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Current RockClan
Past Loner, StarClan
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Venomwhisper
Mother Moonflower
Siblings Blue, Galaxystorm, Talonfang
Mates Stoneblaze (formerly), Orchidbloom
Kits Blazeheart, Darkfrost, Nightshade, Meadowbee, Sharpstone, Fennelpaw
Mentor Gorsenose
Apprentices Stoatscar, Blizzardheart, Smokecloud, Yewnose
Owner ghost

Creekstar is a tall, sturdy, sleek, skinny black tom with a scar across his face, neck, belly, and eye, which goes to one of his eyes, which is partly blind, thorn-sharp claws, gray eyes and a ripped ear. Creekstar is leader of RockClan, and the former mate of the deceased Stoneblaze, and currently the mate of Orchidbloom, father of SharpstoneBlazeheartDarkfrostMeadowbeeNightshade, & Fennelkit. He also helped his adopted sister, Whispheart, raise her kits after her mate left her.

He is the son of Venomwhisper and Moonflower, and the brother of BlueTalonfang, and Galaxystorm. His mother gave birth to him in a forest, in the land of loners and rogues. She gave up him and Talonfang to a kind RockClan queen named Frostshine.



Creekstar has short, sleek, night black fur. He has wide ice blue eyes and a scar the goes from underneath his eye to the top of his other.
He has a long thin tail, along with long thin, but powerful legs. He has a sleek and skinny body, the body of a hunter. He has soft gray paw pads and a gray nose.
He has a scar on his belly and neck, also. He has long, thorn-sharp claws and small paws. He has a sturdy and slender build, not very muscular.
His eyes are large, almond shaped. They appear to change color depending on the light. They appear gray at times, others, an icy blue.


Creekstar is usually kind to who ever he talks to. He can sometimes be very social, but other times it will take a lot of effort to get a word out of him. He enjoys helping his Clan, and is loyal to the bone to them. He could never think about leaving them. He is compassionate as well. Before deciding on things, he likes to get others input because sometimes the thing he thinks is right could be wrong, so he gets others to help him out.
He can be couragoues and brave at times as well, he faces his fears and even if there's a chance he'll die, he'll risk it if it's important enough. At times he can be very energtic and loud, but he's usually calm and quiet, and he is surprisingly shy sometimes.
Like everyone though, Creekstar does have his downsides. He becomes depressed easily, when he is, he usually doesn't talk very much and acts cold towards others. One of his biggest flaws is his overprotectiveness, but that can be useful at times, he always found some way to blame himself for his families and friends deaths, and wants to keep them close to him and not let that happen again, so he often hovers near them. He cracks under stress, and may snap at others. He is usually very anxious for no apparent reason as well, and often gets anxiety attacks.
When he upsets someone, as in angered them, or someone is just mad, he won't care if he doesn't know them, but if he does, even if he has nothing to do with it, he feels guilty and wants to hide from them until it blows over. Rarely, he can be very aggressive, and hurt, or threaten to kill, but is very rare. But overall, he is popular among the Clans and is called a great warrior. 


He doesn't have anything all that great but he does have the best hearing in RockClan, as an apprentice he trained himself to hear better by walking through the forest with his eyes closed and let his ears guide him, for the fun of it, and in case he somehow went blind. (he worried a lot as a baby)
He can hunt in trees well, hopping from branch to branch is no trouble for him. On the ground though, he has a bit of trouble, on the open moor his black pelt stands out, but he can run quite fast and doesn't tire too quickly, so he could probably catch a rabbit.
He can fight alright but not very well, he's never been the best fighter. But his swiftness makes up for it.


Kithood & Adolescence

Creekkit is born unnamed to Moonflower and Venomwhisper, along with TalonkitBlue, and Galaxykit, all unnamed as well. Moonflower was a loner when she gave birth to him, and his father never knew he had been born. Moonflower chose to take him and Talonkit to live in RockClan. She gives them to a friend who is nursing her own kits, named Frostshine. Frostshine's mate, Sharptalon, becomes their foster father, and they have two foster siblings; Whispkit and Flightkit. The Clan believes Frostshine and Sharptalon are the true parents of the kits.
Creekkit is noted to be strange compared to the other kits; he is much more jumpy and repeats his words often. His parents have no idea what is wrong, but it's clear Creekkit is the weakest of the four kits, and the smallest, so they begin to pay less attention to him.
Talonkit notices the change in their parents, and she comes to Creekkit's side and reassures him everything will be alright and she'd never leave him.
The two siblings are almost always together. They soon become apprentices, Creekpaw given Gorsenose as a mentor. 
His mentor doesn't seem to be pleased with the choice in his apprentice, and often when battle training leaves his claws unsheathed, Gorsenose is even more angered when Creekpaw can't train as fast as a normal apprentice, his jumpiness slowing everything down.
Creekpaw often feels guilty about upsetting his mentor, and this is made greater when his parents, who were high-ranking warrior, are beginning to be laughed at about their child. 
His parents always are very cold to him, and to make matters worse, Talonpaw becomes more snappy then before. 
Feeling more alone then ever, Creekpaw tries to hang out and train with his brother, Flightpaw. It starts off nice, with some play-fighting, but then Talonpaw think Flightpaw is attacking Creekpaw, and attacks him and kills him.
She then realizes what was really happening and blames Creekpaw, in her anger with him, she gives him a scar on his belly and flank.
The Clan learns of Flightpaw's death, but they don't know how he died. They shrug and say it must have been a fox, as a fox had been there recently. Creekpaw keeps quiet.
A few moons later, Creekpaw is sent on a patrol with both of his parents. They are quite rude to him. The fox that had been scented when Flightpaw died is in their territory still, and it comes at this moment and attacks the patrol.
Sharptalon and Frostshine fight by themselves, Creekpaw couldn't defend himself. But the fox is too strong and kills both warriors, but they managed to scar it out of the territory. Talonpaw is even more distant with Creekpaw aferwords, assuming he did nothing to help, which was true. But he had no choice. As an apprentice, he became friends with a nice she-cat, named Heatherpaw. She didn't scorn him, and she believed one day, he'd be a great warrior. Creekpaw admired her very much, and he grew a huge crush on her. 


