Firepaw's Choice is the first fanfiction written by Wolfblaze, and the first book in the Forest Of Betrayal series.

Firepaw's Choice
Firepaw (Front right) Shadepaw (Front Left) Silverpaw (Back Right) Wolfpaw (Back Left)
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Completed on August 10, 2015‎
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Waterfeather walked trying to find her mate Waterfeather was a RiverClan cat, but her mate was Silverbreeze, a cat from WindClan. She walked holing one of her kits, the other two walking with her. The kit she was holding tried to jump free, "Are you here?" Asked her mate, Silverbreeze, the father of her kits, walked over to her. "Are these them? Are these my kits?" He asked. "Yes, the light gray kit is the oldest, I named him first, his name is Stonekit, he looks like a stone. This other kit is Shadekit, since he was fur that looks like a shade. He is the middle kit. This kit is the youngest, he can not walk yet, unlike his older brothers." Waterfeather said. Silverbreeze looked at the ground, he might never see his kits after this one time. Then he looked at the youngest, not named, kit.

"I would like to to take the youngest kit, to WindClan, with me." he said. He waited form an answer, it was likely, with everything going wrong in the Clans, that he might never see the kits. He wanted to take the youngest with him. The youngest kit could not walk, and seemed not to be the strongest cat in the world, but he wanted to take the kit to WindClan.

"Okay, but make sure he does not get hurt, goodbye Silverbreeze." Said Waterfeather. Silverbreeze picked up his youngest son, and looked at Waterfeather, and Stonekit and Shadekit, one last time.


"Dad, where are you?" A kit called. A kit with stormy fur ran around camp looking for his father. "Yes, Firekit? What is it?" SIlverbreeze, a warrior of WindClan said to his kit.

"I want to know who my Mother is, was she even a WindClan cat? One of the other kits, Thornkit, said I look like a RiverClan cat, and that no WindClan cat could swim as well as I do, even if they have been swimming there whole life." Firekit said. He looked at his Father. Thronkit was the oldest kit in the camp. She would an apprentice very soon, and she was mean to many of the other kits in the camp. Mostly Firekit, as he was the youngest kit in the camp. Which was strange in Firekit's mind. How come he, at almost four moons old, was the youngest kit in the whole Clan? He looked at his father, waiting for an answer.

"Your Mother was a great cat, would you really think that of a cat from any Clan but WIndClan?" Silverbreeze asked. Firekit knew his father was keeping something from him, was he a half Clan? A cat from two Clans?

"But am I a cat from RiverClan?" Asked Firekit, he showed his father his claws, his father should know this was not a fight he could win. Then he thought about his fathers words. Would he think a great cat from a cat from another Clan? That was something he himself could answer.

"To me, I don't care what Clan each cat is from, it does not matter to me in the least. What matters to me is what a cat does. I don't care one bit what Clan each cat is from, I just want to know who my mother is." Firekit said. He would be an apprentice in two moons. And every cat in WindClan seemed to be sure he was half Clan, it wash not like it was much of a secret. He wanted to go to is first gathering, knowing who his mother was.

"I am sorry Firekit, I am not going to tell you who your Mother is just yet, I will wait until you are ready." Silverbreeze said. Firekit looked at his Father. He wanted now to ask his father something he almost knew for sure what his fathers answer would be. This was not fair. This was not justice. If there was one thing Firekit cared about, it was justice.

"When will I be ready?" Firekit asked. He was as mad as ever, he knew he was ready to find out who his Mother was. When would his Father tell him? He looked right at camp. And back at his Father, RiverClan was not far. Firekit had two things he wanted to find out, and he was sure his Father would tell him one.

"You will be ready when your older, and mrs wise." His Father said. Thjs was it Firekit, the only things cats ever said to him was that he was too young. Too young to leave camp, too young to be an apprentice, too young to help the Clan. That was it. He knew he was as wise a his Father, and ready as ever to get justice, For once, once he found out the truth, once he was allowed to be an apprentice, and then a warrior, the whole Clan would see, he would make sure each and every cat cat had justice. The kittypets would not be chased out of camp anymore, the cats from other Clans would be at peace, everything would be perfect. But he had to wait. If he could be an apprentice, then a warrior, then the Clans would have peace sooner Did a single Clan have any idea how to just, and loyal at all? Not in his mind.

"I don't know who my Mother is, I don't know a thing about her, and my Father? You say your my Father, but how would I know that? If I don't know my Mother, then how can I be sure of my Father? All I know, is my real father, a father who did what he should would tell me the truth, no matter how old I was." Firkeit growled. Then, he looked at his fathers face, and he knew he had not said the right thing.

For a cat that wants all the cats to live in peace, I 'm fairly bad at peace myself. Firekit thought, He looked at his father. He had not meant what he had said. He did not care if his Father was one of his blood parents, he was his Father, that was all that matters. He had spent every second of his life, proud of the fact that Silverbreeze was his Father, and now he thrown that all away. Firekit wanted peace, but he also wanted justice.

And sometimes the justice part, seemed to win over the peace part, but out of all the fights he had been in, not one was with his father, until now. Just then, the Clan's leader, Flamestar, jumped up, and called a meeting, Fire,it looked up at the meeting. "Fiekit, come over here, we can't stay for the meeting." Thornkit called. Firekit ran over to her, and watched the meeting. "All cats, I am here to tell you, that this moons gathering, will not be happening. However, through we do say not to go anywhere near the Gathe ring place, I would like five of the bravest, strongest warriors, as well as my deputy, to go and thank ShadowClan for telling us the news, for reasons I can not say, I would like no cats, and I mean NO CATS to leave the camp. Until I say." Flamestar said. Just by looking, Firekit could tell that something big was wrong.

Chapter two. Edit

Firekit woke up in the middle of the night, he knew what he had to do. "Wolfkit? Where are you Wolfkit? I need your help!" Firekit said. He looked around. Wolkfit had been the youngest kit in the camp until Firekit was born, and so far, he was Firekit's best, and only, friend. Wolfkit alone liked Firekit. Even Wolfkit's older sister, Silverkit did not like Firekit.

"What do you want now Firekit?" Asked Wolfkit.

"Something is going on now Wolfkit, something I want to know, about this, no gathering last night, first time ever, I think, since they started having gatherings, I want to know why, it won't be too hard, all we have to do is find out how to get past ShadowClan, if we can get past ShadowClan, ThunderClan and RiverClan should be easy. But, since no cats are allowed outside camp, and kits are never allowed outside camp, this might be are only chance, are you in?" Asked Firekit.  He was sure his friend would say yes, how could he not?  This was the chance of a lifetime. And if Wolfkit missed this, that would be a lot he would miss. Wolfkit thought about it, and nodded. The two ran.

Firekit looked around the front of camp. No one so far. He slipped out the front of camp, he looked back, and saw his friend with him, he walked past the camp, he looked past the front of his Clan, only to see ThunderClan, why did the two Clans have to be so close? He raced past them. And what he saw next, made him wish he were still at camp. Five cats, each bigger and stronger then Wolfkit and Firekit together. "Run Firekit, now." Wolfkit. said, his claw free, ready to fight. More then almost anything Firekt wanted to fight these cats, to show them justice, but this was scary. Firekit was never the bravest cat in the world, he was scared of everything, he turned to run and looked back. Wolfkit was fighing hard, and Firekit did what his heart told him, he ran. About two feet away he stopped himself.

What am I doing?  Thought Firekit, he took a deep breath, and turned back, he ran to ThunderClan, Wolfkit was on the ground, breathing in all the air he could, bleeding, and not moving much. Firekit's heart pounded, his eyes stared in rage, the flaming look his angry look would make any cat know how he got his name. Without thinking, without trying to find out what to do, he threw himself at the ThunderClan cats, he had almost no claws, but why use them? He attacked the cats. Not thinking, just fighting, he felt long painful scratches acress his back, and on his tail, a long scratch went on his ear, he could feel the sharp, hard, quick scratch, go deep into his ear, maybe taking his hearing in that ear away forever, but why would he care? He had not helped his friend, but left him, there, how much longer would the friend of his live? For once, he was not thinking about peace, but justice.

