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Flyshade shifted as she glanced to Sunshadow. "I have good news," the black smoke said softly, her tail gently touching his flank as she did. Her yellow eyes searching his face. This part scared her. What if..he didn't want to have kits with her? How could she change that when she was already pregnant?

Echosong glared at the fluffy gray tom before her. "Wolfflame, what are you doing here?" She asked darkly, her tail lashing. She could briefly hear Beautifulkit and Batkit playing behind her but they'd stopped to stare at the large tom. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 00:39, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

Sunshadow scanned briefly over Flyshade's facial features, as if attempting to predict what she had to say to him. Was it really good news, or was she pulling his chain? "What's up?"Thieving Ferret 00:47, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

"I saw Foggysky earlier before I came here, she says I'm expecting." She said, a smile on the edge of her lips. She didn't want to seem too excited for he may not be. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 00:49, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

The newly apprenticed tom followed his new friend's gaze as she watched after her brothers, however, his own sister seemed to be his moment of focus before he felt Coastpaw's eyes on him. He turned his attention back to the older apprentice and grimaced slightly almost in a disgusted, but playful way. "Good yes. Sane? I'm not so sure about that..after all, she seems to have taken quite a fancy to your brothers if that says anything! But no matter the state of her mind, she's one of the dearest in my heart, and I will always love her even if she ends up running off and forgetting about me at some point. I'm sure you feel the same for your brothers? I feel like now that we are actually talking, it seems we have more in common than one would think." He smiled at her and stood up shaking out his coat. "Come on you should show me around the territory since my mentor is busy, and you have nothing to do inside the camp. We are warriors in training after all! Patrols will be part of everyday life in the future."MaliciousOblivion ~dies~ 00:59, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

Cypresspaw, that was who he had to talk about. And the thought had her intestines twist anxiously, the idea of her brother running off with Skypaw and completely forgetting about her existence. Out of her two brothers, she as the closest to him, especially since he was much more sane than Raptorpaw. By leaps and bounds. "Yeah...Cypresspaw is a good cat, I'm especially close to him. I'd be very upset if he forgot about me..." the idea caused the pale tabby to glance down at her dirtied silver paws with a small frown tugging at the corner of her mouth. She quickly shook off the thought. Enough negativity. "Who knows, we're all still young. Maybe they'll be happy together. Maybe they'll just be cool friends." Coastpaw abruptly raised her head in interest at the mention of patrolling. She never got invited on patrols, wow! "Sure, I'd love to show you! If you're ok with getting a little muddy." Clearly she wasn't. Her father probably wouldn't recognize her when she walked into camp.

Sunshadow didn't know what to think, with all of what had been happening in his family. His brother was dead, and his sister was mysteriously expecting a litter with a father he knew nothing about. Would he be capable of providing? Sunshadow forced a smile. "I'm sure everything will be just fine. We'll figure things out."Thieving Ferret 01:19, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

"Mud doesn't bother me so long as I don't get it up my nose! Alrighty, Coastpaw~!Lead the way, and i'll follow." His docked tail twitched from excitement as he waited for the older apprentice to take the lead and go exploring with him. He figured since Skypaw was off doing her own thing, he might as well do his. Plus..Coastpaw was genuinely a cat he wanted to get closer to and know better. She was sweet, stubborn and determined. Ontop of this, Coastpaw was a different personality than that of his sister, and it was interesting to finally have another friend with a new personality he had to learn. "What all has your mentor taught you?" Brookepaw asked in curiosity as he moved to walk beside her.MaliciousOblivion ~dies~ 02:07, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

The smoke warrior smiled back, uneasiness still clinging to her chest as he smiled at her. Would everything be okay? She knew that her brother and his mate were talking about the possibilities of children soon and her sister was expecting once more, they were okay so maybe she would be too. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 02:15, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

Nodding at Dusktiger's words, Skypaw fell into thoughtful silence. She was excited, she was officially an apprentice and she got to see the outside world, but at the same time worry gnawed at her stomach. These next few months where the decider on her fate, would she prove to be worthy of the sole survivor to her parents legacy? Or would she reveal to be the dud of the line, and bring dishonour to the parents she never got a chance to meet? Swallowing away the rise of anxiety, she fell back a bit as she began to dawdle, her expression furrowed as she hardly focused on her surroundings. She didn't know her worth, her skill, and wouldn't know until the proper training would start. She just hoped she'd make her family, mentor and clan proud.

Stretched out in a promiscuous position, Mossfeather nervously eyed the surrounding toms as she rubbed her cheek against the earth. She strove off attention, perhaps from a past of getting disregarded by loved ones. Rolling onto her back, the fawn calico she-cat sighed out her emotions. It was a struggle, having the disgusted gazes of toms and the judgemental glares of she-cat constantly burning at her coat. In her mind, she couldn't see what was so wrong with a she-cat seeking love so desperately that she'd open her heart to any chance at the one. Rising her paws, she shot daggers back toward those who weren't very impressed by her antics, as she prowled off to spent some time alone. Nobody bothered to take a chance on her, besides those that just wanted a chance to get frisky with an 'easy' she-cat.

Jogging along the eastern border line, Ashcloud and Winterstorm took turns in searching for prey while the other kept an eye on the border, marking every tree-length. Ashcloud pushed herself low to the dirt as she eyed the frog that was distracted in it's own hunt for mosquitoes that buzzed too close to the hungry amphibian. Wiggling her rump, a habit she never managed to break, the she-cat lunged forward to snatch the prey, but in a twist of misfortune the frog quickly darted into the nearby water, leaving the light grey she-cat to fall right into the mud. Howling in laughter, Winterstorm almost fell over as Ashcloud glared at him, those frosty blue eyes standing out like a sore toe with her coat now a shade of brown.