Creekpaw is made a warrior a few moons later then most apprentices, his siblings already receving their names. Talonfang is still acting strange, stranger. She slips out of camp one night and Creekfrost follows her.
She meets a CaveClan tom at the Gathering place, Infernoheart. After the tom leaves, Talonfang finds Creekfrost hiding in the bushes. They fight, with tooth and claw, but Talonfang is much stronger and over powers him. She rakes her claws down his face, giving him his notable scar.
Creekfrost then acts more jumpy then ever after this. Talonfang never begs for his forgiveness, always casting him a cold look instead; casting the whole Clan cold looks. 
Heatherpaw had become Heatherdusk. She shows sighs of having a crush on him as well, even if he is more jumpy now, she still loved him. The two openly spoke about becoming mates. But one morning, she disappeared and was never seen again. Creekfrost is very upset about this, but carries on with his life.
A few moons later, Talonfang reveals to Whispheart and Creekfrost she was pregnant, and had her kits in the woods outside the Clan territories. 
She begs Whispheart, who had been pregnant but lost the kits, to care for them, as Talonfang is terrified she will hurt them. Whispheart agrees, and she and her mate, Falconcry care for them, naming them WaterkitStormkitDazzlekit, and Runningkit.
Falconcry soon catches greencough. Songwillow, the medicine cat, tells him not to go near the nursery while he is ill. Falconcry doesn't listen, Dazzlekit, the weakest kit, ends up getting sick, along with Runningkit. 
Dazzlekit later dies, and Runningkit gets better. Falconcry blames himself for Dazzlekit's death and runs away from RockClan.
Whispheart is in a deep greif from the loss of both her mate and foster daughter, and she needed help to raise the kits. Creekfrost steps up to become their foster father, and it works out quite well.
Swiftbird|Swiftpaw's]] mentor died, and she is telling Wolfstar she needs a new mentor. Creekfrost comes up, acting like his fearful self if something has happened. Wolfstar tells him the news, and to tell Talonfang she can mentor Swiftpaw.
He does so. She acts like she is surprised to see him look so wary; only doing that because other cats were around. 
An ambush from another Clan attacks RockClan's camp. Creekfrost hides in the nursery with Swiftpaw, Whispheart and her kits. Runningkit dashes out into the battle, Creekfrost calling after him, but staying put (he was a total coward).
The battle ends, and the Clan who attacked left an injured warrior behind. Wolfstar decides to let him stay until he is fit to leave. Talonfang though argues about this, and Creekfrost agrees. Wolfstar gets mad with them and sends them to pick ticks off the Elders, much to Talonfang's dismay. 
Creekfrost takes a chance to leave the Elders den while no one is looking and goes out of camp to calm down. He worries that Wolfstar will pick Talonfang as the new RockClan deputy. 
On his way back into camp, Wolfstar annouces Creekfrost is the new deputy. Creekfrost is terrified and surprised at this, and he believes Wolfstar made the wrong choice. Talonfang objects to this, saying how she's had three apprentices already, and Creekfrost has had none. Wolfstar shrugs this off and tells Creekfrost to arrange some patrols. 
Once he finishes, Creekfrost sits beside Wolfstar at the old deputy's vigil. He and Wolfstar talk on why she made him deputy.
Creekfrost notices Talonfang staring at him from the camp entrance. Talonfang then takes Runningkit to the tallstone, at least that's what she told Wolfstar. Creekfrost follows, worrying for the kits safety.
He wittnesses Talonfang biting down on Runningkit's neck, as he had almost gave her away for wanting to be deputy. Creekfrost springs onto Talonfang, surprising her, she tries to hit him but is too slow. Talonfang steps away after Creekfrost lands a blow to her face, Creekfrost stands over Runningkit. She disappears into the undergrowth, leaving the two toms behind.
Creekfrost watches as Songwillow treats the kits wounds, back in camp. He wonders what Wolfstar will do about his sister. Wolfstar greets Creekfrost on her way to the medicine den to visit the kit. She then orders Creekfrost to take a patrol of WolftailSilverrain, and Swiftpaw out to find Talonfang.
Runningkit begs to come along, but Creekfrost refuses, then leads the patrol out before the kit can reply.
The patrol finds Talonfang, who surprises them with rogues and they begin to fight. Creekfrost slams into Talonfang, knocking her off a hill and they land in the bracken below. Creekfrost forces her to leave, despite Talonfang seeming to try and talk him into getting revenge on her. He makes her leave, though. 
Back at camp, Creekfrost lies to Wolfstar, saying that the patrol lost her. He then goes over to Swiftpaw and tells her he's sorry about Talonfang, who was her mentor. 
Later, Creekfrost sees Runningkit running off to find Wolfstar. He calls after him, wondering what was wrong. Wolftail replies for the kit though, saying he didn't like the new warrior, Dewbramble, that much.
After talking about the kit to Wolftail, Creekfrost decides to go check on Whispheart. Stormkit greets Creekfrost.
Later, Waterkit runs away from Clan life after getting into a fight with Runningkit. Whispheart sobs into Creekfrost shoulder, Runningkit laying limp at her belly. 
Creekfrost worries for Runningkit, who is blaming himself. Runningkit is playing with a ball of moss and Creekfrost offers to play with him. They then talk about Waterkit, and how it's not Runningkit's fault she's gone.
Stormkit and Runningkit are made apprentices, and Creekfrost feels surprised that he didn't get any of them as his own apprentice, as he still has never had one before.
Stoneblaze greets Creekfrost, and they plan to go hunting, but Wolftail asks if he and Runningpaw may join them. Creekfrost agrees, though is annoyedd that he wasn't going alone with the she-cat.
They head back to camp to get ready to go to the Gathering which was that night. Creekfrost walks to the Gathering place, inbetween Stoneblaze and Wolfstar. Quillstar and Wolfstar begin to argue about prey-stealing, making Creekfrost tense. 
He returns to camp, Runningpaw questions him how the Gathering went, but Creekfrost, being too tired, shrugs and slips into the warriors den. 
Later in the morning, Falconcry returns to the Clan, and Creekfrost watches him closely. After, Stoneblaze and Creekfrost go hunting. They get attacked by a fox but fight it off. When back at camp, Creekfrost makes a patrol to go out to make sure the fox has gone.
