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• 12/8/2018

The Pack

As most of you know, [[User:Minkclaw/The Pack|the Pack]] and RockClan will briefly have a fight about two months time in roleplay. If you'd like your rogues or.loners to join the Pack message here and I'll add them in. From there you may visit the Pack's roleplay page listed on the page linked in this post.

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• 11/16/2018

Just found this

So this is basically a warriors wiki but not full of advanced roleplayers?

ok then

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• 10/21/2018

mates for sparkwave

hey, i'm looking for a mate for sparkwave, will have one litter of two kits, one will go to me and one to the mate.
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• 7/7/2018

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• 5/12/2017

Remember Me?

Hey, guys! I haven't been active for a while, and I'm so amazed to see how far this wiki as progressed! I check on here sometimes, but this is the first time in about...a year? Haha, oh well. Anyway, you might see some stories from me here and there as I have somewhat developed my writing further in the past year, so...ya. Hello to all of you new members that don't recognize me, and hello to all my internet friends. Goodbye now! Bye!
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• 5/1/2017


Hiya, Wolf!
We haven't talked in awhile so I thought I'd pop in and just say hi :3 
Happy late Easter!
And you know what's coming up? The first day I had the guts to say hi to you! (i was terrified)I can't believe that was nearly two years ago. 
I hope to hear from you soon <3
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• 2/28/2017

My new RP character

I wish to put my character BlueStream in dark forest training.
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• 1/1/2017

Every Clans Plot

Let's jump right to the point. I had an idea for the Clans plots.
What if something terrible happened to them? And then they fell and became loners, rogues, and kittypets? This would happen after all planned plots. 
And then we could do a skip, maybe a few years? Then we can start the rp again, during the time the Clans are coming back, or right after. I also had the idea, maybe they could be new Clans? I'm not sure if everyone will agree with that... We could also only have two Clans, and then we could make some room for a Loner or Rogue group.
If we do this plot, then after they reform, I think it'd be a good idea to have the Clan have no owners. Some users who don't own one could feel left out.
They could also move to new territory.... maybe by the sea? What happens to the Clans, to make them fall, I had an idea that maybe it could be like in TNP books, where Twolegs destroyed the forest... but maybe more cats die and worse things happen, and these cats just give up hope.
So... thoughts? Suggestions?
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• 11/19/2016

Eclipsekit's Enemy

So This little cutie will be searching for his worst enemy. This cat needs to 100% be a jerk in general, a total meanie. Like, so cruel that he hates all things cute, innocent, and fluffy. Of course, it can be a she-cat as well, doesn't need to be a tom.
Anywho, this cat'll be jealous of Eclipsekit for being an overall amazing warrior. He's strong, he's fast, he's a great hunter, fantastic fighter, blah blah blah. He seems to be completely perfect. So, his enemy is very jealous of Eclipsekit for being what seems to be "perfect".
Then, matters get worse, and this jerk finds out that his father was a Medicine Cat.
So basically, Jerk chases Eclipsekit all over the place, from Clan to Clan, until Eclipsekit kills them or something. I really just want him to have been in every single clan in the end, until he returns to RC.
So, offer up a jerk.
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• 11/12/2016

Q&A with a stupid person

I had already made a q&a in the past but... whatever...
ask me questions and i'll give you my stupid answers
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• 11/3/2016

Silverrain's Mate

So my plans for Silverrain are actually fairly simple. If Patch decides to make her deputy, she'll run as deputy until she grows old, I'll be changing her age soon but she'll retire once her kittens are made warriors. Therefore she'll need a mate. So if you have toms offer them up as she'll need a respectful one that will retire with her. She'll have three kits, I will own two of them the last one will go to the mate's owner.
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• 10/31/2016

Orchidbloom gets a Boyfriend!

