "But-" a tom named Smokespots began. "I have made up my mind, Willowstripe is Thistlepaw's mentor! NEVER question your leader again." Brownstar meowed in a threatening voice showing her claws, they gleamed in the sunlight.

Smokespots lowered his head and padded away into a corner of the warriors den, ashamed. Brownstar turned her head back to me and Willowstripe. "You may begin." she meowed, leaving the tree and back to her den, Flamemask fallowed.

Willowstripe looked like she didn't know where to start. "Lets ask Firepelt and Gorsepad if we can join them for hunting." I meowed leading the way. She looked like she wasn't so sure, but fallowed anyway.

"May we join you?" Willowstripe asked Firepelt. Firepelt snorted. "No, we train with loyal cats." he snarled and led Lizardpaw, Starlingpaw and Gorsepad outside camp. Willowstripe looked about to break down in tears. "We can have fun alone." I tried to comfort her.

She nodded, brightening a bit and me and her left camp, ready to start training.

Chapter 2

The dusk light made the forest look like a flame, It's a bare forest, at lest where we're at right now, mainly just small trees and bracken. I spoke with Willowstripe the whole time we were away from camp, we became pretty good friend, she said she's never had one before, besides her sister.

I learned that she took the sharp comments very personal, she did a lot from Smokespots, who hated her the most, she liked him, but at the same time hates him. I'm still trying to figure out why the clans so mean to her, she always seemed soft spoken and sweet, when she caught prey for our past elders, they made her bleed.

We were heading back to camp, I'm surprised and proud to say I really caught prey, ten tries later, but still a mouse! We walked into camp, she was going to the far side of camp to the little passage that she and her sister use to get in the den... if she uses the main entrance she will have a nick in the ear, speaking of which she already does.



I heard the yowls when she went into the den, they were the clans youngest warriors, Toadleap, the brown tabby with blue eyes, and Sunshade, yellow tabby with a flat muzzle.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked. They looked at each other. "For what she did!" Toadleap mewed. "What did she and Turtleshell do that was so wrong?" I asked yet again, sitting down waiting for a reply. "It happened before you were born, Turtleshell and Willowstripe were born to an IceClan she-cat and a CrystalClan tom.

They left the clan after finding this out, their mother was killed, for you know how, after a few moons went by, Turtlepaw and Willowpaw got their warrior names in their father's clan, and they came back here, they wanted to rejoin, the leader at the time, Frogstar, said they could, but if they ever broke the rules again they will be killed as soon as so, and they will not be treated as full members." Sunshade meowed sadly.

"That's awful!" I can't believe that's it, sure they left here for another clan, but they were young and leaving here made them realize that CrystalClan wasn't the clan they were loyal to.

"Just because some of the warriors do it to them, well all, doesn't mean you have to." I yowled at them. Toadleap looked dumbfounded and Sunshade looked baffled. "Wow, I never thought of it that way..." Toadleap mewed with her head to the sky and padded away with drool dripping from her mouth, Sunshade fallowed her with a dumb look.

Is it just me or are they the dumbest cats in the clan? No that's Goldentiger. I padded over to my new den, Acornpaw and Lizardpaw were the only ones there. "Hello!" I meowed nicely to Acornpaw. He pulled away and glared at me.

"What?" I asked. "We're sharing a nest." he meowed unable to look at me. Then he turned his head his eyes bright. "I'm Acornpaw, your new nest mate." he mewed bowing his head. "Oh, I'm Thistlepaw." I mewed bowing to him. "Yea I know who you are." Acornpaw now glared at her. I look a bit scared. "Dude, I'm messing with you." Acornpaw meowed falling suddenly to the ground. "Oh... warm moss.." he mumbled.

Lizardpaw looked like he was in love with Acornpaw. Oh, and Lizardpaw's a ginger tom with darker speckles, they are almost black, he was almost named Leopardkit.

Then Starlingpaw appeared, with Yellowpaw at his side, her dark ginger pelt was covered in burrs, and her yellow stripes were ragged. Starlingpaw's fur was just as messed up. A log by the entrance of the den was filled with water, we drink from here, and they went over to it.

