This is just something I'm coming up with as I'm writing... so yeah it's bad..

Made by ~Patchfeather~

Ravenkit: **first time out of nursery and snow falls on head** MOM! MMMOOOOMMM!!!!!! I'M DYING!! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE, bla bla bla bla.

Dustkit: **looks to Sandkit** Now do you understeand why I don't like him?

Sandkit: **nods fast with a look of terror**

Dustkit: Welcome to my world.

Ravenpaw: Tigerclaw's trying to kill me guys!

Firepaw: Oh okay.

Ravenpaw: Arn't you going to help me!?

Graypaw: Oh didn't know we had to what you want us to do?

Ravenpaw: Dress up like hotdogs and run around screaming free tickets.

Firepaw: **walks away**

Graypaw: **fallows Firepaw**

Ravenpaw: FINE I'll do it myself!

Tigerclaw: Okay Mousefur go with Willowpelt, Frostfur, and Longtail to the ShadowClan border and- **sees Ravenpaw dress like a hotdog**

Ravenpaw: You me, dance off bro.

Tigerclaw: **some how got a shirt on and rips it off to reveal him dressed as corn dog** LET'S DANCE

Ravenpaw: **dances around like an idiot with some...some taylor swift song on moving his mouth to the song and then flies in the air and land right in front of Tigerclaw** Bet that.

Tigerclaw: **starts dancing around** I'M WALKEN ON SUN SHINE! YEAH AND IT'S TIME TO FEEEEL GOOD! **lands in front of Ravenpaw kissing his paw and blowing it to the she-cats**

She-cats: **fall down** hes such an angel...

Ravenpaw: **grabs sword** let's get real

Tigerclaw: **also grabs sword** your on!

Tigerclaw and Ravenpaw: **floating in the air in a huge ball of light fighting with sword, then the light turns to a disco ball**

Ravenpaw: **gets top hat and cain with shoes on and starts dancing around on a rainbow with she-cat watching with hearts in their eyes**

Tigerclaw: **does as Ravenpaw's doing**

Bluestar: **grabs gun and shoot everyone,** NO!

Firepaw and Graypaw: Bye Ravenpaw have fun living with Barley and- OMG HE JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR... we should go.. yea...**Runs away**

I have no idea... Well comment if you want me to make other cats!