Sloepatch quickly caught on, realising that she found herself intruding on her brother's means. Sending a sly and knowing expression toward her brother, the tortoiseshell feline flicking her tail toward his current fascination, indicating for him to 'go get her'. Quickly exiting the area, Sloepatch made her way back toward camp as the chill of Leafbare nipped at her tail. The snow would start falling soon, she could sense it.

Licking her lips clean of blood, Froststripe picked up her fresh kill; a large salamander that she had found nearing close to the camp, a lucky find. Purring in delight, the feline trotted back to camp, carrying the slimy prey between her jaws as it slowly started to stop twitching from the dying nerves. Glancing in the direction of Mossfeather who stalked from camp with an annoyed expression, the silver she-cat dropped the prey upon the pile. Mother of Ferrets 10:46, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

Coastpaw eagerly began to move alongside Brookepaw, overjoyed to be heading out of camp on a patrol in which she hopefully wouldn't be pitied. A fair chance to prove herself a worthy warrior of her Clan was all she asked for, and it appeared a majority of the warriors weren't so inclined to give her that chance. "Just basic battle skills and hunting tricks. Shadefrost has been going slow with me, as you can imagine. But I've been working on things on my own, too." Maybe they could help each other out? Brookepaw could give her an escape from camp, and she could help teach him. "Mud up your nose, eh? That...has happened to me before."

While Dusktiger continued to tour the territory and give names to the landmarks, Raptorpaw and Cypresspaw had suddenly initiated a play-fight. Racing through the mud, Raptorpaw swatted at his brother's back legs, who swiftly splashed through the mud to escape him. The two darted past the irritated Dusktiger with soft growls of challenge before Cypresspaw gave a final effort. He rolled onto his back with Raptorpaw and doused the blue tom into a big pile of mud. Victory!!

(time to die, Sunshadow) There was a snap of a twig in the distance, and immediately Sunshadow grew anxious. After his brother died on this land, he didn't want to hang around for an excessive amount of time. "I have to go. I'll see you again, maybe I'll think of some names for you, too?"

Swampstar returned to camp with Murkypaw, the fuzzy smoke apprentice carrying a small nick on his front leg after their battle practice. The two had gotten a little rough as things heated unexpectedly, but in the end, both were fine. But then, the situation grew grim. Shorepebble's sunken frame rested motionlessly in the center of camp, causing the leader's heart to drop immediately. Even Murkypaw grew humble, silence falling over the apprentice as he left his mentor's side to leave him in peace. The leader stood there for a long period of time with his head bowed before he glanced to a black she-cat, seeking comfort. "...Whitetoe? Will you walk with me?"Thieving Ferret 15:33, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

Flyshade frowned. "A--Alright, I'll see you again soon, okay?" She asked softly. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 01:28, December 7, 2018 (UTC) Brookepaw followed along happily as he listened to Coastpaw talk. She seemed excited, so he wanted her to take the lead because he knew she was perfectly capable on her own and he was only just now a new apprentice after all."What things have you worked on by yourself? Maybe you could teach me things I don't know or understand! And in turn I could help you with proving the clan wrong about you. exactly did you manage that? Do I want to know..?" He grimaced and shook his head as he imagined mud going up his nose.

Meanwhile, back in camp.. An argument could be heard by the warrior's den between three warriors. Sorreltail shook her head in a tiresome manner as she secretly slipped away from her mate and their friend. Eagleflight and Riverbreeze were always at it these days..ever since Riverbreeze and Sorreltail became just seemed like Eagleflight amd Riverbreeze couldn't stop arguing. The only thing they seemed to agree on was that they were tired of each other..which Sorreltail found utterly ironic seeing as the arguing never stopped. She grew tired of it easily now, and would often be able to slip off rather undetectably and chill by the kill pile away from the noise in her every day life.

"Listen here, Foxbrain. Sorreltail is mine, and mine alone! Stop pining after my mate and go find your own she-cat to fawn over!" Riverbreeze bared her teeth at the tom who she felt was too close to Sorreltail.

Eagelflight couldn't comprehend why Riverbreeze would never shut up. It wasn't like he was trying to steal Sorreltail from her, he just wished Sorreltail had picked up on his feelings, and also that she wasn't only swinging towards girls. "Oh shut up, Mousebrain. No one asked your opinion." He snapped back grumpily at the she-cat currently jumping down his throat.

As the noise outside continued on, and the sun began to set, a sleepy feline started to awaken from her slumber in the very back of the den where it was darkest. She had been sleeping all day, and soon it would be time for her to come on out, but not quite yet. The young warrior rolled back over and lightly snored back into a steady sleep.MaliciousOblivion ~dies~ 01:37, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Morningwing let out a mrrow of amusement as he heard the young toms running around. He could almost see it. "Nice job beating up my apprentice, Cypresspaw," he mewed, pacing around a tree as he sniffed for prey.

Whitetoe and Emberfall had returned from camp with their apprentices a little bit ago. Emberfall sent Islandpaw off to get some fresh-kill. He felt so accomplished. What do I do now? he flicked his ear thoughtfully as his brain went empty.

