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Bramblestar summoned her Clan together, for she had many new warriors to name again. She was pleased that CaveClan would be able to bolster their ranks and be prepared, especially with all the tension between them and RockClan right now. "I am pleased to announce that recently, we had seven apprentices pass their warrior assessments. Today, in front of you, I will be naming then warriors. Dewpaw, Ghoulpaw, Graypaw, Lichenpaw, Redpaw, Snowpaw, and Spiritpaw, please come forward."

Once the apprentices came forward, the dark tabby leader spoke the ritual words. "I, Bramblestar, leader of CaveClan, ask my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have learnt the ways of your noble code, and I comment them to you as warriors in their turn. Dewpaw, Ghoulpaw, Graypaw, Lichenpaw, Redpaw, Snowpaw, and Spiritpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do!"

"Then by the power of StarClan, I grant you your warriors names. In that order, your new names are Dewclaw, Ghoulshine, Grayfrost, Lichenclaw, Redfeather, Snowfern, and Spiritheart. StarClan honours all of your loyalty and courage, and we welcome you as full warriors of CaveClan." She then stepped back, letting the Clan cheer for their new warriors. forever and always 21:59, November 30, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderpaw slipped out of camp after the ceremony, Dewclaw with him. She had volunteered to help him gather herbs. The diluted newly-named tortoiseshell warrior nudged her brother before she spoke. "How are things? You know being an all-knowing healer?" The she-cat questioned her brother. Despite being the medicine cat, he wouldn't receive his medicine cat name for many moons now.

The dark brown tabby medicine cat cast his littermate a look. "It's like it was when I first started training, Leafsedge is nice and a great mentor." He said. He didn't mention the dream he had, although he should probably talk to Leafsedge or Bramblestar about it. He shook those thoughts from his head before looking to his sister once more.


Heatherdusk departed after the large ceremony, her icy-blue optics searching the camp. All these ceremonies reminded of her own warrior ceremony back in RockClan, before she'd been kidnapped by Twolegs and forced to be a Kittypet for nearly a year. The pale ginger-and-white warrior moved towards the Warriors' den, she wouldn't mind a nap.


Carpheart and Autumnheart had been out of camp all day, the two were spending some time alone. They had crossed the Thunderpath into the Unclaimed territory. Now they were heading back, with their Carpheart carrying the bird they'd caught. The two were arriving to the Thunderpath, Carpheart crossing successfully first, Autumnheart was halfway across it when a Monster came hurtling down it. The ruddy warrior was too slow to move, half-frozen in fear before he moved into action. He stumbled and was hit by the Monster, slung across the rest of the way. Carpheart ran to his side, her eyes wide as a wail of grief split from her muzzle. His body was still, he was dead. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 08:27, December 2, 2018 (UTC)

Bramblestar dismissed her Clan after the ceremony. ---- Swallowheart, after watching the ceremony, sought out Lizardfang. She and the tom had now formed a good friendship, and she wanted to see him. --forever and always 01:06, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Lizardfang moved into camp with his sister, he carried a vole while his sister carried a good sized hawk. He looked up as Swallowheart walked up to him. "Hey," he said, smiling a bit. Peppershade smiled and split off, her eyes moving to the fresh-kill pile. She moved to drop her hawk there before she stood back. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 01:26, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Swallowheart nodded at Peppershade, before turning back at Lizardfang. "Hey. I see you two had good hunting." She nodded, looking at his vole: it was of decent size, and would be good food for someone. --forever and always 01:31, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Lizardfang smiled. "Wanna share it?" Minkclaw Winter is coming. 01:32, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Swallowheart paused. "Well, I am hungry." Perhaos it would be a little light, but that was all she needed: there would be cats that needed food more than her. "Sure." --forever and always 01:40, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Lizard fang sat down, his yellow eyes on the she-cat before he pushed the limp vole to the dark brown tabby. His smile was gentle, it matched his eyes. "You can take the first bite." Minkclaw Winter is coming. 01:50, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Swallowheart, hesitated, before mewing "Thanks" to the tabby and taking the first bite. Admiration for the warrior spread through her as she took the bite. I really enjoy his company. --forever and always 01:51, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Lizardfang smiled and took the second bite, glancing around camp. "So how was your vigil?" He questioned her. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 04:28, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