After we all settled I sat in my nest with Lizardpaw, still staring at Acornpaw, and Starlingpaw. "So how do you guys like it?" I asked. "Wha...?" Lizardpaw looked at her. "It's cool." Starlingpaw mewed, he's really quiet. Before I get the chance to reply, I hear our names, and Silverstripe's voice.

We ran out of the den to find her sitting in between the warriors den and the nursery. "Yes?" Lizardpaw asked. Silverstripe took a deep breath, her silver and gray striped fur was crazy, and her eyes were a bit scared. "I'm going to have kits." she mewed at last.

Starlingpaw's mouth dropped. Lizardpaw's green eyes widen, and I flattened my ears. "What? I thought you were loyal to dad..." I can't believe this, after all this time with her saying how she could never get over him, how she would always stay loyal to him, just to leave him for... I don't even know who!

She was about to say something but I walked away, I can't look at her. Lizardpaw and Starlingpaw fallowed, I could feel Silverstripe's sadness, I don't care! I went to my nest, my brothers did the same, it was night now, their eyes glowed, a pair of blue, and a pair of green until they closed.

After awhile, Yellowpaw and Acornpaw joined us. Yellowpaw me and Acornpaw had to share a nest, because the den's not very big, feeling Acornpaw's mottle brown and ginger fur next to me makes me feel.... calm and I fell asleep.

Chapter 3

I glared at Silverstripe by the nursery with her new mate, Darkpuddle, Turtleshell had joined the nursery, with an unknown father to her kits... making the clan think she's seeing someone from another clan.

I'm so happy for her, I'm also happy with Willowstripe, she and Smokespots have been chatting lately. I walked over to the nursery, my mother seemed excited but I past her and she seemed sad, I don't care. I stopped at Turtleshell's nest, they forced her to sleep outside the den, so she wasn't to happy.

Me and her have also become friends in the past few moons, and Toadleap and Sunshade and I always hang out, with Willowstripe and Turtleshell, so it's a nice small group, better then before, and I've never seen the two sisters happier.

Acornpaw got his warrior name, Acornshell, and Rockpaw is now Rockstorm, Yellowpaw wanted to stay an apprentice to help us out.

"Hi Turtle." I meowed to her. She nodded, she's going to have her kits any day now. Her and Copperfeather hated each other, she has a fresh nick in her ear from Copperfeather. Copperfeather padded up, she had just had her kits, Fogkit and Logkit... they're names don't sound right to me.

"You should go." Turtleshell told me. I nodded and walked away, I had to go train anyway. "Willowstripe?" I called to her seeing her with tears on her face. She quickly whipped them away with a paw, wanting me not to see. "Yes?" she asked, her nose stuffy.

"We have to train..." my voice trailed off. Willowstripe stood up. "We have to see Brownstar." she commanded and I fallowed, I'm worried now. We stopped at her den. "Brownstar?" called Willowstripe. "Come in." Brownstar replied.

We padded into the den, it's really nice in here, I can't believe i'm in here. "What is it Willowstripe, Thistlepaw?" she asked cocking her head, Flamemask was laying with her in her nest, I think it's weird, until I remember they're sisters. Willowstripe took a breath.

"I can't mentor Thistlepaw anymore." she stated. Brownstar's eyes widen and mine did too. This is going to make everything worse for her! I can't let her! "Willowstripe no!" I pleaded. Willowstripe wouldn't look at her. "I'm sorry Thistlepaw." she whispered so only I could hear.

"As you wish." Brownstar meowed and got out of her nest. She didn't even question her! Flamemask and Willowstripe fallowed, I tagged behind. So Brownstar called the meeting and gave me my new mentor, and I can't believe it to be Acornshell, he just became a warrior a moon ago!

"There!" he screeched as we crashed through the bracken after the vole. He made a outstanding leap onto it and killed it. Wow he's good..

"Let's get back to camp." he meowed and we went through the forest and headed into the camp, I caught a sparrow, it's the first time i've caught a bird. But as we go into camp it falls out of my jaws as they drop. In the middle of the clearing... please let me be dreaming...