Well, Violetpetal will be clinging to poor Creekstar and constantly hanging out with him, which'll convince poor Orchidbloom that he has moved on and replaced her with a new best friend.
So, she'll get all lonely, and try to make a new friend.
This'll be a handsome tom around her age, and he'll be abosolutely smitten for her, totally in love with her. He thinks she's a great warrior, and hopes to become her mate. They'll hang out, because she thinks he's only interested in being friends, but he...yeah, wants to be her mate. Eventually, she'll friendzone him, but before that...she'll actually ask him to be the adopted daddy of her kits. <3
So, I'm thinking the guy needs to be the gentleman type, kind and gentle, and willing to be her shoulder to lean on.
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• 10/24/2016

Heatherdusk Raffle

I was bored eariler and decided to look at Creekfrost's history and laugh at how his page looked, when I found something...
He had a past crush named Heatherdusk. I must have removed her without noticing and just... forgot all about her
So, she at first didn't know he liked her back and she died of greencough. But that's not very exciting now is it? Instead, she did like him, i guess, and they planned on becoming mates, then she just went poof. That's pretty much her history so far. You can decide what happened when she was younger, and of course older
Anyway, I'm not really interested in having her as my cat (i have too many to keep track of), but I want her to... be alive I guess, I feel a tiny bit guilty that I just 'forgot' about her.  So I'm giving her away to a new family ~ 
You can chose her appearance, where she resides, personailty and all that crap...
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• 10/23/2016

Snapdragon Stuff

I love her. I think she is one of my favorite female characters I've made so far... I want to do some cool plots with her... I at the moment have no clue what kind of plot I'm looking for, so just throw me everything you've got.
In case some of her history is involved, Snapdragon was born to the leader of a rogue group, his name was Burr, and an unknown she-cat. She had an older sister Coral, who was killed by a fox. She also made friends with Morningwing and Winterfall when they were younger. That's about it.
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• 10/23/2016

Fun for Caninefang

Now it's his turn for help.
So, in the end, he needs to somehow learn about Orchidbloom being his sister. But I want a big plot for the little guy, to show off his fox-ness and make him a bit more...brave and bold, and I guess accepted? Not sure how long this'll last, but I want some things to happen for him. Of course, he'll get a mate and have kids at some point (possibly), but I want a unique plot for him as well, that'll result in him finding out about his sister.
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• 10/22/2016

Blizzardstorm & Journey

So as some of you might have seen Whiskers and myself have decided to do a little plot where a blizzard storm hits the Clans and two cats from each user (myself, whiskers, brams, and patch) will become stranded, however your cat cannot get stranded with another of your cats as its just boring that way. I'd Ike a few cats to die from hypothermia or something. So comment away.

Cats Being Stranded

Cats Dying

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• 10/22/2016

Fun for 'Coon!

I need something fun for Raccoonmask, something interesting and different for a plot.
Same with Caninefang.
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• 10/21/2016

Raccoon & Wolf's Home

(Sorry, more Forum spam!)
Ok, now, I need a home for Wolfcry and Raccoonmask. I'm particularly fond of the latter, so I'd like them to be in an extremely active clan teeming with members to become their friends, mate, enemies, etc. me?
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• 10/21/2016

Shadeflight's Mates and Babies

Okay so here's the deal. My plan for my lovely Shadeflight is that her current mate Snaketooth will be dying during her two kittens apprenticehood; from what not sure yet. However, I will be owning the first one his/her name will be Rookkit and the second kitten is open to whoever comments and I choose. The thing with the two is they will be very, very close to each other. As for her second mate Shadeflight will take a second mate and have one more litter consisting of two kittens that will be rivalries. Mine I have not decided but it will happen. So the second mate is also open. So comment away.
Rook's Brother: Taken by Brams
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• 10/21/2016

Design Cavernstar's Baby, Galekit!!

Galekit will be like Cloudfrost and co. and be dropped off from StarClan and into the Clans, after Cavernstar gives birth to him/her in StarClan.
And you guys get to design him/her!
Of course, I'll be roleplaying the kit, but make him/her your favorite coat color, pattern, etc (mutations are ok), and then I'll pick which one I like best. Pay no mind to genetics. During Galekit's travel from StarClan to Rock/Storm/CaveClan, his/her coat will turn into the pattern/color you kiddos make. Enter as many as you'd like, feel free to include personality as well.
And if I pick your design, maybe he/she will fall for one of your characters...?no guarantee, but there's a chance!
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