Stoatpaw's mentor, Featherheart dies in a fox attack and Creekfrost is made her new mentor. Afterwords, Stoneblaze and Creekfrost go for a walk. They come upon a stream, and Creekfrost pushes Stoneblaze in, she drags him in with her and they play in the water for a little bit. Stoneblaze then asks him if he could be her mate. Creekfrost happily agrees. 
Stoatpaw and Runningpaw stumble into camp later, covered in wounds. Creekfrost worries it was Talonfang. 
He is outside of camp and smells Talonfang, who barreles into him. They fight and agrue at the same time. She leaves, after a moment though. As Creekfrost heads back to camp, a strange black and gray tom appears and they talk for a moment, Creekfrost feeling uneasy about the cats weird cheerfulness. The cat reveals his name to be Smoky, and Creekfrost takes him back to camp. 
When back in camp, Creekfrost learns that Stoneblaze had kitted, having four kits; DarkkitSharpkitBlazekit, and Meadowkit. They sit with their kits and talk about Smoky, who wants to join the Clan.
The weird tom then pops his head into the den and wants to see the kits, the parents let him, but are uneasy with how intent on the kits he looks. He seems to notice their unease and leaves to go with Stoatscar to see Wolfstar.
Later, Darkkit screams as light floods over her, as her eyes open. Creekfrost and Stoneblaze reassure their daughter. Meadowkit complans about her eyes not being open, and Creekfrost helps her by gently licking them, which works. 
Later, at night, Smokypaw is caught trying to steal Creekfrost and Stoneblaze's kits. He glares at the tom who is holding his daughters. Smokypaw says that he has to, or she will kill his mate. 
Runningwater gets Smokypaw to drop them, deciding he would help him and his mate. Creekfrost follows Runningwater and Smokypaw out of camp, wanting to help them save the toms mate, who turned out to be Waterkit - now named Water.
Smokypaw leads them to the place, Talonfang was forcing Water to stay, and she was badly hurt. They fight two rogues, Flash and another tom. 
They had to get moving but Runningwater kept fighting with a rogue, Creekfrost forces him to move, calling him a 'moron'. 
They find Water and take her and Smokypaw back to RockClan. Creekfrost comforts Whispheart, who worries her daughter will die. Dewbramble annouces to Creekfrost and Whispheart that Water is pregnant. They are surprised, and Dewbramble tells them to go to their dens for the night. 
Creekfrost visits the nursery first, and meets Sapphire and Sparks, two loner kits who recently joined the Clan. 
Later, Creekfrost once again comes across Talonfang on RockClan territory. They fight, and Talonfang brings up how it's his fault she was like this, and because of Sharptalon, Frostshine, and Flightpaw being dead. This distracted Creekfrost, and Talonfang slashes her claws over his throat. She hisses and runs away.
He stares after her in shock and he falls to the ground, bleeding and coughing up blood. Runningwater appears, with Darkkit and Meadowkit, and Runningwater screams. He asks if he is still alive, and Creekfrost replies with 'What does it look like?' he then begs Creekfrost not to die. (and who knows why his kits were running around outside camp)
Creekfrost tries to speak to his daughters, but is too light-headed, and his head falls and he stops breathing, he then dies soon after.
Later, it turns out that StarClan has given five cats new lives, and they wake up in RockClan territory. Jaguarclaw goes to her Clan, CaveClan, and the other four cats begin their journey back to RockClan.
Runningstrike - who changed his warrior name - finds them. He then takes them back to camp, where Creekfrost and Stoneblaze meet their kits, now warriors. Meadowbee, Blazeheart, and Darkfrost are shocked and overjoyed to see them again.
Creekfrost decides to see Wolfstar, but he stops on his way to greet Sharpstone, and Creekpaw talks to him for a moment.
Stormriver makes a patrol of Creekfrost, Darknose, and Waterdrop to patrol the ShadeClan border. Creekfrost is attacked by a cat, and the patrol helps him fend it off.
Creekdew and Dazzleheart are talking about who Stormstar will pick as deputy, and they ask Creekfrost if he would if Stormstar chose him.
Later, Creekfrost watches Runningstrike climb a tree, and stays in case he falls out and breaks his neck. Creekfrost and Runningstrike then go hunting with Cinderblaze.
Creekfrost then sends Cinderblaze to see Vinefur, due to a pain in her belly that is getting in the way of her warrior duties.
Later, Meadowbee catches the fatel illness and has to leave RockClan, and badgers attack. Blazeheart and Sharpstone are killed.
Then Waterstar decides that the healthy cats will be leaving RockClan, if they please. Darkfrost goes to StormClan, leaving Creekfrost and Stoneblaze alone to greive.
Later, Talonfang and Creekfrost talk together, Talonfang is sorry for everything she has done, and Creekfrost forgives her.
A little while later, Talonfang has a new apprentice named Frecklepaw and Creekfrost joins them on a hunting trip. He is then attacked by a hawk, Talonfang and Frecklepaw kill it though.
Stoneblaze has a new litter of kits, and they two name them Nightkit and Fennelkit . A little while later, Stoneblaze catches greencough, and Creekfrost goes out hunting for her.
A little while later, Stoneblaze catches greencough, and Creekfrost goes out hunting for her. He meets a mean loner named Pepper and they fight, until Creekfrost gets him to leave.
As he returns to camp, it turns out Stoneblaze had died while he was away. He is greif-stricken and cares for his kits, though Fennelkit catches the cough too and she dies.
There is then a battle with CaveClan and Creekfrost kills Gingersnap during the battle, he feels guilty about it.
Later, Nightpaw wants to find Riverpaw and goes hopping off, with Creekfrost chasing after him, telling him to come back to camp.
Creekfrost later begins to worry that Runningstar doesn't trust him to do tasks anymore because he is still in greif about Fennelkit and Stoneblaze, but he pushes this out of his mind.
Later, he and Whiskerclaw are assesing Hazelpaw and Nightpaw for their warrior assighments. Heatherpaw joins, and Creekfrost promises to keep an eye on her, since her mentor, Peregrineheart, forgot about her. Creekfrost follows Heatherpaw and Nightpaw, while Whiskerclaw goes with Hazelpaw. 
Later, Heatherpaw and Nightpaw pass and the three cats are looking for Whiskerclaw and Hazelpaw. They meet Whiskerclaw and Pumpkinfrost, and Whiskerclaw tells them Hazelpaw had been attacked and hurt by a rogue , and they go check out where it happened, finding the rogue is dead, being crushed in a rock-fall.
Later, Nightpaw is made a warrior with the new name Nightshade. Creekfrost and him are talking, he is proud of his son.