After returning to camp, Whitetoe had cleaned the mud from her pelt and now sat like a content loaf of bread with her eyes resting shut. Her nose picked up Swampstar's scent and her heart flickered. Her eyes opened and she spotted him, head bowed for Shorepebble. Her heart ached for him, remembering her pain from Hickorywing's death. Her ears pricked when he looked to her and asked her for a walk. Usually she would have been irritated if someone had asked her to go out, right after she had cleaned herself up, but with Swampstar, she didn't mind at all. She got to her paws immediately and nodded, with a solemn expression. "Of course, Swampstar." —Shoot firstthinknever 01:42, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Echosong lashed her tail, pelt bristling as Wolfflame seemed to walk closer, his thick, bushy tail brushing her shoulder. She jerked back. "Don't touch me," she hissed.

"You've gotten braver." The gray tom retorted. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 01:54, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

"Yeah, see you soon." Sunshadow returned the she-cat's farewell before turning away and beginning to make the long trek out of the marsh. However, several moments later, when he was out of view and earshot of Flyshade, he heard the noise again. Another snap. "Flyshade? Don't follow me, you need to go home and rest." The RockClan tom spoke without turning around, only to find himself attacked by a stranger. The white tom pummeled the warrior to the ground, believing him to be yet another monsters during one of his hallucinations. He fought on until the crippling warrior beneath him moved no more. "...Old Bongo's still got it."

"Mainly just tree-climbing and running through this StarClan-forsaken muck. It really helps strengthen your legs, really." Coastpaw commented as she stepped through the disgusting wet earth, raising her paws in attempts to avoiding it. Futile. The silvery apprentice choked on a snort as he asked about how she got mud up her nose. "My brothers, have you seen them? They've trampled me by accident a few times, stuffed my face in the mud. Let me tell you, mud is not pleasing to the tongue, either."

Swampstar let out a sigh of relief when Whitetoe accepted his proposition, so he silently walked out of camp with her. He didn't speak much at all, at least at first. He was letting everything sink in for now. His sister's death, his new apprentice, Whitetoe actually agreeing to walk with him... "...Can I ask you something, Whitetoe?"Thieving Ferret 01:54, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Flyshade moved to head to camp, she was slower this time. Her golden eyes moving forth, as she came to the camp entrance. She swished her plumy tail, she had a feeling that made her want to turn back and follow Sunshadow. The she-cat wavered for a second more before she turned back with a huff. Her golden eyes searching, she scented the air and was shocked to scent blood, death. The queen tabby moved forth only to see a horrifying sight. Sunshadow, in a pile of blood. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 02:03, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Whitetoe followed Swampstar out, remaining silent herself as she went through her thoughts. It felt odd being alone with Swampstar again, but right at the same time. She searched for something to say, pricking her ears at his question. "Of course you can."

Sapphire had chased the gray feather far and, finally, she leaped up and caught it between her teeth. Panting, she landed on the ground with the feather clamped in her jaws. I did it! she thought proudly. Momma will love it! She looked at the sky, noticing it was looking late... She turned around, expecting to see her den just in the distance, but it was no where in sight. Frowning, the walked around in a circle, disoriented. She decided to just walk in one direction... surely it would lead home? But the more she walked, the more panicked she got. She was lost! —Shoot firstthinknever 02:11, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

The more he thought about it, the more Swampstar realized how dedicated Whitetoe was to him, and he felt bad about how he turned her away so often. Above all else, he regretted it. She was his greatest companion, and had been an awesome deputy to him as well. "...What you said, about your feelings for me. Did you really mean it?"

Bongo cleaned himself up, but found that his head was still spinning, still trapped within another reality. How all of these issues had come about, he had no idea. But he linked them all to BloodClan and Vega, the stories he weaved so long ago and told to countless souls. The white elder continued romping through the forest when he came across a kitten who looked lost. Huh. What a strange looking bird...Thieving Ferret 02:17, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Whitetoe looked him in the eyes, unflinching. She had gone over her feelings before she admitted them to him, then everyday after; she knew she loved him. She wasn't going to shy away from them anymore. "I meant every word of it."

Sapphire was on the verge of tears, when she spotted the figure of a cat cat nearby. Joy lit up her heart. Momma was a white cat. "Momma!" she squealed, rushing over, still holding the feather. She buried her face into the cats chest fur, purring. "I got lost, but I found you!" —Shoot firstthinknever 02:28, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Stirrings, he had felt them when he was alone by himself in his den, whenever he finally had moments of peace to think on his situation. He had been afraid, really, afraid of what would happen if he did feel things for Whitetoe. After all, he just lost his sister as well. If he brought her into his life, would he lose her, too? "I'm just afraid that I'd...lose you too, you know?" Swampstar ceased his walking to stand there, playing with the mud with his paw and putting all his attention into that paw.

Bongo didn't know why, but as soon as that kitten buried its face into his chest fur, he lost all control. He started choking up really awfully, and embraced the kitten as she did the same to him. He was a proud mom now, he would *finally* get to move into the nursery. "I'm so proud of you for finding me. But never run off like that again, you gave me an awful scare!" Bongo was like a mother doe now with his own little fawn, ready to lead her back home.Thieving Ferret 03:04, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Whitetoe felt that odd feeling... the feeling she got whenever she thought of Hickorywing. As though her heart was being weighed down with concrete and cracked open. She loved him and he was taken from her. DawnClan was taken from her. Her Clanmates were taken from her, everyone was lost... She understood Swampstar's worry. What would I do if I lost him? "I understand your fears," she murmured. She seemed to realize what he said and blinked. "...but isn't the time spent with someone worth it in the end? To know them and be apart of their lives. There are risks involved, you might lose them, but aren't risks worth taking?" She wasn't sure if her words made sense or not. She had never been good at expressing her deep thoughts, nor her feelings well.