Justice, show the cats who may have killed your best friend what happens to evil cat, show them. Firekit thought with anger. But, as the battle went on, almost all night, his scratches got worse, his fighing got worse, the other cats did better. The biggest and strongest of the ThunderClan cats pinned him to the ground.

"This is why kits should stay in camp, rather then mess with the oldest stronger cats." The ThunderClan cat said. "I am glad I came back, I fought you all night, and now, my friend is alive my life might be over, but Wolfkit's life just started." Firekit said 

"You are not the brave cat you act like you are, Firekit, you are scared of everything, the water, the breeze, other cats, you are scared of your own shadow!  You were not brave, you left your friend to die. That was not brave." The ThunderClan cat said.

"You are wrong, I am brave.  A warrior, of your own Clan, Firestar, the cat that saved the Clans is know as the bravest cat of all, but do I think that's true? No, he was brave, but a cat once in his Clan, Ravenpaw who as scared of each and everything would fight for the Clans as much as Firestar, who had no fears while Ravenpaw was scared everything. The brave cats, are not the ones who are fearless but the once who face there fears." Firekit said. 

"Great story, better then the elders stories you would make a great elder, but you won't live that long." Another ThunderClan cat said. Just then, the ThunderClan cat yelped in pain, he and the others ran off. A young gray cat, only moments older then Firekit, walked over to him. "Stonekit of RiverClan, at your service. This is my younger brother, Shadekit." The cat said.  A cat younger then him, older then Firekit, walked by him.

"Thanks, how did once bad scratch scare away all of those cats?" Asked Firekit. "ThunderClan see, ThunderClan do. We called  our medicine cat, by the way." said Shadekit. And that's when many cats, from WIndClan and RiverClan came.

Back at WindClan camp, Firekit and Wolfkit were said to both live, and to be apprentices on time too. But the did have to stay in the medicine cats den. "I'm sorry I almost let you get killed." Said Firekit,  sadly. 

"It was not that bad, Firekit, you did come back, and that was the bravest thing I have ever seen, and what you said to those ThunderClan cats, was the bravest thing I have ever seen, and the wisest words I have ever heard." Wolfkit said. Firekit still felt bad about it. His whole body hurt, from the scars the cats had given him. His father walked in. "Firekit?" he said. Firekit put his head down.

"I am sorry, Dad, about the fight we had. I don't know if your my blood father or not, but you are my real Dad. I should have said anything else, I don't know why I wanted so bad to find the Mother I never met, so much to take the friendship with my Father, who I have known as long as I can remember. I know I met my Mother, but not for long." Firekit said, sadly. In a few moons, he would be an apprentice, and until then, he would work as hard as he could.

Chapter threeEdit

The next few moons went by quickly, he and Wolfkit had great fun in annoying Thornkit as much as they could. It was best, when she became an apprentice her name was Thornpaw, and her mentor was Flamestar which meant she could be as bossy as ever, but Wolfkit and Firekit were just the cats to stop her. Soon Silverkit became Silverpaw, and Wolfkit Wolfpaw which meant Firekit was all alone, they also started making small dens for two apprentices to share. Which was since the warriors needed to pass the time only the strongest warriors could leave camp, and that was only to hunt. And the other Clans were making fun of them they started having gatherings, but no cats ever went and still Firekit was the youngest in WindClan, and maybe all the Clans. Soon, he reached six moons and was still a kit. He was ready to be an apprentice, after a while at almost seven moons of age, his father went to see what was up. "Flamestar, my son is six, almost seven moons old and is still a kit I don't view this fair, he should be an apprentice now, he will be great at it, maybe one of our strongest warriors, don't forget how he did in that fight with five full grown ThunderClan cats a few moons ago, he should be an apprentice." Silverbreeze said.

"He will be, when he is older." Flamestar said.

"I think he is as old as he has to be to be an apprentice. He is a good cat, he should be an apprentice." Silverbreeze said.

"Very well then, making him an apprentice tonight won't hurt." Flamestar said.


Firekit walked around the camp. The perfect time to leave camp! He made a run for it. Seconds before he reached the end of camp he stopped. How could be leave without Wolfpaw? Wolfpaw always wanted to come! He looked around, trying to find the apprentice. He saw Wolfpaw sitting and talking Silverpaw. Firekit walked over to his best friend. "Wolfpaw, come here for a moment." Firekit said. Trying his best to make sure Silverpaw did not think there was anything strange going on. Wolfpaw followed his friend.

"Are you ready Wolfpaw? There is not one cat near the end of camp, and I found a way to leave without ending up near ThunderClan camp! Are you in?" Firekit asked. He thought he knew what Wolfpaw would say, what Wolfpaw always said. But what if did not?

"I'm sorry Firekit, not right now, I have to go for battle training." Wolfpaw said. Firekit gave him a look. He knew well that battle training was not today. Why was Wolfpaw being mean to him?

"The warrior code also says kits can't leave camp, your not an apprentice yet, so you can't leave camp." Wolfpaw said. Firekit couldn't believe his ears. Had Wolfpaw lost all freedom that he had? The gift to see past the boring rules that were made? Wolfpaw was not he cat he once knew. Wolfpaw was not free anymore, Wolfpaw was in a cage a cage he made himself. Wolfpaw was held back by boring rules. He had lost all freedom.

"I can't make you come, but you can't make me stop I won't ever live in a self-made cage the way you are!" Firekit snapped. Then he stopped. He should not have used the word 'cage' a cage was something two legs used to catch kittypets, few warriors knew that word Wolfpaw's mentor was one of them. The only way a kit would know that word was if he had talked to kittypets. Which he had but if Wolfpaw knew that, there was no telling what he might do! Firekit did what might have not been the thing to do, he ran. And Wolfpaw ran after him. Soon the two found themselves at the back of camp. Firekit looked around. Any second now, he and Wolfpaw might be found.

Since Wolfpaw had not agreed to come, it would not be fair to let him get seen. They watched from a bush, and could see the whole camp. Then, Firekit saw something. "Get down Wolfpaw!" Firekit yelled. Pushing his friend down. Wolfpaw stopped past the bush and looked.

"Firepaw, that's just Rabbitpaw!" Wolfpaw said. Firkit nodded.

"Rabbitpaw is like, the oldest of the apprentices we can't be seen be seen be her, she is almost a full grown cat!" Firekit said. Wolfpaw rolled his eyes, and walked away. Firekit short him a glare and walked out of camp.

Firekit pulled himself thorough the forest. Looking for clues on what might be happening in ThunderClan. Once he got to ThunderClan camp he watched a Clan meeting. "Warriors of ThunderClan." the cat said. "We have been the strongest Clan for many moons, but now we seem to be losing, Brindletail, Firepelt, Flameheart, Deerlegs, and Ravenstripe lost to a group of four kits two of them were from WindClan! The leader said He means me and Wolfpaw! Thought Firekit.

"I have found out there is one way and one way only too make sure we are the strongest Clan in the forest, and that way is to have the most cats, we will be having Clans of loners they will make our Clan stronger once we have a Clan with twice the cats that other Clans have, we will get rid of the other Clans and only our cats will rule the forest. The cats that were not smart and chose the weaker Clans rather then changing two this one will be killed and I have found just the Clan two help us!" The leader said. Firkeit's legs felt like water, his eyes burned with fire and rage, and his felt hot and scared. Firekit, turned, and ran back two camp. When he got back, Wolfpaw was talking two Breezewhisker, his mentor. Firekit walked over two the apprentice.

"Wolfpaw, I have too tell you something!" Firekit said. He looked at Breezewhisker, shyly. And ran under the tree, to try to not talk two any warriors. Wolfpaw gave him a look, and Firekit smiled at Breezewhisker who nodded at him with a smile. Wolfpaw followed Firkeit under the tree, and Firekit told him everything.

"And you know for sure you heard everything right?" Wolfpaw asked. Firekit nodded. "Okay, but you could still be wrong, wait until you know more." Wolfpaw said, and walked off. Firekit rolled his eyes. Since when was Wolfpaw such a goody two shoes?


"Firekit, it's time for you to become an apprentice!" Silverbreeze said.

"Coming." Firekit said. Flamestar called the meeting and Silverbreeze looked as Firekit slowly walked over to Flamestar. He backed up a few steps, being as far away as he could. He turned around, and tried not look at the Clan. He knew they were all watching him that's what they always did when kits became apprentices.

