NOTE: Spottedleaf lives, Tigerclaw isn`t evil, Redtail lives, Ravenpaw doesn't leave, and Yellowfang isn`t in ShadowClan.

Chapter 1

Spottedleaf walked through the hills, smelling the scent of WindClan.


The slight breeze blowing ruffled her fur, making her shiver. It was a day of Leaf-Bare. Spottedleaf found a puddle.

The sun reflected it, she stuck her tounge inside the water, drinking it. She turned around to see Bluestar.

"Hi." The blue gray she-cat said, her voice was low, like she had lost it.

"You must treat me."

Spottedleaf nodded.

"Come on, then." Said Bluestar. Spottedleaf led Bluestar into the medicine cat den, getting her herbs ready.

"What`s wrong?"

"I have lost my voice." Was Bluestar`s reply. Spottedleaf`s apprentice, Yellowpaw, looked at Bluestar in disbelief.

Tigerclaw walked in, looking at Bluestar. "Oh, you three." He said, he was usually crabby.

Spottedleaf looked at Yellowpaw, "treat her." She said, "I have something to do." Spottedleaf knew that Yellowpaw was on the job.

Bluestar was looking at Yellowpaw. "All I need is this herb..." She said, looking at an herb. "Need some help?" Asked Sandstorm. "Its getting badder..." breathed Bluestar, unable to talk.

Bluestar.... Thought Spottedleaf, she thought of how soft her voice was. Little apprentices can`t help! She raced back to her den, "Yellowpaw! Sandstorm!" She said in disbelief. Bluestar had completely lost her voice, the cats stood beside her mouth. "Did you feed her Deathberries!?" She yowled. "We might have by mistake..." Said Yellowpaw, smiling.

Spottedleaf knew that smile. "How dare you!" Yellowpaw had a look of sacredness in her eyes. "We didn`t!" She cried, showing the shot she stole from twolegs. "What is that...?" She asked. "We stole it from the twolegs." Cried Yellowpaw. "We thought it would help.." "But it became worse." "I understand." Said Spottedleaf. Sandstorm looked sorry.

"We are sorry." Said Sandstorm. "Sorry catches no prey!" Snapped Spottedleaf.

Chapter 2

Bluestar woke up. "Spottedleaf!" She stood up and looked around. My voice is back! She thought. Spottedleaf was gathering herbs. "Oh, hi Bluestar." She said. "Hi!" The two cat walked back, Spottedleaf with a mouthful of herbs. The Clan was confortable. "Ok.." Said Bluestar.

Cats walked around, the queens had kits, the warriors doing their jobs. "I just wish.." Bluestar`s voice trailed off. WindClan! She turned her head around to see Onestar invading. "Attack!" Yowled Bluestar.

Cats ran out of their dens, "mrrow!" The battle had begun. There were cats everywhere, hissing, scratching, and biting. Tigerclaw, Lionheart, and Redtail were great fighters! "Onestar!" Yowled Deadfoot. "We can`t fight our allies!" "ThunderClan is not our ally anymore!" Hissed Onestar, knocking him to the side.

"Mudclaw!" Hissed Onestar. "Stop 'playing' with Lionheart and fight him!" Mudclaw looked up. "Sorry." he said. Onestar leaped onto Bluestar. "How dare you!?" Said a voice.

It was Fireheart. "I`m not scared!" He yowled. Onestar stared. "You will be in a minute!" He hissed.