Last Known Allegiances

Leader: Rosestar- gray tabby she-cat with a strikingly pink nose and a battle-scarred pelt (Whiskers)

Deputy: Birdsong - Dark brown and white she-cat with orange colored eyes. RP'D by: Kas

Medicine Cat: Risingsun - handsome black smoke tabby tom (Whiskers)

Warriors: (toms and she-cats without kits)

Duskstream - orangish brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Spots)

Bouldersnow - Large, hefty black-and-white tom with dark blue eyes. (Bramble)

Hickorywing - brown and white tom. (Patchy)

Whitetoe - black she-cat with white toes. (Patchy)

Vaporheart]] - a blue tabby she cat ( shore )

Kishan - a handsome black tom with black stripes (shore)

Pumpkinfrost - tortoiseshell tabby she-cat. (Whiskers)


Whiskerpaw - brown and white spotted tom. (Ash)


Hazelkit -  gray and white tom. (Ash)

Rosestar - (See "Leader"), mother to Dustfeather's kits. (Whiskers)

Gustykitpale silver, almost white, bengal she-kit. (Whiskers)
Fogkitdark blue-gray tabby tom with azure eyes. (Whiskers)
Lynxkit - grayish brown tom. (Ash)
Almondkit - white and brown she-cat. (Ash)


Vipersong - smokey gray she-cat with yellow eyes




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