Flamestar looked at the cats. "Firekit, I now name you Firepaw, and your mentor will be Silverbreeze. Thank you everybody for coming to see Firepaw become an apprentice."

Wolfpaw started yelling out Firepaw's name, "Firepaw, Firepaw!" He said. Soon, the rest of the Clan joined him. Firepaw ran off as fast as he could.

"Firepaw? Where are you?" Silverbreeze asked, looking around for Firepaw. Firepaw walked over to him. "You should not have ran off like that, apprentices are not allowed to do that! Flamestar was nice not to call you back! He said for me to tell you that you will be in the first apprentice den." Silverbreeze said. Did he happen to say who else is in that den? Firepaw thought. "Now to thank him!" Silverbreeze said. Firepaw nodded. And ran off.

That night.

In Firepaw's mind, thanking the leader was just about the hardest thing he could do. Fighting off ThunderClan cats that were trying to kill him and his friend, was much less hard then having to go back to thank the leader. Just when he was thinking his day could not get any worse, he walked to the door of his den and walked in. Firepaw turned, and ran. He knew very well that he would be in a den with one other cat, he knew that moons had gone by since the warriors could leave camp a lot and they had spent there time building tons of dens so now apprentices had to share a den with one other cat, but he had not thought it would be Thornpaw! The cat who was just about the cat in WindClan he hated the most. He looked back at the den. Why spend the night in the cold, when there was his den right there? There were few things he wanted less then to share a den with Thornpaw, but he did so anyway.

"May I ask what you are doing here?" Thornpaw asked when he walked in.

"Coming into my den!" He said.

"Really? This is your den? Fine, you can stay here just stay as far away from me as possible." Thornpaw said. Firepaw rolled his eyes, and sat down on a nest.

The next day

"Firepaw, are you ready to go hunting?" Silverbreeze called, into Firepaw's den early the next day. Firepaw ran from where he was sitting, and joined Silverbreeze. "Firepaw, why were you up so early?" Silverbreeze asked.

"No reason, can we go hunting?" Firepaw asked. Firepaw had been planning to leave camp with Wolf paw but that would to wait. Firepaw wanted to try to hunt.

"We were going to go hunting with Thronpaw..." Silverbreeze started. Firepaw made himself stiff. "...But I thought you might want to go hunting alone, since it's your first day." Silverbreeze said. Firepaw grinned. Once they got to a place to start hunting, they waited for what felt like hours for a rabbit to come out.

"There's one Firepaw, see if you can catch it." Silverbreeze said. Firepaw ran after it, racing as fast as he could. He could feel the power racing in his veins. Air flew in his lungs faster then ever before. He gasped for air, and jumped as high as he could for no reason but to see how it felt. This was one of the best moments of his life! It beat trying to find out the evil plans of ThunderClan any day. After a while, he looked at his father who did not seem happy. Firepaw jumped at the rabbit, almost holding it to the ground. He missed just by a little, but he missed. He feel onto the ground and tumbled over to his father. And he saw the rabbit jump into the hole. He got up, and shook himself off. His father shot him a glare. And the two returned to camp.

"Are we going to try hunting some more later?" Firepaw asked.

"Firepaw, we are not talking right now I am mad that you did not catch that rabbit, now go to the den before I tell the leader." Silverbreeze said. Firepaw looked at his father and blinked. His dad was never so mad at him for making a mistake.

"Why are you do mad? Almost no cats catch prey on there first hunt!" Firepaw said. Silverbreeze glared at him, then looked at him like he was the worst cat in that world.

"Yes, I know that, but that was a fairly easy catch, you almost had it but you were playing so you missed it. This is no time to play during your hunting Firepaw, leaf bare was hard and we have not been catching much prey even now that it is newleaf, we need all the food that we can get. Maybe we can hunt more later." Silverbreeze said. Firepaw nodded, sadly. But then stopped.

"It is fair that we chase around the food the food and eat it? And then hate the dogs for doing the same thing? They are alive to you know!" Firepaw said. Thinking about it, he himself had never thought about it that way.

"We need food Firepaw, we have no choice." Silverbreeze said.

"I know that! But we talk about how the dogs are stupid, and evil. But don't we do to the rabbits what they do to us?" Firepaw asked. Silverbreeze looked at Firepaw, with so much anger, Firepaw was scared. He had meant what he said. Dogs did to cats what cats do to rabbits. We wanted to know why the Clans thought that was fair.

"The dogs are evil, they kill us, they chase us, and they are stupid. I don't know why you are acting like this now Firepaw." Silverbreeze said. But Firepaw could tell, that even though his father was acting like he was mad at him, his father knew what Firepaw meant and thought about the same thing.

"We can go hunting soon Firepaw, but I have to go talk to the leader." Silverbreeze said. Firepaw nodded. And walked over to find Wolfpaw. It was still early, so he walked into Wolfpaw's den to see who was there. Only Silverpaw was there Silverpaw was not the apprentice Firepaw wanted to talk to, but he was sure it was better then talking to Rabbitpaw or Thornpaw.

"Hey, Silverpaw! Where's Wolfpaw?" Firepaw asked. He thought that maybe acting like he was friends with Silverpaw, would go over much better then acting like he wanted to fight her.

"Really Firepaw? Really? Wolfpaw is outside hunting, he should be back soon." Silverpaw said. Firepaw thought it might be a good idea to not act like he was friends with Silverpaw he ran off he was lucky, Wolfpaw came back from hunting almost as soon as he started waiting.

"Hey Wolfpaw, are you ready to leave camp with me? So we can find the ThunderClan cats?" Firepaw asked. He hoped Wolfpaw would agree to come once more cats knew about ThunderClan, the sooner they could stop ThunderClan.

"No Firepaw, I mean I had plans to go hunting with the other apprentices." Wolfpaw said. Firepaw looked at Wolfpaw and blinked, but nodded.

"Okay, I guess I could come hunting too I just have to make sure my dad...I mean my mentor... Is okay with me going." Firepaw said.

"Well Firepaw, really I'm going hunting with the other older apprentices." Wolfpaw said. Firepaw could not believe his ears. The older apprentices? The older apprentices? The older apprentices? How could his friend just want to hunt with the older apprentices?

"The older apprentices? Really Wolfpaw? No friend of mine would not want me to go hunting with them since I was born a few moons after them! This is not fair! And all that time, I thought you were my friend! My best friend. And you are, thinking I am to young to hunt with you!" Firepaw hissed. But Firepaw was more hurt then mad. Sadly, Firepaw walked away.

For the rest of the day, Firepaw did his apprentice work, and pulled ticks off the elders since the annoying, mean, bullying, older apprentices would not. After ha, he ate, and went to his den waiting, and waiting.

The next day was almost the same, aside from the fact that the next day Wolfpaw tried to make it up to him. Which, even Firepaw had to agree was nice. Wolfpaw did most of the work, he pulled the ticks off the elders and was once to Firepaw. He even said that they should look for the ThunderClan cats, but Firepaw said no and went alone. That night, Wolfpaw came into Firepaw's den.

"Firepaw, I'm sorry, I should not have not let you come, and made you pull the ticks off the elders, and been me a to you since you were younger then me, I know it was not fair but Thronpaw and Rabbitpaw were doing it, and they would have done the same to me if I had not joined them." Wolfpaw said.

"You don't have to do what everyone else does, and you can't be mean so you can play with them!" Firepaw said.

Wolfpaw looked at the ground. "I know Firepaw, and I even told the leader about what we all did. But I do think it will be me and Silverpaw who will be the ones who have to stay at camp, or something, and not Rabbitpaw or Thornpaw. So do want for find the ThunderClan cats, or not?"

Firepaw was still a little mad, but he knew that Wolfpaw was trying to make it up to him, so he nodded. And he went to find a way to leave.

"Here we are Wolfpaw, ThunderClan camp." Firepaw said.

"Warriors of ThunderClan." The leader said. "We are here tonight for a meeting to start. We have found loners, who we have taken to our Clan, and they are most loyal and better yet strong, cats that will help us. But we have asked some other cats from Clans to come, WindClan, the leader Flamestar did not agree, saying that he would never join us as we were killing these cats, though none yet. We will kill Flamestar in a moon, weather he changes his mind to join us or not. It will have to be a bunch of cats, as leaders have nine lives, and there is no telling how many this weak leader has left." The leader said. Firepaw's legs felt like water they shook when he tried to walk. He opened his mouth but no words came out.