Later, Creekfrost is then given Smokepaw as an apprentice. Creekfrost, Pepperpaw, and Nightshade go onto a patrol. Creekfrost takes the chance and tells Pepperpaw he was sorry about attacking him before. Pepperpaw forgives him, but Creekfrost isn't sure he really did or not.
The patrol then finds the shaken Ashpaw and Leafwind's dead body. Pepperpaw seemed to know what happened, so Creekfrost questions him. Pepperpaw reveals he thinks it's Luna who did it. They go back to camp and report to Runningstar. 
After the report, Creekfrost tells Runningstar how he isn't sure he should be leader, with his voices getting in the way of things that are truely more important. Runningstar gets mad, and goes to make a Clan meeting, leaving Creekfrost to feel guilty. 
Runningstar's orders for gaurds to be set on the borders and for no one to leave camp alone. Creekfrost then decides to sit as gaurd at the camp entrance, and catches Nightshade trying to go into the forest alone, and tells him to wait for Cinnamonstrike.
A little bit later, Creekfrost starts to feel stressed and can't sit as gaurd, having bad memoires of his family in his head, so he tells Dewfur to take over.
Orchidbloom, he, and Ashstorm then go hunting. Ashpaw goes fishing, and they find to loners, Rory and Ceasar on their territory. Creekfrost asks Orchidbloom what she thinks they should do, and they decide to take them to camp, Creekfrost takes them, leaving Orchidbloom and Ashpaw fishing.
Creekfrost tells Whiskerclaw to gaurd them. When Orchidbloom and Ashpaw return, him and Orchidbloom talk about Ashpaw's training. It soon turns into Orchidbloom's father, Creekfrost's siblings, Orchidbloom falling for a mousepbrained tom, when Dewfur's screams stop them and they run out of camp to find him being attacked by a fox.
Creekfrost fights it off, while Orchidbloom takes Dewfur to camp. When Creekfrost returns, Dewfur has died and he feels like it's his fault he died, as he was the one who told Dewfur to gaurd. 
Orchidbloom tries to reassure him. After cleaning the blood off Dewfur, Creekfrost goes to his nest to rest. He later comes out and joins the warriors vigil. He is seen later in the morning, cleaning a wound the fox gave him, then he leaves camp to make sure it hasn't come back, he doubts it has though.
While following the scent, Creekfrost finds another scent, and it later turns out to be his daughter, Meadowbee. They reunite, and Stoatscar comes along, Creekfrost is even more surpirsed, as he thought she had died. He takes them back to camp.
They then meet Orchidbloom, and go to eat some prey and catch up. Creekfrost gives Meadowbee the bad news of her sister leaving the Clan, her brothers and mothers deaths. Meadowbee is greif-stricken, but calms down after a little bit. She then asks to go hunting, and Creekfrost gathers a patrol of him, Meadowbee, Orchidbloom, and Ashpaw. He decides to give Ashpaw some tests, since he's so close to becoming a warrior.
But before they leave, Ashpaw is made a warrior with the name Ashstorm. They then go hunting. Creekfrost leaves the cats to go forest hunting. He is left alone with his thought for a little while. He notes how Orchidbloom had become a good friend and that it's great to have her in his life. He also believes he has a small crush on the she-cat, and feels a bit guilty, as Stoneblaze was his mate. But Stoneblaze is dead. He then begins to doubt it, and pushes it to the back of his mind, but still worries about Stoneblaze.
He returns later with a squirrel, and Meadowbee throws a fish at him. He notes to Orchidbloom how this may be useful for the Clan. Orchidbloom then teaches them to swim! Creekfrost is very reluctant to go into the water, but he does at some point. He then doesn't want to leave the shallow part, where his paws can touch the bottom, but Ashstorm shoves him and he starts to thrash around. 
Orchidbloom then reminds him what to do, and Creekfrost calms down a little as he becomes more stable. 
Then then do some water battle training. After this, they leave and go back to camp. Creekfrost sits to wash his fur quick then goes to look for Smokepaw for training. Him and Orchidbloom then take their apprentices out to train. On the way, Creekfrost tests Smokepaw's scenting skills. They later teach Smokepaw and Sunpaw the Shoulder Drop.
After training their apprentices, Creekfrost and Orchidbloom take Smokepaw, Sunpaw, CloudpawRainpaw, and Sunfire on a patrol to explore ShadeClan's past territory. While there, they meet a CaveClan patrol and the two fight. Pineconeclaw attacks Creekfrost and injures his eye and head. The patrol retreat, and Orchidbloom carries Creekfrost home. Creekfrost believes he is going to die for a moment.
Risingsun treats him, and he starts to feel better. Meadowbee announces that she is leaving to live in StormClan. Creekfrost is saddened by this, and his depression begins to come back. He notices Orchidbloom leaves camp and hopes to hunt with her, even though he can hardly stand. Only a few steps out of camp, he hears the howl of a fox. He goes back into camp to get a patrol to go out and look.
A strange tom comes into camp, with Orchidbloom, who is knocked out. He had saved her. Creekfrost frets over the she-cat, then notices the tom and questions him. He wishes to join the Clan so Creekfrost takes him to see Slatestar. A little while later, Creekfrost is now better, although has poor sight in the eye Pineconeclaw clawed. He goes to the Gathering with his Clanmates.
A fight starts, and Firepoppy attacks him. Blizzardheart, his former apprentice, comes in for the rescue. Rockfoot replaces Firepoppy and the two battle. Creekfrost notices Orchidbloom being attacked by Galaxystorm. He knows she is still hurt from the fox attack, and tries to get to her to help, but Rockfoot won't let up. Luckily, crazy Windpaw comes in and starts trying to rip the CaveClan warriors fur off. Creekfrost rushes over to Orchidbloom. He believes he had seen Galaxystorm before, but think it's nothing and the two warriors fend her off. The cats leave the Gathering and return to camp. He sleeps until after sunhigh that night, and awakens to Nightshade waiting for him. He follows his son into the nursery after Nightshade announces Creekfrost is a grandfather, and reveals that he found a rogues kits and was caring for them.
Creekfrost is glad his son was happy, having not seen him so happy since his sister died. Blue, the rogue father of the kits, somehow breaks into camp and kills one of the kits. They manage to chase him away. After this, Creekfrost naps in a shallow snow dip. Once again, he awakes to find Violetpetal watching him. They chat for a bit then go hunting. They try taking down a hawk, but fail. Back at camp, he searches for Orchidbloom. Orchidbloom returns from hunting and Creekfrost gives her the gift of a single hawk feather.