I ran over to the lump of fur and breathed in her milky scent. I let out a wail of sadness. Turtleshell was dead. Willowstripe was half on top of her, protecting her corpse from anyone. I leaned down to rest my muzzle on Turtleshell's gray fur. Willowstripe hit me. "W-Willowstripe!" I know she's sad but we're friends!

Smokespots watched from the warriors den. I went over to him. "What happened?" I asked. He shook his head. "She lost too much blood, she had the kits." he pointed to the nursery to see two lumps of fur.

Chapter 4

Me and Acornshell were heading into camp after a days of training, I saw Turtleshell's kits, I loved them so much, Copperfeather was kind enough to take them in, they were called Peachkit and Applekit, Applekit looked just like her mother, and Peachkit was a peach color, I learned the father is Firepelt, but he left Turtleshell because he didn't want to lose respect, and he didn't even feel when she died, he didn't even look at his kits.

My dumb mom had her kits, three, Graykit, Stormkit, and the smallest, Ravenkit. I was fond of them, but that didn't make me forgive Silverstripe, she didn't even show a hint of feeling when my fathers mentioned.

I went over to the kits, they squealed in delight to see me, my favorites... well it's seemed cruel to pick a 'favorite' but I can't help myself, I like Ravenkit, she's a bold kind kit, the other kits don't mind her newborn size, even though she's three moons old.

She always wins they're games.



"Paw, paw!"

They like to call me 'Paw paw' and 'Thistle'. "Hi kits!" I yowled to them as they climbed onto me purring. Graykit has a soft silver and gray pelt, and he has blue eyes, Stormkit is dark gray with lighter flecks and leafy green eyes, and Ravenkit's black with one white paw and blue eyes.

"Can we play?" asked Ravenkit, she was the kits leader, even over Copperfeather's litter. Before I have the chance to reply Yellowpaw pushes past me. What's wrong with her? she's my best friend! somethings wrong... "I'm sorry kits, I'll come back later!" I mewed and rushed over to Yellowpaw who was now sitting in the apprentices den.

"Yellowpaw, what's wrong?" I asked sitting next to her. She sighed. "I don't want you to know." she stated. "Yellow, we promised to tell anything bothering us, remember?" I frowned. "

"Fine," she began in a puff. " going to have.. kits.." she mewed quietly. My eyes widen and I jumped back. "What? Yellowpaw that's great! who's the father?" I yowled. Yellowpaw turned her sad green eyes to me. "No it's not! I'm an apprentice! I can't have kits! and... Starlingpaw." Yellowpaw said weeping.

" Starlingpaw? my brother is a father? Oh... well.. let's just tell Brownstar so she can make you a warrior." I meowed turning to go to Brownstar's den. "No! I don't want to do that!" Yellowpaw held me back with her ringed tail.

"Thistlepaw, Yellowpaw." Acornshell looked into the den. "Come on out." he meowed. Brownstar was waiting on her tree, and the clan was gathered around. We must have been so worked up we didn't hear Brownstar call the clan.

"Yellowpaw, Thistlepaw, please step forward." Brownstar meowed and sprang down from her branch. We're becoming warrior! perfect timing....

"I, Brownstar, leader of IceClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these two apprentices, they have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I command them to you as warriors in their turn."

Brownstar turned her small head to me and Yellowpaw.

"Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do." Yellowpaw breathed.

"I do." I meowed.

"Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior names, Yellowpaw, Thistlepaw, from this moment on you shall be know as Yellowleaf and Thistleleaf, StarClan honers your courage and bravery to this clan and we welcome you as full warriors of IceClan."

Brownstar rested her head on my head and I licked her shoulder in turn, and Yellowleaf did the same.

"Yellowleaf! Thistleleaf!" the clan cheered for us. I breathed, I'm so happy and proud right now, I can't believe I'm a true warrior now.

After the cheers died down, the cats went to their nests. Acornshell padded up to me. "Can we go night hunting tomorrow?" he asked excitedly. "Of course." I mewed. He padded away and I slipped into my nest, this was the best day ever.

Chapter 5

I woke in my nest, it's now Pumpkin season, Leaf-fall, IceClan calls it that because we have many pumpkins in our land, the other clans even call us PumpkinClan. I got out of my nest, I've noticed that Starlingpaw won't speak to Yellowleaf anymore, what happened? they were so sweet together.

