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Firestorm is the main character is Firepaw's choice along with his brother


Mother, Waterfeather

Father, Silverbreeze

Older brothers, Stoneripple and Shadewhisker.




Firestorm is born the youngest of a litter of three his older brothers are named Stonekit and Shadekit. His Mother can't think of name for him, he is taken to see Father one time, but the father wants to take him to his Clan his mother allows this and he is taken to WimdClan where he is named Firekit.

Later, he is shown as a playful and feisty apprentices, who hates rules and loves to rebel. He sneaks out of camp wih his best friend Wolfkit, a slightly older WindClan kit.


  • He was meant to be older then Stoneripple, and Shadewhisker, but I wrote wrong and was about half-way in the story when I found out.
  • He is based on Elphaba from wicked