Sapphire blinked up at her mom. Was she all right? She sounded like she was hacking on a bone... probably just a hairball. Huh... her voice didn't sound quite like Luna, but she didn't think much of it. She beamed at the praise. "I won't run off ever again!" She shivered as a cold breeze tickled her pelt and suddenly realized how exhausted she was. "I'm cold... and hungry and tired. Can we go home now?" —Shoot firstthinknever 03:23, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Brookepaw nodded in thought of her explanations, but when she told him about her brothers, and how mud tastes, he couldn't help but grimace and turn slightly green. "I can only imagine.." His eyes silently followed the clouds up above, and the new apprentice took note of the setting sun. It had gotten late, so he figured it was probably time to head back now. "Hey Coast it's gonna be time to go back to camp soon. The sun is starting to set in the distance."MaliciousOblivion ~dies~ 03:28, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

She had a good point, so why not take this leap of faith, run the risk? Live happily even if life was short? Anxiously, Swampstar swallowed that lump in his throat as he made up his mind at long last. He never thought that he'd go popping 'the question', as he believed that such a life was more suitable for his sister than himself. He never thought of himself as the romantic type. "Well, then, I...would you be willing to take the risk of being my mate, then?" He was very smooth.

Coastpaw flattened her ears at his eagerness to return to camp. Couldn't blame him, he had to take so much in at once. She remembered how exhausted she had been on her first day as an apprentice. The excitement alone sucked most of the energy out. "Alright, let's head back."

"Yes, let's get on home now." He didn't really know where he was, or who he was, for that matter. Anyway, it was time that he returned this little furry adder to its nest in camp. He'd be a horrible mother to let his new child freeze out here in the muddy swamp.Thieving Ferret 03:34, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Whitetoe couldn't hold back a purr and touched her nose to Swampstar's and felt herself relax. "I would take that risk any day."

Sapphire purred and shivered as she followed her mother back home. Huh, this didn't seem like the right direction...? Nothing looked familiar. Wasn't the correct way behind them. She decided not to question it, mother knows best! —Shoot firstthinknever 03:54, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Unable to hold back the purr, Swampstar decided that it was safe to let loose his emotions and be honest around Whitetoe. He really liked her. "Thanks...for everything, really."

After a while, Bongo finally remembered where camp was, and brought Sapphire inside. He didn't really know what little bats ate, but he was certain he could find something around camp for her to feed on. Maybe she'd eat a mouse?Thieving Ferret 04:03, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Happiness swelled in Whitetoe's heart and she felt she couldn't reply. It felt wonderful letting her bottled up emotions out after so long. "I love you."

By the time they reached camp, Sapphire's head and tail were drooping and she could barely lift her paws. She looked around in confusion. Um... "Where are we, Momma?" —Shoot firstthinknever 04:09, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

"I love you too, Whitetoe." Swampstar responded softly as he stared into her eyes, soaking up every detail in those fiery orbs to imprint them on his mind for eternity. For a moment, he even forgot all about those feelings of grief that had been overwhelming him but a few minutes ago.

"Home!" Bongo wasn't even so sure himself, he didn't even recall the name of the place. Surely he'd remember soon, all that mattered right now was that they got their catnap in.

Dusktiger was now bringing the patrol back to camp. Cypresspaw and Raptorpaw had settled down a bit, although the blue apprentice was still firmly on his brother's case. Every so often he'd attack Cypresspaw's tail, rapidly pouncing on it and spraying mud all over his fellow felines. Dusktiger didn't say a word about all the mess, he just grumpily continued on. He was already covered, anyways. However, Cypresspaw had gone mute, as if he was dreading returning to camp. For some ominous reason, he didn't want to go home. Something about it felt...unwelcoming.Thieving Ferret 04:33, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Echosong lashed her tail before she attacked, claws unsheathed. Wolfflame hadn't expected and jumped back, she however got a few hits in and he wasn't going to let her beat him up. He growled and attacked, paw swatting at her muzzle shoving her aside. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 10:44, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Skypaw had a concerned gaze directed to Cypresspaw, her thin tail swaying with each swing of her hips as she walked. He held her full attention as young molly nudged her head against his shoulder, a fleeting comforting touch as those pale blue eyes held worry. But nothing could prepare her for what she discovered when she stepped foot into camp. Cypresspaw and Raptorpaw's very own mother laid deceased within the centre of camp, causing her step to falter in a mixture of horror and shock. Just as she was about to press her body against Cypresspaw's side for comfort, her head snapped toward the scent of a stranger, and wailed in anguish. Shooting forth on unsteady legs, her breath began to pick up as stress squeezed against her lings. "Mummy!" She cried out, as she slid to a stop between Echosong and this attacker, hissing out a vicious snarl of warning, her coat puffing up as she attempted to protect her adoptive mother from harm.

Gruffly, Wnterstorm found himself marching along a border on a patrol, his silver eyes narrowed as he stormed through the mud. He only just spent the day out with Ashcloud doing border already, but apparently the other border desperately needed to be patrolled and he was the only tom for the job. Growling, he kicked a stone. Mother of Ferrets 10:52, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Echosong snarled, her tail lashing. "Stay back, Skypaw!" The queen snapped as she shoved aside, Wolfflame towering over her. She kicked out at him with all of her power. Her hind left leg caught his jaw sending him stumbling. He growled looked at the patrol then took off. Echosong had been on her back and finally rolled over to assess her wounds. She had a gash on her shoulder and several severe scratch marks.