Well, I promised Flamemask I'd help Rockstorm get pumpkin, it's good for bellyache, and it smell will calm a cat. I padded into the medicine den, they put the herbs in the branches, and then to top in off, they put shells all around the floor.

The reason I'm helping him is because his mentor Sandpetal died, she was killed by a fox. "Rockstorm, I'm ready to go." I meowed, I just want to get this over with. "Yea." he meowed, not as rudely as most the time. We left the den and went into the forest, Rockstorm's weird... I try to start maybe just a tiny chat, but he just shrugged every time a word came out of my mouth.

We found the pumpkin quick, at lest, then we went back to camp. That was a nightmare... "Yellowleaf's kitting has past." we heard Silverstripe meow. I ran over to the den, I pushed past the other kits, and stopped at Yellowleaf's nest, she was lying still, with two kits at her belly, she was asleep, but one of the kits looked dead.

I almost gasped, Rockstorm stopped me by pushing me into the wall of the bush. He nudged the kit, she didn't make a sound. Rockstorm grunted and picked her up. I fallowed. We went into the medicine den, Rockstorm sat the kit down in his nest, he opened her jaws, he closed them and patted her back, she began mewing in short bouts, being stopped by his paw hitting her, she started to cough.

He stopped and let her lay back. She was the same as before. "What's wrong with her?" I asked. He didn't look very happy or sad, this is his sisters kit and he doesn't seemed to feel for it. "She has a injure." he meowed. "What is it?"

"Yellowleaf was probably kicked in the belly when training, and the kit got hurt, she's not going to make it." Rockstorm began washing his ears. "Your just going to give up? well I won't!" I yowled and picked the kit up, he didn't try and stop me, me and Yellowleaf can save this kit.

I put the kit with Yellowleaf, she was awake now and she took the kit. "You don't have to help, I can do it." Yellowleaf meowed calmly. I nodded, I trust she can do this. I left the den and sat down in the warriors den, I'm going to rest to go hunting with Acornshell tonight.

"Thistleleaf, are you ready?" I felt Acornshell's paw poke me. I got up. His mottle fur looked gray and silver in the moonlight. I nodded and we left.

We got into a clearing, with mouse holes in it, I stopped and pounced, I didn't get the time to couch. "Wow, not even out here for a moment and your already on fire." Acornshell mewed and padded away. He has such a cool personality, and he has a smooth voice, I really like him, like like him, and I think he feels the same.

He was looking into a tall old tree. "I dare you to climb it." he meowed. I sprang into the tree at his words. "Now you." I meowed when the tree snapped, Acornshell looked wary. "Get down." he meowed, his cool voice gone. I began to climb down when it snapped again, and I didn't even notice it falling.

I screeched and everything went black.

Chapter 6

I woke, pain in my body, where am I? I'm in Rockstorm's den... great. I began to get up when my leg wouldn't move, I stared in shock at the leaves wrapped around my hind leg, it's broken!

I looked outside. Ravenkit was leaving camp! but with her mother, she was an apprentice... how much has happened since that night, what happened that night anyway?

I stood weakly up and stumbled. Don't fall. I dragged my leg across the den and to the entrance, I gasped at how hard it was. I saw too cats in the clearing lying down, dead, I can't believe the oldest warriors have died. I glanced to the nursery, no one was there, but Yellowleaf lay with her two kits playing around, the she-kit lived! I knew Yellowleaf could do it!

Silverstripe was coming into camp with her new mate, I growled, I'm still upset with her. Then I saw Starlingpaw and Lizardpaw. "Hey Starlingflight, Lizardblaze, are we gonna hunt or what?" asked some cat, they got their warrior names I missed it!

Then Graykit, Stormkit, Applekit, Peachkit and Toadkit padded over to the fresh-kill pile, and put prey on it, They were apprentices! I missed out on so much...

I tried to stumble out of the den when a tail touched my back. I turned to see Rockstorm's ice-blue eyes resting icy on my face. "Do not leave this den." he growled. "But" I tried to say but Rockstorm's claws showed. I sighed. "Fine." I growled and flopped into my nest.