"Come on Firepaw! We have to warn the leader now! Wolfpaw said, turning to run to camp.

"No, we will still be in danger, come on run. We can take them, we can fight them. We can put an end to this, we can force them back to camp, and they can stay in our camp, but not as warriors. The leader will choose what to do with them. Come on Wolfpaw!" Firepaw said.

"No Firepaw we can't. We will get killed!" Wolfpaw said.

"No we won't. We battled those evil cats once, and we won. We Can do it once more!" Firepaw said.

"No Firepaw. I was only lucky, I almost died. You would have to if those cats had not come and saved your life." Wolfpaw said.

"Well, I am going." Firepaw said.

"You will not Firepaw! You will get killed! If I almost died, then you of course will be killed! Plus, I am older which means I am the boss." Wolfpaw hissed.

This was to something to say around Firepaw, it would always make him be mad at whoever said it, and when he mad at that cat anyway, then that is not a good idea. "That in no world makes you the boss! I have no boss! I am free! And I am in no world more likely to get killed then you!" Firepaw yelled. He was as mad as ever at this useless animal who was once his friend.

"I am older then you, which means I am smarter then you, which means that I would be a far better boss then you!" Wolfpaw said.

Firepaw hated Wolfpaw now, which meant this cat would leave Firepaw alone. "Get away from me, Wolfpaw. We used to both think age did not make cats smarter, I guess that was all a lie then. On your part. You must have only said since I was saying it. You were scared to speak your mind with fear of being bullied. No wait, you would never do that, since I am younger then you. Well, you don't have to be upset that you are losing your friend, as I am younger them you. All I did was annoy you anyway. Plus, you have those cool older friends who pick on me anyway! So you are good. Goodbye, Wolfpaw, get away from me. Leave now." Firepaw said. And, after all that Firepaw saw that the ThunderClan cats had left.

Chapter fourEdit

Wolfpaw shot a glare at Firepaw, as the two cats, who once had been best friends, went back to camp. FIrepaw looked back at Wolfpaw How could he think he was smarter then me? Firepaw thought. Wolfpaw looked back at him, "I know what your thinking Firepaw." Wolfpaw said. "I am smarter then you, everyone knows older cats are smarter then younger cats." 

"That's not true. Just since you were born first does not mean your smarter then me." Firepaw said. He knew  this was true. But he could help but think that Wolfpaw was smarter then him.  Firepaw looked at Wolfpaw. Firepaw was almost at upset as he was mad.  Soon, the two got back to the Clan camp. 

"Firepaw, Wolfpaw, where have you two been?" Silverbreeze asked. Firepaw knew he had to thin of something, and quick. Or Silverbreeze would know everything. Then, he thought about it. He looked into his father's eyes and he knew that if there were any cats he could trust in the world, one would be his father. He knew that, for once, planning to not tell   anyone but Wolfpaw, and if it was just the two who knew who were now in a big fight, the leader would be killed. 

"Dad, we went to look for the ThunderClan cats, and we found them. There planning on killing the leader next mooon, they have plans to be the strongest Clan. So they have lonars from other Clans and are trying to bring other Clan cats into there Clan. The ones who don't will be killed. They asked the leader, and he said no so they are going to kill him. Wolfpaw wanted to go back and warn the camp, but I wanted to stay and fight them myself. We got into a big fight. And we were mad at each other a little before then.  So now we don't really plan on talking to each other anymore." Firpaw said. He  was sad. And he knew his life would change now, forever, but so what if never became a warrior? Or was kicked out of the Clans forever? He had almost gotten his best friend killed, a few moons ago.

But his father did not seem mad. "Firepaw, when did you this out?' He asked.

"Some of it tonight, and some of it other times." Firepaw said.

"Okay, now you have to go. There are dogs in the camp. Five of them, they were all in the camp, they chased three away." Silverbreeze said.

"Where did they go?" asked Firepaw, sure of the answer.

"Close to the river, RiverClan is helping them fight. They are hoping they can get the dogs to fall in the river and drown." Silverbreeze said. Firepaw looked at the river. He knew he would be in danger, but he needed justice. He turned, and ran.  He ran as fast as he could. At last, he got two the river. A river Clan cat was swimming and trying to get them in the river. He saw two cats he knew.

"Hey, it's you! The cat who got in the fight with ThunderClan. What's your name?" The one who Firepaw thought was named Shadekit. 

"My name is Firepaw, but I was Firekit then. And your Shadekit, right? And your brother is Stonekit?" Firepaw asked.

"I was Shadekit, I am Shadpaw now, and my older brother was Stonekit, now Stonepaw." Shadepaw said.

"Cool, now, I have to go." Firepaw said. 

When Firepaw looked, he saw that the dogs had left. "Where are the dogs?" Firepaw asked.

"They left, they went away. But one apprentice of RiverClan  is mssing, a light gray cat." Said the mentor of Wolfpaw.

With that, Firepaw turned to Shadepaw. "That's not your brother, is it?"

Shadepaw shook his head. "No, I don't think so. But we should look. I heard you and an older apprentice saying that you can swim, is that true?" Shadepaw asked. Firepaw nodded. And went with Shadepaw.

The mentor of Wolfpaw went over to Firepaw "Hey, Firepaw, I found out the name of that apprentice, it's Stonepaw."

"Then I have to go now!" Firepaw said. He turned and ran to Shadepaw.

"Shadepaw, it is, it's your brother." Firepaw said.

"I know, I found out some more, the dog was chasing him, and he had to jump into the water to get the dog to stop, he can swim but today the water moved to fast it is to deep as well, and they can't find him." Shadepaw said. He looked upset, and scared.

"We have to find him, let's go!" Shadepaw said, ready to jump into the water. This was going far even for Firepaw.

"We can't go in there, we will drown!" Firepaw said. But, he knew he had to go into the water. But somehow, it seemed like the worst idea possible. He put his paw the water, and slowly walked in.

"Come on Firepaw, Stonepaw won't live forever!"Shadepaw said. Firepaw nodded, and started to swim a little, but he knew that it would not last for long. He could swim, but not that well.

"Shadepaw, what are you doing in there?" A cat asked.

"Mom, I have to swim down the river, it's Stonepaw, he jumped in the water and fell down stream, I have to find him." Shadepaw said. Ready to swim off.

The cat shook her head. "No you won't get out here now and I will find him." The cat said.

"Sorry Mom, got to go!" Shadepaw said, and swam off. "Come on Firepaw!"

Firepaw lifted his head, took one last look at Shadepaw's Mom, and swam off. "What was that all about?" Shadepaw asked, "You know, how you looked so closely at my Mom, her name is Waterfeather by the way."

"No reason, I just feel like I knew her once, a long time ago but I guess I am wrong. Who is your Father?' Firepaw asked, doing his best to change what they were talking about.

"No one knows really, the say he was from another Clan, they think WindClan since my brother and I can catch rabbits really well. Who knows, maybe you know my Dad." Shadepaw said.

"That's what they say about my Mom." Firepaw said.

"Really? That's crazy! Who are your litter mates?" Shadepaw asked, quickly swimming in the water trying to find Stonepaw.

"None, do have any, other then Stonepaw?" Firepaw asked

"No, well, yes, one my younger brother, I have not seen him in ages and I don't remember him, Stonepaw also does not. He was the only other kit in the litter, but he's gone. My Mom says we went with his father, and she's never seen him since. " Shadepaw. Just at once, soemthing seemed to have clicked in the mind of Shadepaw. "That's it Your my brother Firepaw!" Wait, how old are you?"

"Seven moons old." Firepaw said. He thought that Shadepaw must have been wrong, it would make sense, but I could not be true, Silverbreeze would said if he had older brothers in RiverClan, true, Silverbreeze never talked about his past family, but he would have said something about it.

"Shadepaw! Help!" A cat called.