Hazelfern moved forward from the patrol. "Echosong, are you alright?" The tabby warrior questioned.

Echosong huffed. "I'm fine, Hazelfern. It's just a few scratches." She replied, waving Beautifulkit and Batkit close. They looked a bit terrified. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 12:11, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Cypresspaw stared at his mother's body in a mix of horror and sorrow, while Raptorpaw froze in his place and felt like his heart was ripped from his chest. It would hurt him the most. Crestfallen, the blue smoke apprentice trudged over to Shorepebble's body and threw himself onto the ground before it, his nose buried into his mother's cold fur. Cypresspaw was approached by their silent father, who he embraced for a long time.Thieving Ferret 13:35, December 7, 2018 (UTC) Brooke nodded as he tried to hide a yawn. Surprisingly, he was very exhausted from today's events and wanted to lay down and rest, however he still had to move into the apprentice den first so he was very eager to head back and start that process. He watched the sun as it continued to go down, and then sped up a tiny bit to purposely push Coast to work her leg a little more as they came up to the camp entrance.

Sorreltail, Riverbreeze and Eagleflight had all been set to work night patrol for the night. After Sorreltail met back up with the two, and silently thanked StarClan for temporarily stopping the bickering, the three waited around the entrance for the rest of the patrol group. They were specifically awaiting for one of the younger warriors who always had night shift, and then were told they would be joined by another cat. At the last minute, the bickering started up again, and Sorreltail made the decision to patrol alone and leave the others to fend for themselves. Following suit, Eagleflight and Riverbreeze held a temporary truce to hunt down Sorreltail leaving the last two members to either work together when they met, or go it alone.

As all the cats started wrapping it up for the night, the snoring oddball finally began to awaken as she opened her heterochromic eyes and peered around the slowly getting fuller warrior's den.MaliciousOblivion ~dies~ 03:53, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

Creekstone had decided he'd return to camp and deposit his prey to the prey pile in StormClan camp, carefully he placed it down, hoping it could feed at least one cat. He had headed to his den for the night, like other cats were, curling up into a slow slumber. -Marshywillow 11:18, December 8 2018 (UTC)

Flyshade felt the most powerful wave of grief she'd never felt before as a wail split from her muzzle. The queen pressed her body to Sunshadow's like the emotional grief she felt tore through her. The black tabby refusing to move from the spot she was next to her late mate.

Eveningpaw shrugged from the Apprentices' den, her smoke pelt fluffed and at odd angles from her well-earned nap. She hadn't seen Blackpaw most of the day so she primarily assumed he was off annoying someone other than herself. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 11:30, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

Creekstone had jolted awake. Something was keeping him from asleep. He got up, his bones feeling stiff as if he had slept for an hour but then awoke suddenly. He sneaked past most of the warriors he shared a den with and got to the entrance, checking the time of day. He sighed as the night sky still shone. However the moon was not high up in the sky which was a relief. He huffed and padded back into his moss bed, carefully dodging the warriors again. He did not feel tired any longer. -Marshywillow 12:47, December 8 2018 (UTC)

Snailpaw slipped into camp, she was bouncing on her paws. She'd received word that she and her siblings would be made warriors the next day! How exciting was that! Eveningpaw rolled her eyes as Snailpaw danced up to herm "Can you believe it?" The smaller she-cat said in her soprano voice, her blue eyes shining.

Eveningpaw shrugged. "It seems like Blackpaw doesn't care. He's been gone all day." The smoke replied. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 12:54, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

Creekstone got out of the den once more. It was a little brighter and cats were going to probably come out soon anyways. He did see a couple of the apprentices outside, they were huge. No doubt about it that they would probably become warriors soon. They did look pretty excited. Creekstone's heart warmed. He remembered the excitement when he became a warrior. -Marshywillow 14:12, December 8 2018 (UTC)

Violetpaw slipped from the Apprentices' den, her bicolor pelt was ruffled from sleep. Snailpaw rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on. Blackpaw will come back. He's too self-centered not too." Minkclaw Winter is coming. 22:31, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

Creekstone felt a rumble in his stomach. He fully emerged from the den to get some prey. The pile was coated enough and he picked out a rather large mouse. It'd be enough for some of the say. Creekstone let the wavering minimal chat and nature soothe him. He felt somewhat peaced by eating his prey at his feet in camp, alone. Creekstone wasn't really around any cats regularly. He didn't mind the feeling, he liked collecting his thoughts. -Marshywillow 01:22, December 8 2018 (UTC)

Violetpaw waved her tail. "Come on, let's eat guys." The bicolored molly moved towards the fresh-kill pile with a snort at the two following her still chatting about their ceremony. Snailpaw bounced forward, energy radiating from the small molly. Eveningpaw was a bit taller than both her sisters.