Rockstorm snorted and padded out of the den. He returned a moment later with a sparrow, he rested it softly on the ground besides my face. He didn't look quite as angry. "You were right about the kit. I could have tried harder." he meowed at last.

Is this really happening? Rockstorm saying he's wrong? I pridefully whisked my spiky tail. "I told you so." I purred. Rockstorm nodded slowly. "Eat that, then rest." he pointed at the sparrow. He then lied in his own nest.

I ate the bird and curled up, I'm still pretty proud of making Rockstorm say that, it's going to make me sleep happy tonight.

Chapter 7

I woke to see Rockstorm leaving the den, it has been exactly three moons of being trapped here, but me and Rockstrom are best friends now, we go herb picking, eat prey together, he's a real help, I love him.

I saw Acornshell running over to the den, we spent yesterday together, and he's jumpy as ever. I hate to say this but.... I'm getting sick of him, he's my mate now, but... he has lost his cool temper, he's just so jumpy now a days. "I saw you trip." he stated when he reach the lichen entrance of the medicine den.

I shook myself, my plump belly swinging, I'm so fat, I have been sitting and eating way to much, I need to start patroling again and hunting, I'm losing my mind. I flicked my ears when he didn't reply, just staring at my belly. I began to feel a growl rise from my throat.

How dare he judge me, It's not my fault, I've been sitting doing nothing in a den for three moons! What does he think? I'm going to be in perfect shape? Idiot! He was still staring. I looked away from him sitting down, wrapping my tail around me, as soon as I did this he looks at my face.

To my surprise, he looks cheerful. "Your going to have kits!" he yowled, purring. My eyes widen. What? No! Am I really that fat? I looked at my belly, I did look pregnant, but... that doesn't make sense, me...

Then a twist in my gut catches me. It pattered my belly. I am pregnant.... but not with Acornshell's kits... What have I done? It was a one night thing, I never meant for this to happen... What do i do now? I have to lie, Acornshell can't know the truth.

I looked him in the eyes and looked as happy as I could. "Yes I am."

I go out with Rockstorm to talk that chilly night, it was now the end of Leaf-bare, and slush was under paw, it feels gross splashing my fur and legs. We stop at a moon covered log in the forest. We sat down, I look over my shoulder, it feels like somethings... watching us. I see nothing, so I go back to Rockstorm.

He was silver in the moonlight. I take a deep breath. "I'm going to have kits Rockstorm, Your kits." I at last spit it out of my mouth. Rockstorm's eyes lightened. "Really? That's great!" he seemed overly excited about this. "Rockstorm, your a medicine cat, I'm a warrior, I'm mates with your brother! doesn't this matter at all to you?" I meowed sharply to him.

Rockstorm's eyes darkened. "Don't worry, I know what to do," he meowed soothingly, his blue eyes slick. Something about them made me calm, I regret it with all my heart, but I couldn't help myself. I still feel the burn of a stare from deep in the trees, I push it off, It's nothing.

Chapter 8

"So then I ran up the tree, then crash! I got stuck in a squirrels hole!" Ravenpaw chattered, and purred as she recalled her hunting today. She's becoming a warrior tonight, I couldn't be prouder. "Ravenpaw!" yowled Stormpaw, waiting farther away, by the warriors den, picking nests already, the older warriors snorting, annoyed and amused.

Yellowleaf's kits plodded over to me, they just got there names, it's been four moons since they were born, they are amazing kits, I'm so happy for Yellowleaf, sadly, she and Starlingflight broke up, he never helped with the kits, wouldn't even look at them, not even at her, she found a nice tom though, she is happy with him. I'm upset with Starlingflight, but Yellowleaf deserved better, and the kits needed a father.

The tom, he looks like Starlingflight, his name is Scorchkit, after Yellowleaf's father who died in a battle, the day she became an apprentice. Her daughter, I'm very happy with, she almost died, but Yellowleaf always was awake and by her kits side when she needed her back to be hit, to open her lungs. She is named Bravekit, after what she's been through.