Creekfrost doesn't join StarClan after he dies, but becomes a loner spirit, as he feels it's his fault Flightpaw, Frostshine, and Sharptalon are dead, and he doesn't deserve StarClan.
He meets another loner spirit named Millie, who he befriends. He and Millie are on the border between StarClan and the Place of No Stars and find Talonfang and Jaguarclaw. They are taunted by them. Talonfang attacks Millie, and Creekfrost helps free her. Poppyfennel and Stoneblaze, who died seeking revenge for her mate, appear. Creekfrost and her are reunited, and Stoneblaze begs him to join her in StarClan. He agrees to. Lavastep and Jaguarclaw, from the Place of No Stars attack the cats. Talonfang appears and starts fighting too. 
Creekfrost, Stoneblaze, Jaguarclaw, Waterdrop, and Talonfang are all together when the ground beneath them starts to break and they fall into nothingness.



Stoneblaze (formerly): Deceased
Orchidbloom: Living


Blazeheart: Deceased
Sharpstone: Deceased
Nightshade: Living


Meadowbee: Living
Darkfrost: Living
Fennelpaw: Living

Foster Mother

Frostshine: Deceased


Venomwhisper: Status unknown


Moonflower: Deceased


Cloverstrike: Status unknown


Shadowdancer: Status unknown

Foster Father

Sharptalon: Deceased

Foster Sister 

Whispheart: Deceased

Foster Brother

Flightpaw: Deceased


Blue: Deceased


Talonfang: Deceased
Galaxystorm: Living


Waterdrop: Deceased
Dazzlekit: Deceased
Max: Deceased
Mothshade: Living


Stormstar: Deceased
Mallowkit: Deceased
Ashstorm: Living
Kestrelkit: Deceased
Han: Status Unknown
Joheva: Status Unknown
Darkstorm: Living


Emberfall: Living


Shadefrost: Living


Frostfire: Living


Hazelriver: Living


Featherstar: Deceased


Emberstorm: Deceased

Leader Info

Preceded by: Slatestar

Nine lives:

  1. Moonflower: Love ; Taken by Violetpetal
  2. Blazeheart: Hope
  3. Sharpstone: Courage
  4. Talonfang: Forgiveness
  5. Whispheart: Confidence
  6. Stormstar: Justice
  7. Waterdrop: Adventure
  8. Dazzlekit: Friendship
  9. Stoneblaze: Happiness



Sharpstone & Blazeheart:

My first born sons; I couldn't be any prouder of them. They are fine cats, loyal and brave. They died for their Clan like true warriors. I wasn't really there for them... I did die when they were quite young, but when I was alive, I didn't pay much attention to them, from what I remember... I wish we could have been closer. I love them.
Creekfrost never had a very close relationship with Sharpstone and Blazeheart. He wanted to, but he was Clan deputy at the time and had work to do. But when he did have time, he always went to see his mate and kits.
But Blazekit loved being alone, he never played with his siblings or parents, he may have even not ever have spoken to Creekfrost (don't worry, he did). Sharpkit seemed to only want to hang around Sapphirekit. Creekfrost wasn't completely sure they liked him or not, but no matter how they felt towards him, he was always proud of them.
They died when badgers attacked RockClan. Creekfrost was very upset about their deaths, he had wanted to try to become closer to them before it was too late, but it was too late. 