"N--No, I don't, it's fine!" The tabby-and-white molly said almost as a soft exclamation. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 21:50, December 9, 2018 (UTC)

Creekstone looked up from his meal as he heard the apprentices' voices get louder. He slightly stiffened in a bit of alarm. Are they just behind me?He turned around and glanced softly at them. -Marshywillow 22:00, December 8 2018 (UTC)

Splotchedflame looked over at her and then gave a small chuckle. "Alright, lets continue on then." He then padded past her before he sniffed the air. QueenOfThisShip

Eveningpaw barely glanced at the tabby tomcat that stood at the fresh-kill pile. "Well if anything at least we know he's outside of camp causing trouble and not inside causing it." She replied to her sisters comments. Violetpaw sighed and sat down, pulling a mouse towards her smaller, lithe body.

"If you say so," she responded. Snailpaw did the same but didn't make a comment, she sent a soft smile to Creekstone before she started to chew on her mouse.

Littlesnow nodded, following the much larger splotched warrior. Her tabbied pelt glimmering a pale golden in the sunlight. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 21:45, December 12, 2018 (UTC)

Creekstone smiled a little too at her as she was chewing on her mouse and not paying attention. He then quickly - before any of her siblings noticed - looked away shyly, returning to his mouse too with a moment of thinking, he noticed his posture was stiff as if he had did something embarrassing and was about to bolt away. What had gotten into him? He then realised that he hadn't had very much interaction over the course of a couple of days. He did things himself, he did things alone, like hunting. That was probably the first interaction he had in a while. It was subtle, sure, but he should probably get more out there. Where would he start? He sighed softly to himself trying to clear his thoughts. -Marshywillow 23:22, December 12 2018 (UTC)

Sapphire looked up uncertainly at the white cat. "Um, what about Delta, Elsé, and Indie?" She froze, the figure of a cat catching her eyes. She lay motionless in the clearing and a strange scent wafted from her, obscured mostly by lavender, but it was still there. She had never smelled it before, but it made the fur along her spine prickle and instinctively told her something terrible had happened. She gawked in horror and knew she was dead. —Shoot firstthinknever 00:37, December 13, 2018 (UTC)

Bongo stared down at Sapphire for a few heartbeats, suddenly forgetting who this kitten was. But within seconds, he slipped back into the hallucination and continued to play along with it. "Oh, they were adopted orphans. You never noticed that?" The elder moved along towards the elder's den without paying any acknowledgement to Shorepebble's form in the center of camp.Thieving Ferret 16:44, December 17, 2018 (UTC)

Skypaw yelped as she was flung to the side, tumbling with a flail of paws. Landing with a solid thud as she connected with the earth, wild eyes watching her adopted mother. She still was the size of a kit, apprenticed earlier than others, and wasn't it against the code to hurt a kit? Why did Echosong shove her away? Questions bounced around her mind before she felt herself become alarmed when she tried to inhale. She was completely winded, her fragile body wasn't trained to withstand such force. Trying to wheeze in a breath, Skypaw began to panic, her fear worsening the situation. She searched around before her eyes landed on Cypresspaw, and her breathing began to settle and level out as she held her gaze focused on the distraught tom. Shakily rising to her paws, she padded with determination toward the tom, completely brushing off her mother as she headed toward him. Her breath was still shaky until her fur connected with his own, nuzzling into him for his comfort, and her own. She glanced back toward Brookepaw who entered the camp, before returning her focus to the mourning tom.

Froststripe hissed at Wolfflame as he bolted before she followed the intruder to make sure he crossed the border and left. The speckled molly expertly bounding through the swamp.

Winterstorm lowered himmself low to the earth, his focus on a mouse that had skittered from a neighbouring clan. Pupils dilated, the tom lunged and quickly snatched the mouse. Mother of Ferrets 01:35, January 6, 2019 (UTC)

Echosong stood bristling still, her pelt covered with fresh wounds, she shook with fear now. He would never leave her alone. She looked around to Skypaw. She had moved her daughter back to protect her. I--If Wolfflame had touched her. StarClan, she wouldn't think like that. She turned to find Swampstar, she wanted to go after her brother, make sure his end was gone. The fear he settled in her would make it hard for her to sleep. She finally turned Beautifulkit and Batkit. "C--come its time to head to bed." The tabbied queen looked to Skypaw once more. She'd try and talk to her in a minute. {{SUBST:Nosubst|User:Minkclaw/Sig}} 09:16, January 8, 2019 (UTC)

Brookepaw started gathering supplies to create his new nest in the apprentice den, and glanced over at Skypaw with a slightly concerned glance. The young molly seemed to be slightly distraught and looked as though she had tripped and fallen on her face again, but Cypresspaw seemed to be calming her, so he would check on her tomorrow morning. With that, he moved in to the apprentice den exhausted from the day's events, but eager for tomorrow's.

Snowfox had slipped out of the den now that it was officially nightfall, and she was ready to patrol. The young oddball was looking forward to seeing the senior warriors again, but to her surprise..instead the senior warriors were nowhere to be found, and she was watching a young tom lunge at a mouse.MaliciousOblivion ~dies~

Cypresspaw stiffened at Skypaw's touch, feeling her silky fur brush against his dark coat. Heat began to flood through his veins and the situation with his mother was almost completely forgotten. Why did he feel this way around Skypaw all the sudden? Did it have to do with Shorepebble's passing? "...Thank you, Skypaw."Thieving Ferret 16:18, January 15, 2019 (UTC)

The warmth from the opposing body warmed up her own flesh, causing her to relax into the heat of his body, a light purr subconsciously escaping her lips. Her eyes turned toward Shorepebble, those azures softening as she reminisced about the queen. Although she didn't know her as well as some, even SKypaw had known and was fond of the past deputy and queen. 'She was an excellent warrior and an even better queen." She murmured, gentle eyes turning toward the tom, blinking as she noticed his expression. "Are you okay, Cypresspaw?" She asked, worried.