They cuddled at my tucked paws and fell asleep, they acted like my kits so that I would at lest know a bit what to do. My lazy mother decided that she wasn't fit as a warrior and stays in the Nursery, doing nothing at all, even the new queens don't need help, she's just turned so lazy, I can't even say her name now.

I sighed. Rockstorm let me move into the Nursery, my leg is good enough. My kits are going to come any day now, maybe even today, I can feel it. What if one is black? Rockstorm's black, it'll be so clear. I hope they all look like me... then no one will ever think... I hate lying to my Clan so much...

Later, Ravenpaw and the rest became warriors, Ravenfrost, Stormtalon, Grayfox, Peachwing, Appleshell, Frogspring, and Petalspots, I'm so proud of all of them. I'm even happier to see that Willowstripe has a loving mate Smokespots, as the father of her unborn kits, the Clan has at last gotten over her troubling past.

"I'm so happy for you Willowstripe!" I cried to her. She nodded her narrow head, her pale fur fluffy at the cheeks. Suddenly, I feel weird. My belly hurts! My kits must be coming! I fell onto my side and moaned. Willowstripe quickly knew what was happening, so she went to find Rockstorm.

I don't remember anything else I just remember the pain, and then seeing Acornshell, Willowstripe, and Rockstorm's faces then it is all a blur to me.

Chapter 9

I looked down at my belly, three kits cuddled there, two toms and a she-cat, the she-cat sometimes let out long yawns fallowed by a quiet squeak, it was cute.

Just as I feared, one of the toms were black, like Rockstorm, so far the Clan hasn't said anything, at lest to me. They other tom is a ginger tabby with a light belly. The she-cat's a pale yellow kit, with faint stripes, she has flame colored ears and tail... none of them look like me.

What if they find out? What will they do to the kits? I'm so worried, they'll exile me, I am not becoming a kittypet, so I'll have to be a loner or rogue with kits, at lest if that happens, it's Newleaf, there's enough prey for all of them.

They aren't named yet, I've been waiting for their eyes to open, hopefully they'll have my eyes... but I guess it doesn't matter if they get Rockstorm's eyes, he and Acornshell both have ice blue eyes....

Acornshell hasn't came to see the kits, I wonder why, he seemed so excited, but now he seems to not even care. I look at the she-cat to see her eyes stuck together but free at one end. I gasp and start licking her eyes to give them that extra power to open. It works! her eyes are open, she looks up at me baffled, she has pretty ice blue eye. I feel my heart skip a beat, but like I said, it doesn't matter.

I decide to help my sons open their eyes, I start on the ginger one, his eyes are a surprising green, I wonder where he got them, then my mother comes to mind, she has green eyes, he got her eyes, that's great, I didn't want her to mess up my kits looks.

The black tom has blue eyes as well, but he and the she-cats eyes will probably change color when they are older. I let them play outside, and meet the whole Clan, Acornshell's no where to be seen. I leave the kits to play with Ravenfrost who loves them.

After they come back in to rest, I see Acornshell's pelt going to Brownstar's den. Did something bad happen? What if there's a fox or a badger? I see him reappear a couple moments later, he looks pleased and goes to sit by Brownstar's tree. Brownstar's tan pelt came out of the den a moment later, at the sight of her leaping onto the tree cats began to gather.

"Thistleleaf and her kits! Come out here at once!" Brownstar roared her eyes icy. Dread lifted in my belly as I pushed my kits out into the clearing. How did he know? Does he know anyway? This could be about something else.

But my calming words make me feel worse. I stop in front of the tree Brownstar was perched on, her eyes were staring icy at me and the kits. She flicked her tail and looked over to the cats in the back. Her eyes rested on something and Rockstorm padded out from the group.

"What is it Brownstar?" he asked, not a trace of fear. Brownstar glared at him. "Don't play dumb with me." she growled. She turned to me. "Are these Rockstorm's kits?"

Chapter 10

My heart dropped. How did she find out? When? Where? I glanced around the baffled Clan, then my eyes rested on Acornshell, he sat there, looking pleased. You found out and told the Clan... but how? when?

Brownstar looked beyond angry by now. "Are they his?" she asked on an icy deep voice. I looked for words, I didn't dare look to Rockstorm, but I needed them. I looked up at him, he was turned away. Thanks for the help.

