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• 11/10/2015

New ranks!

Some time ago, ranks were decided for the wiki. Spots was the deputy, I was the medicine cat, and Patch was a senior warrior. But Blue chose to have the ranks change. I was deputy, Percy  was medicine cat, and Spots was a senior warrior. But we changed our minds about having the ranks change. I am the deputy forever now, and Patch forever the medicine cat. The senior warrios was changed to the top warrior, and that's what Spots is. We also made Flame a rollback. And those our all our above-user ranks at the moment, if you wish to have your ranks changed, please say so at the Admin talk-page, and use the fourm given on the normal page. And the staff of this local wikia will consider it. Holly has a chat mod, and a mod at some point, but she lost those ranks due to a misunderstanding. If you wish for them back Holly, you may request on the Admin talk-page as said above, just remmeber too, (as also said above) use the fourm given on the page!

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• 11/11/2015

Ok. and first!

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