"Stonepaw! I'm coming!" Shadepaw said swimming as quickly as he could, Firepaw was close to him, Firepaw looked around for Stonepaw soon, he spotted a light gray cat, but not drowning in the river like he had thought, the cat he knew to be Stonepaw was out of the water, about to be killed by five ThunderClan cats. Shadepaw was running as quickly as he could, trying to find a way to make the cats leave. Firepaw pulled himself out of the water.

"Come on, these cats are not worth our time, we will leave them now, they are only apprentices they can't hurt us, we have something bigger in mind." One cat said. Firepaw was sure he knew these cast, these cats were the cats who had tried to kill him. "Come on everybody, we will let these three leave."

"Did I say so? Did I say you could let these three live? I don't think so. Kill them now, it won't take long. Just be done with them. They are useless, and will never be strong to the Clan." One cat said. This cat walked in the shadows, he could be seen a little, and that was the only way Firepaw knew where he was, Firepaw had been scared,  as many would be, but now he wanted to know, who was this cat? He knew that cat, he was sure of it. But he did not know from where, somewhere in his mind, he heard the same cat being kind, and friendly, as well as quite understanding. For some reason, he could not get his best friend out of his head. He knew the cat could not have been Wolfpaw, it was a full grown cat, but who could it be?

The cat walked out of the shadows, and Firepaw could not believe his eyes.


"Breezewhisker?" Firepaw said. How could this be? The mentor of his best friend? The cat who had kindly let him talk to Wolfpaw during trianing? Who had told him the cat who had gone missing? Here now? Trying to kill him for no reason? 

"Surprised, you must be. But, no time for that.  Warriors, kill the apprentices, and let's get on with our day. But only kill the orange cat, and the light gray cat. Leave the gray and orange cat, I want to kill him, myself. Firepaw's legs shook. Then, he got an idea. He threw himselft onto the face of Breezewhisker. Holding on with all his claws, about to  fall., he bit the ear of Breezewhisker, holding on, he let go. 

"Stonepaw, Shadepaw run!" He said. As the warrior shook himself, trying to get Firepaw to fall. Firepaw fell, and hit the ground hard. Pain shot inside of him. Soon, he was pinned to the ground. 

"Everyone leave, two of you, find and kill the other apprentices. The other three, kill the cats of WindClan and RiverClan!" Breezewhisker said. He looked at the apprentice, Firepaw thought his life was over. He had failed. His life was over, he and Wolfpawwerr fighting, the cats at WindClan and RiverClan camp would be killed, and so would Stonepaw and Shadepaw. There was no way he would win now. The cats that lived, would end up working with Breezewhisker. The Clans were doomed. And that was that.  "Feel upest with yourself Firepaw, your family is dead, or will be, you will never know your real Mom. Be upset about yourself, your Mother and Father were from other Clans, you don't know if you have littermates or not, you are about to die. Be sorry about yourself, Firepaw." Breezewhisker said.

"I would never be sorry for who I am! And as long as I live, I will never work for you, never respect you, ever." Firepaw said.

Breezewhisker looked at Firepaw, "It's only childish to not respect the older warrior."

"I will only give you as much respect, as you give me. And no matter when I die, I know you will not win, Wolfpaw will win, he won't die he's smarter and better then you are, he will win." Firepaw said.

"What does it matter what you think? You will be dead soon no matter what you think or say." Breezewhisker said. And for once, Firepaw thought he was right. After all, he was pinned to the ground, he would be dead soon. He closed his eyes, waiting to be killed. He felt claws on his chest. Soon it will be over and I will be dead  Thought Firepaw. He took a breath of air, this will be the last breath I ever take thought Firepaw, making it last as he could.

"Get off my son." Yelled SIlverbreeze, shoveing Breezewhisker off of Firepaw. Firepaw jumped to his feet. he two cats ran.

"Are you okay Firepaw? I came as soon as I could, I'm just glad I was not too late." Silverbreeze said.

"I'm fine, how did you know where I was?" Asked Firepaw.

"Two apprentices of RiverClan came, panting for air, saying Breezewhisker was about to kill you, I had no idea if it was true, but I had to see, and Wolfpaw, he was pretty much dragged  back to camp he wanted to come and help so much, he was very scared for you." Silverbreeze said. 

Firepaw gave his Dad a smile, he knew he had to talk to Wolfpaw when he got back.  When Firepaw returned, he saw his best friend waiting at the end of the camp. "Firepaw, your okay!" Wolfpaw said. 

"Wolfpaw, your mentor, Breezewhisker is evil he tried to kill me!"Firepaw said.

"What? What happend Firepaw?"Wolfpaw aksed.

Firepaw thought back, remembering what he could. "The river, Shadepaw and I were swimming in, and when we got there the cats were killing us your mentor was there he was about to have and there was going to be an attack" Firepaw said. He knew what he said made no sense, but that was what he was trying too, the sooner all the cats that had came over would leave, the better. Wolfpaw was looking at Firepaw like he was crazy.

"I think I will go get a med. cat." One cat said. Walking away. 

"You do not have to do that, i'm fine." Firepaw said.

"Your talking about things that make no sense, Firepaw." Wolfpaw said. Firepaw shook his head. Soon, the other cats all left. He thought about it.

"I have to go now, Wolfpaw I will see you, some other time. Tell my Dad he is the father I ever could have hoped for, and your the best friend I ever could have hoped for, good by Wolfpaw." Firepaw said.

"Firepaw, where are you going?" Wolfpaw asked.

"I'm running away." Firepaw said.

"No, Firepaw you can't." Wolfpaw said.

"No, Wolfpaw, I can't stay, I found out who I am today Wolfpaw, not a cat who sits around as an apprentice, standing there waiting sneaking  out of camp, no. I'm a cat who does what is right no matter what. I hope I see you soon my friend." Firepaw said.

"Firepaw, no I will miss you too much, you have to stay." Wolfpaw said.

"I can't stay, but you can come." Firepaw said. This would be great, if Wolfpaw came, FIrepaw's life would be perfect. 

"I can't come, but I understand that you have to leave, and I don't no if I will see you, ever, but I will miss you." Wolfpaw said. 

Firepaw gave his friend one last smile, and ran off, quickly. Soon, Firepaw heard footsteps close to him, he shot down one path racing as fast as he could all at once he felt like he was on his frist day of apprentice ship, chasing the rabbit, but today was the opposite of that day, for today he was the rabbit. Being chased by the bigger, stronger animal, but would it end the same Would he end the chase, the same way the rabbit did, by winning? Soon, he reached a cliff, it was not high, only a few feet, he would make the fall. But barley. It was over water though in all likely hood, he would drown. But if he jumped a the right time, when the waves were going in, not out, he could make it.

"Stop Firepaw, we are helping you, we are not going to hurt you." The warrior said.

"I'm sorry, but nothing could hurt me more, and help me less, then trying to holding me back." Firepaw said. "And I will not let anyone hold me back ever" True to his word, Firepaw took a deep breath, turned, and jumped.  


Firepaw fell down, quickly. He felt the sharp pain pull him down. He looked up at the warriors who had once been his Clanmates. Had he jumped the right time? The cats seemed to think he would die, they had turned and left. They had no idea the fall was only a few feet, a three foot fall a most. He fell hard into the water, in hurt like anything. A sharp pain in his side, which was soon marked with a long bleeding scar. At the same time, his paw twisted the wrong way, it hurt to walk on, and would not move. Firepaw swam as quickly as he could, but the waves were just too high. Every little while, right when he got good at swimming, a high wave would blow over him, knocking him under water until he could swim back to the top. This river was like nothing he had ever swam in, and he hated it. He paddled all that he could, as he swam he got more and more tired. A high seemed like it had been shoved over him, it hit him hard, soon he was knocked under the water. The water made his eyes sting, and it blinded him. Swimming underwater was the hardest kind of swimming, soon he was underwater for so much time that he needed to breath. Even though he knew it would only hurt, he tried to gasp for air, but since he was the water all that happend was the water almost got int his lungs. Swimming as high as he could, almost above water, he swam, quickly the scar he had hurt, and was only getting worse. As fast as could, he swam just a little higher. I did it air I swam to the top Firepaw thought. He swam as fast as he could, and reached the side of the river and pulled himself out. Gasping for air, he shook himself of, and licked his scar.  The bleeing had almost stopped, but it still hurt.

"Who are you, apprentice, and what brings you here?" A cat asked, walking over to him. Te cat seemd kind, but Firepaw knew to be careful. 