"Pretty standard, really." Swallowheart's left ear flicked. "Nothing happened. It was getting quite boring near the end. Hawkflight looked like he wanted to storm off, and I wanted to fall asleep on my paws!" Her voice almost sounded amused at the end. "When you became a warrior, how was yours?" She didn't quite remember when Lizardfang had become a warrior: she'd either been very young or hadn't been born yet. Either way, she couldn't recall his warrior ceremony. --forever and always 22:02, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Lizardfang chuckled. "Man, that was time." He replied. "Peppershade and I we were quite the handful as kits and apprentices. That wasn't long after my father's death when my brother left." He shook those thoughts off. "It was fun, a tiring night but nothing attack." He replied with a chuckle. "Say, would you like to take a walk with me?" Minkclaw Winter is coming. 01:49, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

Swallowheart had heard of Lizardfang's other two siblings, though she had never met them. At the mention of a walk, the dark tabby got to her paws and arched her back. "Sure, I think I need one," she mewed to the tom. --forever and always 01:51, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

Lizardfang smiled and stood. "Ladies first," he said with a grin. His tabby tail lashing before he followed after her. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 22:17, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

Swallowheart ducked her head in slight embarrassment before going out first. She felt herself getting slightly warm at the comment as well, but she shrugged it off. --forever and always 19:40, December 9, 2018 (UTC)

Lizardfang followed after the pretty tabby molly, his tail swishing slightly. The season seemed to be colder as the days went on a small flakes of snow drifted down now. He looked up into the pale, stormy sky. "Snow, I oddly enjoy this season." Minkclaw Winter is coming. 21:00, December 9, 2018 (UTC)

Luna eyed him for a while, her long white tail lashing with irritation before sighing and sitting down in defeat. Her kits would die, again. "My kits... I cannot feed them..." She murmured, glancing away solemnly.

Sagefrost inhaled before padding toward her apprentice who remained by the body of Pebblepelt. Reaching down, she touched her nose against the cold body in a sign of farewell and respect, before she stepped back one fox length to remain nearby if required.

Relaxing, Silverbird happily chatted with Riverpool, the younger tom keenly listening as she spoke.

Shadowshade was patrolling, his keen eyes checking for any sign of danger. Mother of Ferrets 03:56, January 6, 2019 (UTC)

Peppershade moved forward towards Larkear, her head dipped as she watched the tomcat with interested yellow eyes. "Congratulations, your apprentice is a warrior now." The smoke warrior said, a smile on her face. Ghoulshine, a good name for the handsome tabby warrior. Her own apprentice, Spiritpaw now Spiritheart, had been made a warrior as well. The young molly deserved it, she worked hard with her during their training. {{SUBST:Nosubst|User:Minkclaw/Sig}} 09:34, January 8, 2019 (UTC)

A frown slowly grew on the black-and-white tom's features, and he allowed his body to relax for a moment, once he decided that Luna wasn't exactly a threat. She had good intentions. Nightingalewing wasn't a she-cat, nor was he a medicine cat, so he wasn't exactly as to how he could help with the situation. "Maybe you could get a...queen to feed them every here and there? It isn't against the code to help kittens survive. Then you can just hunt for them when they're weaned."

Twigpaw was eager to get out of camp, and was starting to grow restless. He was wrestling with his sister off in the corner, trying his best to pin Petalpaw and chew on her ears, out of playfulness. She eventually shoved him off to finish some duties she had been putting off, leaving the black-and-white apprentice to sit by himself. Hm. Now he was bored.Thieving Ferret 04:23, January 18, 2019 (UTC)

Sagefrost was watching her apprentice from afar, fresh snowflakes hitting the bridge of her muzzle as she rested. After the death of his mother, Sagefrost decided to give him a few sunrises to mourn with his kin, and besides he was proving to be an excellent future warrior. Rising to her paws, the young molly padded toward the direction of the exit to camp, her tail lashing in the thought of how she was now mentoring the half brother of her last apprentice. She wondered if StarClan was mocking her with this twist of fate. Shaking her head, she picked up the prey-scent of a vole of which she eagerly followed. After catching the vole, she buried the prey and continued on. "Hey, Sagefrost!" Mewed the familiar vocals of Willowwing, who was flanked by Riverpool, Whitetooth and Fallowflight. "Care to join us? We are hunting as well." The black and white molly purred, brushing her cheek against Sagefrost, who nodded keenly. "Let's go, then." The lilac tortoiseshell meowed in return.

Larkear purred in pride, his fur prickling with warmth as he watched the ceremony disperse. "He passed his assessments well. He is a fine young warrior." The tom meowed, his brisk and short answers rumbling low in his deep vocals. From behind him, Silverbird and Shadowshade had retreated into the warrior den to sleep, as the moon was creeping up above.