I looked back to our leader, still had no words. Brownstar flipped her tail. "I guess that's a yes? How could you Thistleleaf? You were one of my most loyal warriors why?" she growled. I couldn't look her in the eyes. "It was a mistake! I never wanted this to happen! it was a one night thing! nothing real!" I gasped to her, I hoped Brownstar could see the truth in my eyes.

Brownstar's nose wrinkled and her lips drew back to a snarl. "We do not accept burdens to our Clan." she meowed low looking at my kits. The ginger tom squeaked at her glare and hid behind his sister. The black tomkit stood in front of both siblings, teeth bared in a snarl.

Cats began to yowl.



"Blind her!"

"Exile them!"

"Kill them!"

The last one stung me. My Clanmates... all turned on me... no ones even backing me up. I look to Toadleap and Sunshade, some of my best friends, They looked at me like they didn't even know me, Toadleap's teeth bared, Sunshade looking shocked.

I turn to Turtleshell and Yellowleaf, my former mentor, my best friend, when my eyes land on them, Yellowleaf's unable to look at me, Willowstripe looks like she's been wounded, even Ravenfrost won't dare look at me, even... mother...

I'm even worse then my mother, she at lest protected me, cared for me... why did I have to hold that anger in so long, I'm happy she's moved on... I'm the worst mother ever... I've put my kits lives in danger.

I look back to Brownstar, her top warriors, Firepelt and Lizardblaze, now her mate, stare at her with hungry eyes. Brownstar flicked her puffy tail tip. "Blind him." she pointed her narrow muzzle to Rockstorm. The black medicine cat stiffened.

Lizardblaze and Firepelt leaped onto his back, they easily overpowered the scrawny tom. I looked to Yellowleaf and Acornshell. Yellowleaf's head was down, twitching at her brothers screeches. Acornshell looked to be enjoying his pain. How could they? I know Rockstorm did have my kits but that's his brother! and Yellowleaf I thought you had more compassion in your heart.

I look back to the fight, Rockstorm put up a pretty good fight, Firepelt had the tip of his ear missing and Lizardblaze had cuts along his flanks, Lizardblaze stepped down hard on Rockstorm's neck and held his hind down with his hind paws. Every nerve in my body screamed to help him but I couldn't leave my kits, what if someone took them when I wasn't looking?

Firepelt's claws gleamed in the dying sunlight and he ranked them across Rockstorm's eye. Rockstorm screeched with pain and flailed helplessly beneath Lizardblaze as Firepelt began to edge slowly to the other. My kits began mewing stopping Firepelt. He turned and looked at my belly where they were hidden beneath my fur.

He turned back to Rockstorm and kicked dust into his bleeding eye he flicked an ear to Lizardblaze who nodded and threw Rockstorm's limp body across the clearing. "Your kits," Brownstar began. "For you and Rockstorm to live, you must kill them, and if not then bye bye." Brownstar hissed showing her long, white, thorn-sharp claws.

My heart felt like it dead. I have to kill my own kits? No one yowled in objection at Brownstar's words. I gulped. What do I do now?

Chapter 11

Heart racing, I look at Brownstar, her tan dappled fur was spiked and her blue eyes dark and unwelcoming. "Please, there has to be another way." I whimpered. Brownstar's whiskers twitched. "No, this is your only choice."

I looked down at my kits, The ginger tabby toms green eyes were scared, The pale tabby she-cats were a dead stare, and the black toms blue ones were scared but bold. I looked back to her. "No." I meowed boldly. "I will not kill my kits."

Brownstar swished her tail. "Alright then, we'll kill them for you." She nodded to Nettlefeather and Smokespots, who ran up and snatched the kits from under me. I gasp at how quick it all happened. I tensed ready to spring when claws dug into my back.

I turned and look to see Toadleap and Lizardblaze holding me back. I was shocked, Lizardblaze was my brother and Toadleap was my friend how could one mistake cause all this? Nettlefeather padded forward, read y to pick her kits off one by one, when my eldest kit leaped forward, the black one he hissed at Nettlefeather and arched his back.