Winterstorm was playing around with the dead mouse, thinking to himself as he batted the body between his paws. He wasn't ready to return to camp. But his solitude was disturbed when he finally noticed someone was watching him. Flaring his nostrils, those silver visionaries sought out who was watching him. "Who is there?" He rumbled. Mother of Ferrets 00:37, January 16, 2019 (UTC)

"Shame. Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with your food? If you aren't will run away, or end up in the claws of someone else. I believe I should be asking you the same question. I have never seen you on patrols before. Newbie?" She smirked and sat down licking her paws with her tail wrapped around her back legs. The young oddball watched with amused, but alert curiosity as she observed this stranger.MaliciousOblivion ~dies~ 04:12, January 16, 2019 (UTC)

Winterstorm immediately was on his paws, those azures narrowed in suspicion as his back arched up, fur prickling. "If you aren't blind, you'll realise it's dead, but I guess you wouldn't know that, hm? Seems you are too lazy to get up with the rest of us to supply to your clan, like a real warrior." He gloated and roasted the molly smugly, his mottled black coat easing down as he picked up the mouse. "I was debating, ya know, using my brain. Unlike some mousebrains in this clan." He huffed, flicking his tail as he strode proudly past her in the direction of camp. Some measly little nobody didn't get to speak to him like that. Mother of Ferrets 04:31, January 16, 2019 (UTC)

"You are not someone I should have to explain myself to. Besides. I doubt a foxbrain like you would be able to understand my situation in the first place. After all..the first thing you did was jump to the conclusion that I'm too lazy, when I run the night patrols, and am actually a big reason we have the amount of squirrels in that pile in camp. But sure! I'm lazy! Says the one shrugging off his duties out of irritation." She grumbled and snapped back at his accusations before turning around and sitting down with her ears pinned back, ready for a fight. He had gotten under her skin pretty well, and now the darn tom was walking off. She would have apologised for her own jump to conclusions if he had chosen not to insult her, but he didn't and now she would make sure to request him on every night patrol from here on out just to get her sweet revenge.MaliciousOblivion ~dies~ 04:46, January 16, 2019 (UTC)

"Foxes are actually quite intelligent, so I shall take that as a compliment." The tom huffed, before turning on his paw. "How have I shrugged off my duties? Unlike you, I have prey to return to camp with. I gave myself time to decide on what I wanted to do with recent events, but I doubt that is none of your business. Now go make yourself actually useful instead of being a whiny little she-cat like the rest of your gender." He smirked, before continuing on his path. His ego was iron clad, and the smug tom refused to bend to the cutting words of a stubborn mousebrain. Mother of Ferrets 05:07, January 16, 2019 (UTC)

"For your information, I wasn't trying to call you stupid. I was calling you stubborn and arrogant." She huffed as the tom continued back to camp unknowingly having just gotten him a ticket to the night patrol till the next Leafbare. She would make those nights suffer for him in every way possible. He needed a break in his ego, and she was determined to give it to him. "See you tomorrow, Foxbrain!" She practically sang that shout at him and headed off into the forest to begin her patrols.

"Well. Things just got interesting! Seems Snowfox is gettin riled up for once. Wonder who could take such a kind and quiet girl like her and get under her skin?" Riverbreeeze watched from the foliage in curiosity as Snowfox stormed off to begin patrolling. "Oh don't start, Riverbreeze. I refuse to listen to anymore bickering and gossiping between the two of you tonight." Sorreltail grumbled in irritation because her mate and her best friend had found her and wouldn't shut up the whole way back about who found her first. Eagleflight had been the first to spot Sorreltail's tail in the distance, but Riverbreeze had found Sorreltail's paws at that same time. Now once again, Eagleflight had seen the young tom that Snowfox had been with, and he had leverage over Riverbreeze. "I know who she was with, but I won't spill until you admit I found her first." This caused Sorreltail to roll her eyes, and bound off back to camp, leaving the other two alone oncemore.MaliciousOblivion ~dies~ 17:15, January 16, 2019 (UTC)

Sapphire stared after the white cat. "O-oh. I... never noticed... it never really came up, but okay." She glanced back at the cats body in the clearing and felt a pang of sympathy and grief before following Bongo. Despite not knowing the pretty silver cat, she still felt so terribly for her loss. She suddenly became acutely aware of all the strange cats in the clearing... she had never seen so many in one place before. She hovered closely to mom's flank and shivered in a mixture of cold and fright. —Shoot firstthinknever 01:07, January 17, 2019 (UTC)

"She was. My father always bragged about how great of a deputy she was, too." Cypresspaw murmured with a bowed head, his eyes resting on the body of his mother as it was prepared for burial. The memories of Shorepebble flooded into his mind, and he closed his clouding eyes to attempt to shut them out. Something about Skypaw's presence made him feel stronger as he confronted death and loss, and this feeling he wanted to hold onto and never let go. "I hurt," the apprentice admitted with a small yet thoughtful frown, "...but I feel stronger now."