Darkfrost & Emily:

I wasn't very close to Meadowbee, but I love her so much, and we have become much closer. I was sad she went to StormClan, but I understand that she wanted to be with her sister... I understand too well... Darkfrost had the same problem as I did when I was a kit, she jerked, repeated words and such... I wanted to help her, I didn't want her to feel like how I had felt...
He never knew Meadowbee far too well, but he knew Darkfrost much more and was closer to her. But he loved both of his daughters and had no favorite.
He is very proud of them, and feels sorry that he wasn't involved in their life as much as he should have. When StarClan gave him another chance at life, he spent much of his time with his daughters, and grew closer to Meadowbee.
But it didn't last long, as Meadowbee fell ill with the fatel illness and had to leave RockClan to get cured, but the cost was living with twolegs. Darkfrost also left RockClan for a new start. He missses his daughters everyday and wishes their time together could have lasted.

Nightshade & Fennelkit:

I wanted to be close to these kits, I missed out on my first litter, I wasn't going to miss them. Fennelkit is a sweetheart.... after she died I never felt the same... it felt like a part of my heart had been ripped out and stomped on repeatedly... But then she came back... I never ever felt as happy as I did that day... Nightshade... he was a fun one to raise alone... always kept me on my toes...
Creekfrost loves his two kits. He payed much more attention to them then his first litter, mainly due to the fact their mother died and he wanted to be close to them, since he wasn't very close with his first litter.
Fennelkit died when she was about three moons old. Creekfrost was already upset enough about Stoneblaze, but Fennelkit's death weighed down on him more, making him a bit depressed for awhile.
Though he was depressed, he was always there for Nightshade, and was very protective of his only remaining kit. Nightshade grew up, not seeming to realize that Creekfrost was strick with him because he was worried he would die like the rest of his family, and he seems a little ungrateful of his father. 
Though Nightshade sometimes ruffle Creekfrost's fur, he is proud of his son and would die for him.

Whispheart & Flightpaw:

We had a rough start... they were bullies to me and my sister, but after Flightpaw's death, I became very close to Whispheart; she's a kind caring cat. I was just starting to become friends with Flightpaw when he died... They feel like my real siblings even though they aren't.
They started out far from being close. Flightpaw and Whispheart were five moons older then Creekfrost was when he was born, and they often tormented him. They didn't hate him, but they felt a bit replaced and were jealous.
This changes once Creekfrost is made an apprentice. Flightpaw notices how Gorsenose doesn't seem to care much about Creekpaw's training, and often helps him out. Whisppaw also becomes a little protective of him.
Creekpaw and Flightpaw were play-fighting one day, but Talonpaw thought Flightpaw was attacking Creekpaw. She then kills Flightpaw, trying to defend Creekpaw. Creekpaw, horrorified, tells Talonpaw what was really happening. Talonpaw blames him and scars his belly. Creekfrost still sometimes blames himself for his brothers death, even though he did nothing wrong.
When Falconcry left Whispheart, Creekfrost stepped forward to help her raise her kits. She was grateful of this. Creekfrost wishes Whispheart had had another chance to live like he did. 

Sharptalon & Frostshine: 

I have mixed opinions about them. They aren't my real parents, and they never liked me. 
His parents were always disappointed in him. Creekfrost tried many times over to prove himself to them but they always let him down. They played with their other kits and helped them with training, but never with Creekfrost, when they did, they were too worried about their reputation as good warriors in RockClan to be bothered to try.
As an apprentice, Creekfrost was being chased by a fox and he led it right to where his parents were sleeping, it ended up killing them. He hadn't known they were in the forest and still feels guilty about it.
He doesn't hate them for it, but isn't that happy with them. He still loves them though, and he hopes that maybe one day they can mend their broken bound.

Moonflower & Venomwhisper:

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Talonfang was the only one I had when I was a kit.... I was the runt.... the one who would never be a warrior... the one who always failed... the one always ignored or made fun of. But Talonfang always was by my side, protective and playful, always urging me out of camp and cheering me up... But then she became distant.... She changed me, I was so scared she'd hurt me again, I was no match, and what about the Clan? In the end she killed me, but I never stopped loving her. I always looked at her for who she truly was; a kind hearted loving cat. 
Talonfang and Creekfrost have strange kinship. As kits, Talonfang was always kind to Creekfrost, knowing how the rest of the Clan treated him. They were always together. Then apprenticeship came along. They were still close during this time, but Talonfang started to change. She seemed to slowly hate Creekfrost, more and more as the days went by.
Then the day when the fox killed Frostshine and Sharptalon, this seemed to be Talonfang's breaking point with him. She then wouldn't go near him, or was always glaring at him and snapping. She had been on his side but she left it to be on her own; the Clan seemed to have their own little groups; a small one to pity him; and a larger one to look down upon him; but Talonfang seemed to make her own; one to try and make his life a living nightmare.
She was doing it for no reason, he never hurt her, but she always seemed to haunt him, there was always the flash of her fur at the corners of his eyes to remind him she was there, watching him. And he couldn't fight back when she lashed out at him. She scarred his face just out of pure anger at him. Creekfrost wasn't angry with her, he was more worried, her old self was now a ghost and replaced with a monster; a murderer.

Love Interests


Read in Friends.