"To get to my brother and sister, your going to have to get past me!" he snarled. I admired how brave he was to put his life on the line to save his siblings. Nettlefeather lifted her paw and slammed it down on his tiny black head. The quietest mew came from his tiny jaws and blood flowed out of them and from a deep wound on his head and his eyes dulled to a cloudy blue he was no match for the old she-cat.

Grief gripped my heart, My little warrior is dead. Just as Nettlefeather stepped to the ginger tom I broke free from Toadleap and Lizardblaze's claws in my back and leaped in front of Nettlefeather and swiped her face. She slashed my cheek back. I growled and turned to Brownstar. "I've changed my mind, I'll kill them myself." I mewed quickly my heart pounding.

Brownstar looked surprised. "Go a head then." she meowed. "I wish to do it in the woods though, alone, just to spend some last moments alone with them." I pleaded. Brownstar nodded. "Very well, you may take them to the woods and kill them alone."

Thistleleaf nodded stiffly and picked up and the she-kit who screamed and I pushed the tomkit with my paw and we headed into the forest.

Rain began to fall as I made my way through the forest with my kits. The tom kept tripping in deep puddles and his face would get covered with the small pool of water, I've saved him from drowning enough now. I stopped as a light hit my face, a dim yellow light. Twolegplace was in front of me I padded forward. I lied to my Clan again, I'm going to give my kits up to Twolegs.

I stop at a porch. It smelled lovely from a cracked window, and I smelled more cats in it. They'd be in safe paws here. I set them on the porch and find a cardborad box and a cloth, I put the cloth in, they deserve to be soft until the Twolegs find them.

I set my kits in it. They stare at me like I'm crazy... they don't know many words yet, but I know they'd be trying to stop me from leaving them. I gaze at both of them sadness tightly gripped my heart. This is going to be the last time I ever get to see them again. I decide to name them.

"My caring little daughter, you are Wishkit, for I wish I never did what I did and wish to see see you again." I nuzzled Wishkit's head and turned to my only living son. "You my strong son are Brackenkit, your pelt looks like a bracken caught in flame." I mewed softly to him.

I turned and fled, I couldn't look back... I couldn't...

I ran into something. "Thistleleaf." I gasp in shock. "Willowstripe! I was just.. um.."

"It's okay Thistleleaf." Willowstripe mewed in a calm voice. "I will never tell anyone, they are lovely names." Willowstripe mewed to me. "Thank you." I lapped her cheek. She nodded. "I just had to make sure you weren't really going to do it... and to make sure no one fallowed you, I must get back now." she meowed.

I nodded and she disappeared into the darkness. I sighed and sat at the edge of a steep rocky hill. I looked to the starlet night sky. I tiny bright star shined in front of me... it must be my dead son. He had such courage for being so young I will give him the name Talonkit, after my father Talonclaw, he died bravely just like him.

I was lost in my thought when something hit my head hard and I screamed and fell down the hill I saw a pare of blue eyes staring at me as I fell.

I landed on my neck and back hard. I couldn't move or breath. After seven fearful heartbeats I breath and all the pain comes crashing down. I screamed, a long painfilled scream. The eyes blinked at that and paddede away.

I gasped. I tried to move but... I couldn't.. I feel the wet blood start to well around me.. I see the darkness start to creep in... Which leaves me here... taking my last gulps of air... thinking of my whole life... all the fun I've had... All for it to end like this... At last my last breath leaves my body and everything slowly turns black...

Then startlight. I look up. Where am I? I look forward and see my body, blood was around my cold fur and my eyes were dull and lifeless. I turn to see someone racing to me, happily. "Mama!" I hear it cry as it raced to me.

"Talonkit!" I screeched and run to him and he flew into me with purrs of happiness. "My love, I'm so, so sorry." I break down in tears of sadness. "It's okay, I'm happy where I'm at, Now I can always be with you," he purred. He looks out to a starlet trail.

"Besides, I'm with you for your next journey." with that the kit raced to the trail happily, he looked to me. "Aren't you coming?" he asked lifting one ear. I looked back up the hill to the Twolegplace. "We will always watch them from where we're going." Talonkit mewed. "I promise."

He turned back to the trail of glittering starlight and I raced after him happily.

The End