Luna eyed the tom curiously, her tail lashing before curling neatly over her paws. "You are a genius." She mewed out her surprise, mostly to why she hadn't thought of it earlier. Hopping up to her paws, she quickly placed a lick between the tom's ears. "You are a good tom. Unlike most toms. Most toms can go to the dark forest. But you, you deserve StarClan." She rambled, cheerily bouncing from paw to paw. Mother of Ferrets 08:37, January 23, 2019 (UTC)

The bicolored warrior blinked in surprise at Luna's compliment, half expecting a bitter cuff around the ears. To make matters worse, she licked him on the forehead, causing Nightingalewing's legs to stiffen and shock and leave him off-balance. "O-Oh, uh, you're welcome..." His amber gaze darted to his paws in embarrassment, shuffling them around on the moist earth like an awkward apprentice. Wait, StarClan? Wasn't she a rogue? "StarClan? How do you...know about StarClan?"Thieving Ferret 01:17, January 24, 2019 (UTC)

Sturgeonwhisker moved through the crowd of warriors, searching for Firepoppy. He wanted to peel her away from her duties today, he had a date of sorts planned and just prayed she'd come with him.

Lizardfang smiled as the two walked, every now and then his shoulder fur brushed hers. Before long they were in the center of the territory and he was scenting the air. The prey now seemed scarce. "You up for some fishing?" He asked Swallowheart lightly. {{SUBST:Nosubst|User:Minkclaw/Sig}} 02:55, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Firepoppy led a hunting patrol back to camp. She held a plump hare in her jaws and she proudly placed it on the fresh-kill pile. She quickly stopped admiring it, thinking it was too kit-like to fuss over a piece of prey. She sat down in a shaft of sunlight shining through the cave walls to rest for a moment. Firepoppy gazed around camp, quietly proud of how well her Clan was thriving and she let out a faint purr, but it didn't last long. Her purr choked up in her throat when she spotted Rockfoot limping heavily, favoring his left foreleg. He looked ill. The bite Brooksplash had given him looked like it wasn't getting any better and he had a dull look in his eyes as he gazed at the fresh-kill pile for a moment, before turning away with a withdrawn look. Anxiety prickled beneath her pelt as she remembered the crazed look in Brooksplash's eyes, and sick stench that came from her. She had obviously been ill. What will happen to Rockfoot? she wondered. Would he suffer the same fate as his Clanmate? —Shoot firstthinknever 03:11, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Sturgeonwhisker passed Rockfoot, giving the ill-looking tomcat a look. He turned to Firepoppy. "He seems to be getting worse." The smoke tomcat commented. {{SUBST:Nosubst|User:Minkclaw/Sig}} 03:20, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Firepoppy nodded, a solemn look plastering her narrow face. "I'm worried for him. Leafsedge and Spiderpaw have been treating him well, but it doesn't appear to be doing much good." —Shoot firstthinknever 03:52, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Sturgeonwhisker dipped his head sadly then looked at his mate. "There may not be a cure, but let's worry about that later tonight. Walk with me?" He asked softly. {{SUBST:Nosubst|User:Minkclaw/Sig}} 04:27, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Firepoppy's expression became guarded and she wanted to decline. She wanted to continue helping around camp and keep an eye on Rockfoot. After a brief pause, she nodded stiffly with reluctance. The idea of a break sounded horrifying to her, but taking a moment to be with her mate would never hurt anything. —Shoot firstthinknever 04:34, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Sturgeonwhisker smiled and nudged her shoulder. "Come, I want to show you something." He murmured softly. {{SUBST:Nosubst|User:Minkclaw/Sig}} 04:37, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

"If it's a cave, newsflash, we live in one," Firepoppy said, in her way of making a joke, with obvious annoyance in her tone and a grim expression. Joking around wasn't really her thing, but knowing Sutrgeonwhisker, he would know she wasn't being serious. —Shoot firstthinknever 04:44, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

"Don't let it get to your head. You are still a tom." She purred, but there was signs of distrust. She was having a good day... mental health wise, at least. Her ears flicked as he began speaking again, having caught on to her mention of StarClan. "Oh! I was a warrior, silly. But my adoption services weren't up to code so I became Luna! Mean StormClan cats cast me out. Wasn't my fault I didn't have milk for my kits!" She rambled, clawing the earth in frustration at the memory. Mother of Ferrets 05:16, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Sturgeonwhisker gave a little laugh. "No, it's not a cave." He bumped his shoulder to her playfully. {{SUBST:Nosubst|User:Minkclaw/Sig}} 07:41, January 27, 2019 (UTC)