My best friend, my love. I will always love Stoneblaze, but I love Orchidbloom now, and I can't control that. I denied it at first, but then I couldn't any longer; I'd die for her. She's a wonderful, loyal cat. I don't care if she does or doesn't have kits, and if I did, I'd wait forever, never leave her unlike someone... I never thought I'd love anyone after Stoneblaze... but Orchidbloom has stolen my heart.
Creekstar loves Orchidbloom deeply, and had for some time after they became friends. He denied his love for her at first, claiming it to just be friendship, but he soon realized it wasn't, not anymore, it was romantic. It started out a tiny crush...then turned into something bigger... He admired her courage. She had gone through so much and kept fighting and never lost her spirit.
He never felt resentful towards her due to the fact she had low fertiity, he even supported her about it. He knew her wish of becoming a mother would come true one day, and it did with Fennelkit, even though it wasn't her real kit. Through their arguements, Creekstar felt like he wanted to hide, but he didn't (most of the time) and he tried to make things right, and even if she was mad at him for something, he knew she was still his friend, and it changed nothing he felt about her.
He never thought he'd love anyone after Stoneblaze... but he was wrong... He wants to be at Orchidbloom's side, friend or even mate.



Read in Love Interests.


Stoneblaze. She had always been my friend and was there for me. She believed in me when no one else did, I was a real warrior in her eyes. I don't know when she started to fall in love with me, I believe it was when we were quite young, maybe even apprentices. I wish I had noticed sooner... We raised a family together, were dead together, then alive together once more. I wish I could have gotten to spend more time with her, just a little... I wish I could have said good-bye... I feel guilty that I love someone else now... but I know Stoneblaze would want me to move on, but no matter what, a part of me will always love Stoneblaze.
He always felt soft towards Stoneblaze, when they were kits, apprentices, and warriors. She was the only cat in RockClan to treat him like a true warrior, she didn't act like he was weak, but at the same time didn't defend him day and night because she believed in him and knew he could protect himself. 
He started to fall for her after he was made deputy. They went hunting together one day and played in a stream, when Stoneblaze asked him to be her mate, much to his surprise,  he of course agreed and they were bond together forever. 
They had two litters, the first being of Sharpstone, Darkfrost, Emily, and Blazeheart. The next being of Nightshade and Fennelkit. Shortly after having their first litter, Creekfrost was killed by Talonfang. Stoneblaze was in grief and rage and went out for revenge, but ended up dead too. His biggest regret was that he led her to her death, even though it was his death that led her to hers, anyway.
When StarClan gave them another chance at life, Creekfrost didn't want to waste it. He and Stoneblaze were nearly always together, once again. One day though, all of their kits were gone, one day they were all together, the next, gone. Sharpstone was killed in the badger attack, Meadowbee left RockClan, due to being so sick and became a kittypet named Emily, Darkfrost left RockClan to start over, and Blazeheart was also killed in the badger attack. The couple was heart-broken. Some time later, their hearts were mended when they had their last litter of kits, they were very happy.
A few moons later, Stoneblaze caught greencough. Creekfrost was worried about her, but went on with being a warrior. But only a day or so later, Stoneblaze grew worse, and while Creekfrost was away, hunting, she lost her battle. Creekfrost was heart-broken once more over this and wishes he could have at least said good-bye to his beloved. 

Runningstar & Dazzlekit:

Creekstar was their foster father after Falconcry left. He loved the two kits as if they were his own. Dazzlekit died when she was young, two moons. But the time that Creekstar spent with her, he knew she was very kind and fragile. Creekstar wishes she could have lived longer, and thinks she deserves another chance at life.
Runningkit on the other hand was feisty, he would not let rules get in his way, and was determind to get into trouble. He sort of admired the Runningkit. Creekstar attacked Talonfang, his own sister, to save Runningkit.
When Waterkit ran away, Creekstar got Runningkit back to his normal self, instead of sulking around all day. Creekstar had hoped Runningkit would become his apprentice, but he was instead given to two other cats.
Runningstar has never, ever been mad at Creekstart before, but this lasted until Creekstar questioned him on being a good leader to RockClan. Though, Creekstar is sure the tom will get over it.

Stormstar & Waterdrop:

Stormstar and Waterdrop were his foster children along with Runningstar and Dazzlekit. He also loved the two kits as his own.
He was very surprised to Stormkit's rule-following spirit, but never urged him away. Waterkit on the other hand was a lot more like Runningkit, getting into trouble all the time, sneaking out of camp, arguing.
When Waterkit ran away, Creekstar was sad, but he focused more on comforting Whispheart and her two remaining kits. 
Creekstar was part of the patrol that saved Waterdrop from Talonfang, and was proud to hear she was going to be a mother. 
Waterdrop had another chance to live, given by StarClan, along with him. She had become a very wise cat, and Stormstar even made her his deputy right before he died. Though, Waterdrop began to change after the death of her mate, Smokestorm. She became more edgey, and lost her calmness, and became very depressed. 
She then gave her leadership to Runningstrike, and stepped down to become a normal warrior. She became more relaxed after this, and Creekstar was glad of that. But shortly after, she is killed on a thunderpath. He misses her, but knows she's must be happier in StarClan with her mate and daughter.


He respucts Wolfstar greatly, and thinks she was a good leader. He was shocked when she made him her deputy. She made him grow more confident, as she believed he was a good warrior and would be a great leader after her.
Wolfstar was a large reason of why he became the cat he is, she taught him to believe in himself and how to trust others. 
Creekstar also had a small crush on Wolfstar, before she made him deputy. He lost it when he realized he loved Stoneblaze more, and he knew that he and Wolfstar probably wouldn't have worked out.


He met the loner she-cat in the afterlife, in a place for cats to travel far and wide forever. They grew a bond quite fast.
Creekstar told her about the Clans, she wished she had heard of them before she died, so she could check them out, maybe even join them.
He also tells her of StarClan. She wants to visit it, and Creekstar agrees to take her. They never saw each other again after they reached StarClan, as Creekstar was taken back to the living. He has never forgotten Millie though, and hopes she will be waiting for him again in StarClan.