Bongo wrapped the end of his tail around Sapphire as he guided her into the elder's den, which smelled faintly of old cat and bile. It wasn't pleasant, but it was home, and now it was her home. Because he was her mother now, and he had to share things. Hmm...that part didn't sound very fun, but this was a commitment he had to make now. After all, he went through the blood, sweat, and tears of bringing Sapphire into the world. "Home sweet home, Violet."Thieving Ferret 03:26, January 18, 2019 (UTC)

Sapphire wrinkled her nose at the scent of the den, but she didn't complain, it was comfy looking and much warmer in there than outside. She still felt very bewildered and confused about everything, but why would momma be wrong? She found an empty nest and settled herself in it, yawning. "Luna, who are all those cats out there? I've never seen them before." She blinked thoughtfully. "Will I ever see my erm... adoptive siblings again?" —Shoot firstthinknever 20:09, January 18, 2019 (UTC)

Stretching out her lanky and femininely muscular form, Mossfeather's grassy green optics eyed the moon younger Froststripe who was eyeing the molly with an highly unimpressed expression. The two had been apprentices at the same time, and was starting to get closer in the last few sunrises. Lashing her tail, the warrior threw her companion a sour expression, recognising those disapproving eyes gleaming at her, but not even Froststripe understood what went through her mind. Huffing, she licked her pink pawpad, momentarily getting distracted by the impressive toms within StormClan, their rippling muscles from years of hardships in the swamps. It caused her skin to tingle and her fur to prickle slightly as warmth spread over her cheeks, but she didn't give herself time to be bashful. Toms liked direct and confident she-cats, right? And she needed a provider, a tom to stake claim to her soul.

Froststripe sighed out and shook her head, unable to comprehend the ideals of the other molly. In some ways, she could understand the desire to have someone, but at the same time she personally didn't believe it was the be all and end all of life. She provided for herself and her clan, and didn't desire a tom to do that all for her. Rising to her paws, the silver she-cat padded toward the warrior den as the moon was starting to rise high into the sky.

Skypaw took a moment to wonder who would bury Shorepebble, her eyes flicking toward the Elder Den where Bongo was with an kit she hadn't seen before. She didn't trust the bewildering tom, especially not to bury such a precious cat. Shaking away her thoughts as Cypresspaw spoke, she attentively gave him her full focus, truly endeared by his words even if they weren't meant for her. Curling her tail up higher, she slowly touched the point of her tail to the base of his spine, featherlight as she pressed closer into his coat, tucking her head under his chin. All her movements were slow and shy, as if she was giving him more than enough time to reject and push her away from himself in disgust. She was unsure of herself around others besides her littermates, especially not Brookepaw. "You've always been strong in my eyes, Cypresspaw." She murmured.

Winterstorm mouthed her words to himself mockingly, huffing as each 'word' squished the prey in his maw even more, causing the metallic tang of blood to seep into his mouth. He'd feed this mouse to Bongo, the crazy old flea bag probably wouldn't even notice the difference. Lashing his tail, the tom reminded himself to send a prayer to StarClan in thanks for what he had caught, before continuing his journey back to camp.

Ashcloud was sharing tongues with Sloepatch, the tortoiseshell molly calmingly licking along Ashcloud's spine as she vented about her littermate, Winterstorm. The stress of having to deal with such a tom prickled at her coat, and she often relied on the comforts of friendship from a few selected cats who were willing to listen to her troubles. Mother of Ferrets 14:04, January 20, 2019 (UTC)

Emberfall picked a toad from the fresh-kill pile. Not his ideal type of food, but hey, it was food, food was good. He thought it would be a good idea to fill up now, he had a feeling Morningwing was going to send him out on the next patrol soon, he hadn't been on one in a few days. StormClan had a lot of territory, and who knew what problems they'd run into. A shiver passed through his pelt when he remembered the story Darkfrost had told him of the time coyotes attacked their camp, before he was born (i don't remember if he was already born at this point and i'm too lazy to check forgive me) ... he really hoped they weren't planning on revenge. Emberfall worried on that for a moment, then his thoughts shifted over to his mother once more. He really had to talk with Sparkstorm to see if he noticed any changes, but being a mentor now, it was almost impossible to be near each other now, same with Shadefrost. Emberfall puffed out a little sigh, wishing things could be simpler like they used to be when he was a kit. He scanned camp for Darkfrost, but she didn't appear to be around. He felt a twinge of disappointment. He had been half hoping she'd come up and greet him, her old self. He wished that what he saw in that dream really was a dream but... he wasn't completely sure. Something just felt wrong. He didn't want to bother anyone else about it though, what if it really was just nothing? —Shoot firstthinknever 03:54, January 25, 2019 (UTC)

Echosong sat outside the nursery, the two kits she had left were to be apprenticed soon and she would resume her warrior duties. The tabby queen sat there in silence. She had been wondering why Wolfflame chose now to show up and...what had he meant about Foggysky? The silver warrior stood and headed to the medicine cat's den. "Foggysky?" {{SUBST:Nosubst|User:Minkclaw/Sig}} 03:06, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Ashcloud hopped to her paws, feeling her stomach rumble with it's commands to be fed. Flicking the tip of her tail, the unique coat of the she-cat gleamed beneath the moon and Silverpelt. She sniffed the fresh-kill pile, realising there wasn't enough for her to have her fill without others going hungry. Pinning her ears, she padded away from the kill pile. Leafbare was harsh in many ways, and Ashcloud was used to giving up her meal for the good of others, unlike her brother who greedily refused to give up his own chance at filling his belly with fresh prey. Curling up, the sleek coat did little to stop the chill from biting at her flesh, and her teal eyes flicked around at the nearby cats, her eyes momentarily stopping on Emberfall. He seemed worried about something, and it quipped her interest. Mother of Ferrets 05:23, January 26, 2019 (UTC)