"My name is Foxpaw." Firepaw said, he did not want to tell the cat his real name, and for some reason that name seemed to work.

"Well, Foxpaw my name is Jaytalon." The cat, who must have been called Jaytalon, said. A Clan name this cat is a Clan cat Thought Firepaw.

"You are an apprentice of Clan, right? Which Clan? Since your so close to the water, you must have been swimming, your a RiverClan cat, right?" Asked Jaytalon.

Firepaw did not know how to answer. He was an apprentice, but he had left the Clans, so was he still? He had grown up in WindClan but he thought was half RiverClan. Many cats hated half Clans, was it safe to tell Jaytalon the truth? Somehow, he did not think this cat would hurt him. "WindClan." He said. He sill did not want to tell Jaytalon he was half Clan.

"You must be half Clan, if you can swim, which it seems like you can." The cat said.

Firepaw thought it would to stop talking about this. "What Clan are you from, your name is Jaytalon, so you are from a Clan too." Firepaw said.

"Your right, my Clan is, well was, ThunderClan." Jaytalon said. Firepaw jumped up, and  showed his claws to Jaytalon, this cat was only going to kill him. But Jaytalon seemed to understand where the apprentice was coming from. 

n't worry Foxpaw, I won't hurt you. I left ThunderClan, not that it's done them much bad, but one less warrior makes it one cat harder to get there goal." He said.

Firepaw gave Jaytalon a smile. "I need to go now, I guess I will see you some other time." Firepaw said. Jaytalon gave him a happy look, and Firepaw tried to find a way up the hill. The sooner he left the better. The cliff was not high, a few feet at most. And he could see it well. But it was just a bit to high for him to jump. Being a WindClan cat, or least, a half WindClan cat, who was raised just in WindClan, he knew that many of the other WindClan cats, in fact them all, could do that jump. But, he was never that great at jumping. So, he knew the jump would be too hard. He looked for another way out. He wanted to be gone but the night. But, come to think of it, spending the night at the cliff would be better, cats might come to look for him on the pre dawn patrol. If he was not hiding at that time, they might be able to find him. Being under the cliff, would be better.

Chapter fiveEdit

Wolfpaw POV:

Silverpaw, the younger sister of Wolfpaw, walked over to the meeting place, along side the other two WindClan apprentices, Rabbitpaw and Thornpaw they would most likely get there warrior names soon. Two RiverClan apprentices, Stonepaw and Shadepaw, the older brother of Firepaw, were there two. Wolpfaw had called them all to a meeting. "So, where's Firepaw, you said you would tell us where he went." Shadepaw said.

"He left, he ran away to show he can save the Clans." Wolfpaw said, thinking about the youngest cat in the Clans.

That's when Shadepaw got an idea. "That's it! We can find him and help him, we can save the Clans, all of us! Are you in?" Shadepaw asked. Leaping in the air, ready to join Firepaw. He looked around, and all the cats were silent. "Well, who's with me?" Asked Shadepaw.

"I'm almost a warrior, I can't go chasing around apprentices." Rabbitpaw said. She seemed to forget only a few moons ago, she was a young apprentice, and now she was still an apprentice, an older apprentice, but an apprentice.

"I never really liked Firepaw, he always made the worst chioces, and this one is the worst. If he wants to get himself killed, then he can do it if he wants." Thornpw said. The oldest apprentices left.

"He seems like a fine cat, and all, but it's not worth it. We will get killed, we can't do that for an apprentice we don't even know. Plus, the other Clans are not that bad. Firepaw is or enemy now. Since we have joined the other Clans." Silverpaw said. Wolfpaw blinked. This was not like his younger sister. She was a selfless cat, with clear sight, very much like Firepaw.

"Your joining them? Really Silverpaw?" Said Wolfpaw. 

"Maybe." She said. Wolfpaw gave his sister a look. But there was no time to go deeply into a talk about that just yet.

Wolfpaw thought about his words, was he making the right choice? He was, it was hard, but the choice who could make. So, he said it. "I don't think we should go. Firepaw is my best friend, he means the world to me, but think about what we would lose. Firepaw mde the best choice for him, but not for us." Wolfpaw said.

Shadepaw looked at Stonepaw, as if he thought his older brother would go with him. But his brother shook his  head. The other apprentices started to leave, as he left the meeting, he heard Shadepaw, "Fine. You all let him die, but I wil stay loyal to my younger brother, no matter what."


'This is hard, maybe I should go back.' thought the fiery cat. But no. He had made a choice. The other Clans were evil. They would kill the forest cats. He had no wishes to that. But he would be free. Soon, he saw an old friend of his, his brother Shadepaw, running to see him. Firepaw had left the cliff, and was happy to see his brother.

"Firepaw, I am happy to see you!" Said Shadepaw, when he got closer to Firepaw.

"Why are you here?" Asked Firepaw.

"I have come to help, you But are you sure you what this? Since, right now, we could go back." Said Shadepaw. But in Firepaw's mind, he had a choice, one to stick with.

"I'm sorry Shadepaw, but this is my destiny, I can't go back now. But this is my destiny, it does not have to be yours too." Firepaw said. But it was hard to say. He loved his older brother. And did not want to leave him'

"If this is your destiny, then it is mine too. I will stay with you, your my younger brother, mine and Stonepaw's job is too protect you, and if Stonepaw won't, then that means I have twice the job." Shadepaw said. On most days, this would get Firepaw mad, he would go on a whole thing about how he did not need protecting. But, Firepaw was not mad. He knew his brother meant no harm, and today Shadepaw's words did not bother him.

"Okay, Shadepaw. Are we together on this?" He asked

"Yes." Said Shadepaw. The two cats walked off looking for a place to spend the night.


"Wake up Shadepaw, time to hunt." Said Firepaw, it was early the next day, and Firepaw no longer wanted to wait for his brother to wake up for the day. Firepaw always up early, and since he had only met his brothers a few moons ago, Shadepaw, and he was not 100% sure these cats were his brothers, Firepaw did not know how late Shadepaw liked to sleep, and Shadepaw did not know how early Firepaw liked to get up.

"Firepaw, it's still early, hunting can wait." Shadepaw said. Shadepaw had a point, it was early even for Firepaw.

"We can come back and sleep later, we are trying to hunt before the dawn patrol, we were going to hunt before the pre-dawn patrol, but I think he missed it. We can't wait for the middle of the day to hunt, and we can't hunt while a patrol is out. So if we don't hunt now, we might not get to eat for a really long time." Firepaw said. Shadepaw agreed, and the team found food, and went back to the den.

"How are the Clans?" Asked Firepaw. Just finding out how much he missed, Wolfpaw, and Stonepaw, svn though he did not know him well, and Silverpaw, even though she was a little bossy, and even Rabbitpaw. In fact, he was starting to miss THornpaw, despite the fact that Thronpaw was as bossy as they come, and a little kbit mean, and full of herself. Thornpaw was smart though. And kind of funny. And even when she did not act like it, she had clear sight. And she was kind.

"There for the most part good. Stonepaw is okay at his training, but does not want to go in the river. Wolfpaw is okay, he is healthy and stuff, but he misses you. Rabbitpaw is all around fine, but full of herself. Thornpaw is herself, I don't know fi you count that as good or bad, and SIlverpaw is for the most part fine, I mean she is healthy and stuff, her training is going well, but there is one thing." Shadepaw said.

"What?" Asked Firepaw.

"She is, that is, well, ...umm... she is thinking about joining the evil cats." Said Shadepaw. Firepaw was surprised, It did not seem likely for Silverpaw to join evil cats.

"Come on Shadepaw, it's time to spy." Firepaw said. He wanted to know what was going on.

Well, he found a lot of things out, we saw Rabbitpaw become a warrior, her name was Rabbitclaw, and Firepaw thought that was a good name for her, Thonpaw would get her name is a moon, and Wolfpaw and Silverapw go tint a fight. And Silverpaw was in fact thinking about joining the evil cats. No cats had been harmed, yet, but Silverbreeze thought it was coming, back in RiverClan, Stonepaw was doing fine. For the most pat, things were normal, and Firepaw wanted to see Wolfpaw again soon.