Heatherdusk was my first crush ever. I thought I was massively in love with her at the time. She cared for me, cheered me on and never abandoned me. She was a kind soul.... We talked about becoming mates soon after we became warriors... but one morning I woke up and she was just... gone.
Heatherdusk was Creekstar's childhood crush. She didn't really care about his jumpiness, or any other of his flaws, just liked him for who he was. She began to grow a crush on him as well, and they two talked about becoming mates.
But Heatherdusk disappeared one day, leaving Creekstar upset, she was his only friend at the time, but he moved on. Now that he is older, he believes it is crazy that they even thought about bcoming mates, but they had were small, childhood crushes, not true love, and he knows it would not have worked.
He doesn't know if she's even alive, but if she did pop up out of no where one day, he'd call her a friend and nothing more.



So, to make it real simple, Creekfrost wants to rip the toms eyes out and strangle him to death.
more coming soon.



Pepperclaw... he was very fiesty, I would say. I feel guilty... I threatened to kill him when he was just a lone kit. But he wouldn't leave, how should I know if he wasn't a spy or something? Just come strolling into someone's camp and start yapping at them for being greedy? But he's joined the Clan since then and he's become... let's say a little calmer... I think he'll make it.
Creekfrost and Pepperclaw got off on a rough start. Pepperclaw had been a loner named Pepper, who hated the Clans. Creekfrost found him on RockClan territory and kept telling him to leave, but the tom wouldn't leave, instead of nicely sorting things out, Creekfrost and Pepper battle.
Creekfrost was very worried and stressed about Stoneblaze, who was very ill from greencough, and Pepper was making everything worse, and Creekfrost's temper flew off the court. He threatened to kill him if he wouldn't leave. Pepper does agree to leave though. 
Ever since this happened, Creekfrost has felt awful about it. Pepperclaw had been less then a kit at the time, a very stubborn one for sure. In fact, he sort of admired him for it, Creekfrost was biggeer and stronger then him, but Pepper had stood his ground without flinching, that's more then most cats would do.
He later tells Pepperpaw he's sorry about it, and why he did it. Pepperpaw tells him he forgives him, but Creekfrost isn't sure it's true or not.
But even if he hasn't, Creekfrost knows one things for sure; Pepperpaw will make a great warrior.


Me and Falconcry were friends when we were younger... kind of... we trained together, I thought he was a nice cat. He became mates with my sister, and I did approve, up until the moment he left her because one of the kits died. He should have been strong and stayed by Whispheart's side, not run away like a coward. I've lost my respect for him.
Creekfrost doesn't know Falconcry all that well, but he thought he was a nice cat, full of life, and was just glad he made his sister feel happy.
Though, Creekfrost lost all liking of the tom after Falconcry left Whispheart, running away from the Clan after Dazzlekit died. 
After Falconcry came back, Creekfrost still wasn't all too fond of him.


Creekfrost had fun mentoring Blizzardheart. She was a very eager apprentice, and always begged him super eariler in the morning to go training.
Creekfrost looks at Blizzardheart like his great-ganddaughter, since her father is Oilpelt, who is Runningstar's son, and Creekfrost was Runningstar's foster father. He is very proud of her.
He knew she'd make a good warrior, and a great mother. She got past the fact that half her kits died along with her mate, and for that Creekfrost admired her.


Well... this was quite an experince.... Stoatscar was so full of energy... so overwelming.... She was a fast learning, a very cheerful cat and a great friend.
Stoatscar wasn't Creekfrost's apprentice for a long time before she was made a warrior.
But the time they did spend together, Creekfrost couldn't couldn't believe how fast she was, how full of energy she was, she seemed to be able to run from the earth to the moon and back and still be hopping around the camp.
He and a patrol he was on, found Stoat and Dew as loners by the border. They joined the Clan, and even from then Creekfrost knew Stoatkit would become a great warrior.


Creekfrost enjoyed his time training Smokecloud. His apprentice was eager to learn, and a fighter. He is very proud of the cat he became.


Creekstar at first thought she was just really friendly, and didn't mind her much, but as time went by, she began to feel very... clingy... 


"You may have scarred me, changed me, almost killed me, but your my sister, and even though you don't feel the same, I will never let anyone hurt you, I still love you."

Creekfrost to Talonfang in RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 1




Character Pixels




  • He got the suffix Frost after his mother, Frostshine (may the frost live on)
  • He has a neurologic condition a bit like Tourettes, thus, causing him to have trouble speaking clearly and his jumpiness (although, much of his jumpiness and his speaking problems was just him being a scaredy cat)
  • But once he got older, his 'tics' went away, he also became more confident
  • The scar on his neck is the injury that killed him before StarClan gave him another chance
  • He is going to be my first ever leader to live out his nine lives, as all of my others have stepped down, or died instantly which is kind of awesome
  • Creekfrost's curse isn't completely broken. The curse is within him still, but a weak spark. It is mostly seen in him when he is short tempered or stressed. Him threatening to kill Pepperclaw as a kit can be seen as that, and who knows... maybe when his siblings try to make him evil, something could happen.... hhaha... but whatever happens, he'll come out as just being normal little Creekfrost <3 
  • Before I planned him to become leader and have a new mate and kits, he was at first supposed to become very depressed and become a medicine cat and later die alone. I have no idea how how I could have gone through with that
  • He is slightly based of me, my cat, Shrewtooth and Gray Wing, from the books
  • He probably has an anxiety disorder
  • I think the song 'Terrible Things' is great for him and Stoneblaze
  • He will chose Orchidbloom in StarClan, but a part of him will always love Stoneblaze