It had been a moon since Firepaw left. A Moon. But Wolfpaw had almost forgotten. He was ten moons old now. His life had changed. He had been nine moons old when Firepaw left, while Firepaw had been seven moons. Wolfpaw would be warrior age in just two moons. Why should he care if Firepaw left? Okay, he did. Firepaw was his best friend. And he did miss Firepaw. But he could not go after his friend! The way Shadepaw had, who knew if they were even still alive or not? And Silverpaw was thinking about joining Breezewhisker! Wolfpaw started to think he was the only smart cat in the froest, and Stonepaw. Shadepaw's older brother. Wolfpaw stared up he cloud. He smiled. How would Firepaw feel if he knew that Wolfpaw and Rabbitclaw were dating. Thornpaw was the oldest apprentice in the forest, the youngest being Firepaw. Thornpaw was warrior age now, twelve moons old. She would be a warrior tomorrow. She had shared a den with Firepaw. Wolfpaw never liked her though.


"In the power of the stars, I give you your warrior name, Thornblaze, after my warrior name." Flamestar said. It was Thornpaw's warrior thing, well, her name was Thornblaze now. And everyone was cheering for her. Aside from Wolfpaw. Everyone knew Flamestar was Thonrblaze's mentor, he had mentored Thirnblaze since he had always liked her. But not Wolfpaw! Just then he heard something move. He turned around. It was Firepaw Wolfpaw glared at the eight moon old cat. They had not seen each other for a moon. Wolfpaw had stopped waiting for the cat who had once been his best friend to return. He no longer liked Firepaw at all. Firepaw ran. Wolfpaw was about to lose it. Maybe he should fine Firepaw. Then, something. About Wolfpaw changed. He felt different then he had before. He felt kinder. He missed Firepaw. Should he find him and talk to him? He thought about it. He decided not too. Firepaw would not have wanted that, he looked to see Sivlerpaw sitting with some other cats, she looked at him funny.

"Wolfpaw, are you okay? You seem different, you have been kind of mean lately, and that's not like you." She said. Wolfpaw got mad agian.

"Well, it's since my useless best friend ran away. And my younger sister is evil." He said. Silverpaw seemed to be hurt. But Woflpaw though she deserved it.

"Fine, be that way, I'm joining Breezewhisker." Silverpaw said. So ethic. Inside Wolfpaw changed.

"Silverpaw, please don't. You don't know what your signing up for. Worse the you might think. You will regret this. Breezewhisker is evil, but your not. I'm sorry I said what I said. Your my sister Silverpaw. And I love you. I don't want you to leave." Wolfpaw said.

"It's too late, catch you later, by my side, maybe. Or maybe you will be fighting for your life. Who knows? Goobye, Wolfpaw." Sivlerpaw said. And ran off. For a second, Wolfpaw felt kind, he felt loyal. Like he should go and find Firepaw, but it did not last. Soon, he felt like a new cat. And maybe that was not a good thing. He sat there. With new feelings.

FIREPAW'S POV "Wow, I not expect that." Said Shadepaw.

"Nor did I. I don't think it's true. I think she will come back." Said said Firepaw.

Firepaw heard a voice. "Quick come on let's go." He said. The brothers quickly ran.


It felt like ages since Wolfpaw's younger sister Silverpaw had left. But, Wolfpaw no longer cared. In fact, Wolfpaw didn't really care about anything anymore. He had lost his Mother, and he had lost his mentor, what could he lose? The only thing he really had left was his best friend Firepaw. The bravest apprentice he had ever known. He would never lost the fiery apprentice. So there was no reason to care. He spotted his younger coming in from the woods  he rolled his eyes.

"Wolfpaw, it's me Silverpaw, I just want to say I'm sorry." Those words made him feel better.

"Hi." He said.

"I’m a warrior now but the way, they made all ThunderClan and RiverClan csts get there names early, I'm Silverstorm now, and Stonepaw is Stoneripple." She said.

“Great." Wolfpaw said, giving his older sister a glare, this was unfair! Truth be told, the apprentice had almost forgotten his sister had forgotten justice and doing the right thing so that she could have things easy. But, he did not want to fight with his sister.

"You should go now, Silverstorm, I'll see you later." Wolfpaw said.

“Why do you want me to leave?” The silver warrior asked.

“I forgot you left justice, and joined them, amd I don't want to ruin our friendship, so you should leave.” He said, with anger.

“You just did.” She said.

“What? Silverstorm really? Look, leave,  I don’t want you here, you should go.” He said. And, for a moment, when he saw the look on his sister's face, he knew what she was thinking, this wasn't him, he had been a kind, loyal cat once. What had changed? Ever since his mentor 

left, it was like he was a different cat, angry, mean, shellfish, disloyal, what was up with him? After that moment, the two got angry again.

“Goodbye Wolfpaw, I will leave, my I don’t have the time to have you in my life.” She said. And she stormed off. That seemed to push Wolfpaw back a bit to who he really was.


“What are we doing?” Asked Shadepaw.

“Easy, we’re winning.” Said Firepaw, feeling very proud.

“There he is!” A voice said. Firepaw turned to see a group of angry warriors, chasing after him and his brother.

“Shadepaw, go to RiverClan, get Stonepaw, and Wolfpaw!” He said. Shadepaw nodded, and Firepaw ran, he ran as quickly as he could, by the time he reached, a place he couldn't jump from, there were all kinds of cats. Breezewhisker, and a few others, Jaytalon, Firepaw's friend. He even saw Wolfpaw.

But this was a battle hard to win, for he was above a cliff, too high to jump from, even with water below it, it was so high, it might as well be forest floor.

"That’s it, I have won, I have you now.” Sad Breezewhisker. Firepaw hissed.

“All that time, I thought I was looking for a forest fire, when really Iw as looking a spark, that’s what you are, a spark, of light trying to bring me down, well,  I guess the makes me water, you are gone Firepaw, say goodbye.” Breezewhisker said. Firepaw held his breath. Breezewhisker had him, he was trapped. How could he win this battle? He looked down, and saw the only way out. But could he? He had too.

"I'm sorry Breezewhisker, but you don't win.” He said.

“And how is that true?” Breezewhisker asked.

“No matter what,  I will always bring justice.” He said. He looked at the csts, to see if any of them knew his plan, something seemed to click in Wolfpaw's mind.

“Firepaw, no.” he said.

“I have to Wolfy, if I jump,  I can bring justice from StarClan, but if I am trapped, then  I will never win. Then there will never be justice, simple as that, huh?” He asked.

“No, Firepaw, I lost my mentor, I lost my sister, I can’t lose you too.” Said Wolfpaw.

“You won’t lose me Wolfpaw. I am justice, as long as justice stays, then so will I. Now, whenever you feel just, whenever you win. Whenever the right thing has gone on, I will be there. I will always be part of justice, no matter what. You are the cat who is the most just, so you ae the cat who I will stay with.” Firepaw said. Wolfpaw looked. Firepaw stared at his best friend, his life flashed before his eyes. Would this be the last he saw of Wolfpaw? “Tell Silverbreeze I love him, and he’s the best father I could ever want.” Firepaw said, and jumped into the darkness.


Shadepaw ran along side his older brother when he came, he saw all the csts Looking down a cliff, and Firepaw was no where to be seen.

“No, he didn't’t did he?” Asked Shadepaw.

A gray loner turned around. “He did, did you know Foxpaw?” He asked.

“Foxpaw?” Asked Shadepaw, hoping this meant it had not been his friend.

“Sorry...,  I knew him as Foxpaw, ....I mean....Firepaw.” The loner said. Shadepaw's heart skipped fell, he ran to the edge of the cliff and stared down. All he saw was darkness.

“No, no it can't be Frepaw! Firepaw.....come back.....” He said. His paws shook as he bent over the side of the cliff, getting closer and closer to falling. He was pulled back  by his brother, who he found out had got his warrior name Stoneripple.

“Come back Shadepaw, he's gone. You can’t bring him back, all leaning over the cliff will do is put you in danger.” Stoneripple said. But, Stoneripple barely knew Firepaw, of he had know him the way Shadepaw had, things would be different. Shadepaw walked far back, staying far away from the cliff, he stared off, in shock. His mouth felt tight, talking seemed impossible, everything seemed to stop. Wolfpaw walked away, his  eys, were scary, for Shadepaw saw nothing in them, they were blank,and ,empty, Wolfpaw seemed like that as well, empty.

“I’m sorry Wolfpaw.” Said Shadepaw. “I know how much you cared about him.” Words were hard for Shadepaw to say. His mouth felt wrong.

“It’s okay, Shadepaw, I did care about him, but I don’t now, I don’t care about anything anymore, good? Bad? What the difference? People who are good, get the bad stuff, people who are bad, get the good stuff, see what I mean? They are almost the same. I don’t care about and wrong. There's no such thing as justice." Wolfpaw said. It was hard for Shadepaw to know this was Wolfpaw, kind, smart, just, Wolfpaw, saying those things.

“I failed to help Firepaw, I will never  do another good thing again." Wolfpaw said, he turned, and ran, off. Wolfpaw was gone same as Firepaw, Wolfpaw's body lived, his heart stayed, but he was not who he had been.

Chapter sixEdit

What must have weeks past slowly since Firepaw's death, Shadepaw was starting to wonder how long it had been. He had lost track of time, but he knew it had been long. On an other note, not a single cat had seen Wolfpaw since Firepaw fell off the cliff, well, they were able to make him go back to camp, he even got his warrior name, Wolfpelt. But that had been some time ago, where could the apprentice have gone? Stoneripple amd Shadepaw had left RiverClan to join WindClan, and everyone was waiting for a battle.

“Let all cats in WindClan come here for a Clan meeting.” Said Flamestar, the SindClan leader. Shadepaw joined the others. “Our Clans apprentice Shadepaw is twelve moons old, he is ready to be a warrior.” Flamestar said. It was hard for Shadepaw to think it had been that long. Shadepaw jumped up to see Flamestar. “Shadepaw, do you promise to help this Clan no matter what?” Asked Flamestar.

“I do.” Said Shadepaw.

“Then in the power of the stars, I give you your warrior name, Shadewhisker.” Flamestar said. “We would also like to note that Stoneripple and Shadewhisker's younger brother Firepaw would have been a warrior today, but he fell off a cliff and died a few moons ago, WindClan will remember him.” Flamestar said. Shadewhisker remembered Firepaw well, and he missed him.

Just then, a tom with black fur came running in with some other cats. “We were Breezewhisker and his group of csts, but only this time, there were tons of cats, more then WindClan and RiverClan had put together, and they told.....there” He panted.

“This is it.” Shadewhisker said. “A battle is coming.”

Just then, cats ran in, attacking the Clans, WindClan and ShadowClan were fighting Breezewhisker with there lives, how long would it be?

WOLFPELT’S POV Wolfpelt had returned for the battle, who's side was he on? No side, in Wolfpelt’s mind, right and wrong were the same, why change which he fought for? He just slashed at cats, just then, he spotted a calico tom cat, fighting Breezewhisker, the cat was much younger then any cats the battle, he was scared, then Wolfpaw looked at him. Could it be? After all this time? Firepaw?

The apprentice ran over to him. It was Firepaw. “Wolfpaw! I missed you.” Firepaw said.

“I’s Wolfpelt now.” replied Wolfpelt. The calico apprentice did seem a bit sad that Wolfpelt wasn't’t happier to see him.

“I really missed you.” Firepaw said.

“Look, how about you go find your brothers, or your father, and scare them with the fact that your alive.” Wolfpelt said.

“I did, and I learned about everything that went on since I left.” Firepaw said.

Wolfpelt rolled his eyes. “Great. Wonderful. Look, Firepaw, you ruined all this time since you left, you messed up my life, you ruined y life. I don’t want to talk to you.” Wolfpelt said.

“But I was your best friend!” Firepaw said.

“Yes, was. I don’t care about you anymore Firepaw, I don’t care about anything. My life is ruined, Iv’e lost the thing I cared about the most, Silverstorm, she’s here you know fighting this battle, bit on the other side, she would kill you of she had the chance.” Wolfpelt hissed.

“Fine, I’ll leave. But I fight for what’s right and you should too.” Said Firepaw, and he left, he shot a glare a Wolfpelt, who rolled his eyes. Just then, he felt some one jump at him, and push him onto the ground, he stared off, it was Breezewhisker.

“You have met your end Wolfpelt, at last, I wanted to do this since you became an apprentice. And now I get too.” Breezewhisker.

“Do whatever you want, I can’t stop you, I’ve lost everything anyway.” Wolfpelt said. Breezewhisker put his claws on Wolfpelt’s neck, soon it would be lost to him. At the moment where it seemed Wolfpelt had no chance, something, or someone, threw Breezewhisker off of him. When Wolfpelt looked up, he saw his saw his younger sister’s face. “Why did you save me? I’ve lost everything anyway.” Wolfpelt said.

Silverstorm looked at him “Come on Wolfpelt, you know that not true.” Those words, seemed to change everything to Wolfpelt, he thought of Firepaw, his best friend, they day he left, but something else, the day Wolfpelt found out Breezewhisker was evil. That was Wolfpelt’s most recent memory that felt real, everything since then, felt like something that had not gone on. “Firepaw! The battle, we have to save them, my Clan, is losing.” Wolfpelt said. Then, he looed at Sivlerstorm, and remembered.

“Oh yeah, your with them.” He said. Silverstorm took a deep breath to say something. “Silverstorm, I’m not mad at you. You don’t have to be on my side, you can go back and fight for them, I don’t mind. But I’m not sure you are making the best choice.” He said.

“Wolfpelt, I never worked for them, I was a spy. Only Flamestsr knew, I was always on your side, the whole time. Now come on, before we lose this battle.” She said. Wolfpelt, nodded, and ran elsewhere.

FIREPAW'S POV Firepaw slashed every cat who was not on his side, fighting as hard as he could, then he saw Ravenfeather, the cat who and attacked him when he was a kit. “Hello Firekit, long time no see, you must be a warrior now. What us your name?” The evil cat asked.

“I’m not a warrior I’m an apprentice, my name is Firepaw.” He said.

Another joined Firepaw, on the fight, it was Woflpelt. “It’s only right we fight this cat together, right Firepaw?” The warrior asked.

“Together.” Firepaw echoed. The fight went well, warriors turned back, and Firepaw found himself face to face with Breezewhisker, the other csts had long since left, and chances were had left the forest, but Breezewhisker stayed. Firepaw looked Breezewhisker in the eye, and attacked.

“You can't kill, me Firepaw your not that strong, I would win.” Breezewhisker said. But they both knew Firepaw could kill Breezewhisker, without it being high.

“I’m sorry, you must be mistaken. I'm not going to kill you. That's what you would do to your enemy, and I, am not you. Firepaw said.

“What are you going to do then?” Breezewhisker asked. Firepaw slashed his enemy across his face, Firepaw threw him into the dust.

“Careful you don’t land where I scared you.” Firepaw called, right when Breezewhisker landed where Firepaw gave him the scar. “You will he stuck in WindClan now.” Firepaw said. That’s when it hit him, they had own, they had been outnumbered, but they had won. The forest was safe, and Breezewhisker would no longer harm them.

The next few moons went on fine, Breezewhisker was healed by the medicine cat, but was not allowed to leave ThunderClan, he was given food and water, but that was mostly it. Stoneripple, Shadewhisker, Wolfpelt, and Silverstorm chose to stay in WindClan, Thornblaze and Shadewhisker became mates, Silverbreeze, Firepaw's father retired from being deputy, and went to the elder's den instead, and could not have been happier that Firepaw was alive. Rabbitclaw became the new deputy. And, after two moons, Flamestar called a meeting.

“Let all cats join here for a meeting.” Flamestar called, the cats came. “Firepaw, our apprentice, has long since been warrior age, it is time for him to get his warrior name.” Flamestar said. Firepaw jumped up. “Firepaw, do promise to help,the Clan no matter what?” Asked Flamstar.

“I do.” Said Firepaw.

Flamestar said, “Then in the power of the stars, I give you your warrior name, Firestorm.”

The Clan echoed, “Firestorm, Firestorm.”

Firestorm jumped down, the meeting ended, and cats did what they always did.

“Firestorm, how did you survive falling from the cliff?” Wolfpelt added.

“That's a long, and another, story.” Said Firestorm.